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  1. Hope you’re in good shape, it’s not easy finding an elevator with less than 5 people on it. Also, be prepared to get out often. I would bet every single person on this thread has broke that rule at least once if they have cruised. It’s so easy to judge, especially since you haven’t even cruised with new protocols yet. Again, I did experience it and fully took in Royal’s attitude towards it all. I was expecting a much more controlled environment on the tours I was forced to pay double for. It really is just a requirement to check and get off the ship. They don’t care. Royal knows their protocols are impossible with 80+% capacity. Please just stop worrying about everyone else and enjoy your cruise. If you see any more threads about protocols before you board, please just skip over and move on.
  2. It’s so clear yet you couldn’t provide one source saying it. Guess we will all have to magically teleport to tour pick-up and drop off locations now.
  3. I think you’re in for a big shock come your mid December cruise.
  4. Yes, again not talking Europe or the three restricted islands here. I’m talking general cruise ports from US.
  5. It’s clear that no one here has had any first hand experience in these tours and they just have a fantasy idea of what the tours really are all about. Some of the tours even include the option to return to the ship at your own leisure. Don’t believe me? READ THE TOUR DESCRIPTIONS.
  6. Not Breaking Any Rules It says you mush purchase a tour though Royal if you wish to go ashore. Period. End. Have yet to see anything that says otherwise. Tours Required for Families With Unvaccinated ChildrenFamilies traveling with unvaccinated kids must purchase a local tour through Royal Caribbean if they wish to go ashore in ports of call. This applies to all ports of call except Perfect Day at CocoCay, Labadee and Port Canaveral, Florida. Vaccinated parents wishing to go ashore freely can visit our youth facilities onboard to learn about drop off program hours and availability, and reserve time for their child on the day they wish to go in port
  7. 1. What do you all think one does on does on a “bubble” tour? It’s often nothing more than a bus ride to a public beach where you mix with thousands of others, some from other ships, local island, etc. Nice ones have drinks and food included. 2. Where is there a rule that says you have to B-line back to the ship? You go as the the tour guides you. There was never ever any instruction given that says otherwise. You all are just assuming without any experience.
  8. Love the blind justification for all the senseless protocols. How on Earth does it make sense to socially distance on the ship but then it’s ok to pack in like Sardines for an hour because it’s only with “bubble” from the ship? The local ports and tours even promote self-exploration and shopping. No one is breaking any rules, just checking arbitrary box from CDC. At least in North America, things may be different in Europe.
  9. I was on there too and fully agree!
  10. The “bubble” tour is just a ticket off the ship to meet CDC requirements. It’s any Royal Caribbean excursion and you can freely roam or do your own tour once off. It’s not an actual bubble as you are mixed with thousands of other passengers for long periods of time, at least for disembarkation process and even worse on tender days.
  11. Standard was an antigen test onboard. Not sure if PCR can be requested as a special request?
  12. Liberty was over 80% last week. I think a lot of ships are shooting for 100% by the holidays.
  13. The only thing that comes to mind is CDC’s status for the ship. However Explorer is currently in green status and it’s not a tool to predict the future.
  14. Not yet, which has upset some people. With higher numbers next week, would expect it to open then. Time will tell…
  15. Oh I just threw that out there as a general disclaimer in case anyone was unsure of how to answer the question. I think sometimes people are more apt to check the box than what’s actually needed.
  16. They used to have one on Voyager class ships.
  17. Great advise. This is why you should always pay with a credit card and never a bank card. The debit cards offer so much less protection and no travel benefits. Not much help to OP now, but hopefully going forward…
  18. I really like most of these suggestions. Unfortunately helipads are no longer a thing on modern ships and cruise ships. Winch only is the future.
  19. Pro tip: some parents turn the couch around so it faces the wall and add sheets. Then there are nice walls on both sides and much bigger than Pack and Play. This family also put up an extra black out curtain with magnets…
  20. I have two bottles of water at the same time, normally after a late night to go back to room.
  21. The app has the show schedule as well. You can check your sailing and if shows are not loaded yet, just check the current sailing. Generally schedules don’t change too much for repeat itineraries.
  22. There have been some complaints about the new touchless elevator buttons. Lots of floors being accidentally pressed.
  23. Just for clarification on this one, CDC defines close contact as within 6ft of space for more than a cumulative of 15 minutes within 24 hours. Anything else would not be considered close contact.
  24. Harmony planning for 4500+ next week.
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