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  1. Royal is targeting 100%, safe to assume it will be close to that soon.
  2. Where and when did you see 50% advertised? We sailed on a cruise over Thanksgiving that was already at 80%.
  3. They just count days, not hours. Morning is good.
  4. Yes, Royal accepts PCR/NAAT tests for unvaccinated children. They do not accept antigen tests for unvaccinated. This is clearly laid out on their website and been confirmed numerous times by people here, including myself. Cheers!
  5. I thought the yes, with supporting documentation from Royal’s website was a pretty solid answer.
  6. Wow, AO on Symphony was wide open the week before. They wouldn’t even take bookings.
  7. Here is a fascinating read on the subject. Hope you didn’t have a frenemy cancel it. https://www.elliott.org/cruises/royal-caribbean-canceled-cruise-help/
  8. They haven’t done Hairspray musical for months.
  9. Great news, thank you Matt! enjoy your cruise!
  10. Laser tag, parades, 1/2 production shows on some ships, library has no books. YMMV.
  11. Correct, $1.99 per day, per device. So it’s about $14 per device on a 7 night cruise.
  12. Well given that almost all current sailings are still for sale suggest low demand, not cap control by Royal. Cheers!
  13. Yes, but they have the couples earmuffs instead of taking them away.
  14. We upgraded to GS once after final payment for a 7 night Med cruise. It was cheaper than balcony room we had paid for. Can’t beat that!
  15. Fully agree with everything said. The only other exception to call out would be the Casino and Next Cruise booking. You would be required to put deposit on your next cruise with a credit card. Casino clerk also allows option to withdraw money from credit card. I think this was for a 3% fee and of course is never recommended.
  16. I don’t understand the need for vaxxed vs unvaxxed venues at this point?
  17. I have seen this pre-covid. It normally meant a deep cleaning was needed due to recent (Noro) outbreak. People were not allowed to board early and had to wait. Good luck and please let us know.
  18. The dispenser label says shampoo/body wash. However if you ever look at what housekeeping fills it with, it’s shampoo and conditioner only. YMMV.
  19. Children were not allowed to do at home tests for a long time. The change from either test to PCR only happened a couple of weeks ago. Royal is now doing an antigen test rather than PCR at port to allow for faster boarding. However the PCR test is still required per CDC.
  20. You have to have tour booked to get off of ship, but you have a lot of freedom for self exploration once off. Cheers!
  21. Survey says double the hassle for similar results…. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/covid-19-cases-new-orleans-norwegian-cruise-line-ship/
  22. Sorry that your family has Covid and wish for a speedy recovery. I don’t think it’s fair to blame anyone for it though. 2020 taught us that it didn’t matter if you were red state or blue state, if you were masked or not, had strict social distancing and lock down rules. Covid still made it’s way around en mass. We pointed the finger every time there was a spike in one region or another, but at the end of the day the numbers didn’t discriminate and everyone was equally in the same bad boat. 2021 lead to a vaccine and an excuse to divide and point fingers even more. It’s a virus and it will never stop spreading and mutating, no matter what we do. What we can do is be kind to our neighbors this holiday season and not force our opinions on everyone.
  23. This post is like watching a documentary with a strong biased agenda. Are crew members’s validating these points? Yes. Is this an accurate representation of the entire crew? Absolutely not. I also noticed several crew members that were either indifferent or didn’t bother to properly wear a mask themselves. Realistically, crew opinions on masks, enforcement, etc are more varied like anywhere else in the world. I don’t see the value in this discussion and continual brow beating, it’s probably good to just lock at this point.
  24. You could upload a 15 page word document on a 56k modem, no need to worry.
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