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  1. I’m a little bummed to see this change. Wipeout was great for breakfast. Surprised they made this change while still sailing from Galveston. We Texans can be a little critical about tacos. Although we did enjoy El Loco Fresh on Oasis, not even close to the Mexican we get here in Texas everyday.
  2. I had a menu much like the current MDR menu in my survey. One thing that caught my eye on my sample menu was more items with an up-charge. The standard lobster and Chops filet were on there, but I noticed a new appetizer that had an up-charge. I believe there was a dessert with an up-charge as well.
  3. It is expensive but we love Joe’s Stone Crab. We can usually get a lunch table pretty easy. Another would be Havana 1957. I’m not sure how authentic it is but we love it.
  4. Thanks for the input everyone. My daughter got her license so she is going to have her first time as a jet ski driver (we booked). Is there a better cabana location or is beach club still fine.
  5. Thanks. We’ve never had an OTW at Coco Cay. Our last and only visit we did beach club but spent most the day at the water park. My daughter has watched videos and she seems to be most interested in trying the free things this time. Lol, kids. But my wife and I always prefer a cabana for convenience.
  6. Hi RC Blog family. We have a Beach Club beach cabana booked for spring break ‘23 at Coco Cay and were wondering if attendants bring food from the snack shacks to other area cabanas. We like the beach club but have never had a cabana anyplace else so not sure what to expect. We are traveling with our 16 yr old daughter and we are thinking she may enjoy one of the areas better than the beach club. The water park is fun but a little too busy for our tastes but wanted to see if we could get recommendations for other areas. We are on Harmony and the only ship at Coco Cay that day but I’m sure it will be at capacity. Any recommendations or should we stay with our Beach Club cabana. The food at Beach Club is amazing but snack shacks sound great too.
  7. Nassau. While we visited, too many short cruises (looking at you NCL) filling the port with college kids partying. We opted for a day pass at Sandals. It was expensive but very nice and the fritters on their private island were very good. CoCoCay. We like to relax so Coco Cay is not our thing, we prefer Labadee. We tend to stick to the beach club which is nice but when we venture outside, it seems hectic with long lines. Not our favorite.
  8. We went to REI and asked them to help us find something we could use both in Alaska and here at home in South Texas in the chillier months. We all opted for waterproof but the days we were in Alaska, waterproof was not really needed but we didn’t want to take any chances. I have found them of more use here walking across my wet lawn at home, lol. As others have said, it could depend on your excursions. We did Neets Bay Bear Watch, Endicott Arm Glacier Tour and Pilot’s Choice Glacier Tour. My wife and daughter both chose a mid but I went with a low (my preference). We did see folks wearing sandals on our bear watch tour and do not recommend that should you choose an excursion with trails.
  9. Definitely check out Skagaway Brewing Co. are you looking for other food or excursion recommendations?
  10. Hi. IMHO, Tracy’s is too much. We stood in the rain to get in and honestly didn’t find it worth the cost. PS. We thought the king crab legs were about the same as we get frozen here in TX. The crab cakes are better in Chops in our experience. They had a crab bisque we didn’t try but I’d honestly say spend your money on seafood in Skagaway. Skagaway fish (fresh halibut) and chips were fantastic. Better than we get in England (still a bit oily). But the seafood chowder (fresh halibut and salmon) is absolutely amazing. Skagaway Brewing is a bit expensive but it is good. To put it in perspective though, our entire meal there was cheaper than a lb of crab legs from Tracys.
  11. We were on Ovation last week and we took our binoculars but we found it a bit to misty to really be on our balcony using the binoculars. We didn’t want to invest in a new camera but if you are really into pictures, you may want to take a good camera. We used our IPhone 10s and still got some pretty good shots. Some were panoramic shots so might need to turn the photo. As Twangster said, they did have binoculars for sale if you decide you really would prefer binoculars
  12. Hi, we are just off Ovation and ran into the same situation. We had two CPAP with only one outlet nearby. Our stateroom attendant figured it out. They used two euro outlet converters but they did say they have approved power-strips onboard and would use if necessary. I wouldn’t have thought they have them but they do. Also, dont forget to fill out a special needs request so they can be sure to get you a gallon of distilled water for your tank.
  13. We are in Skagaway today on Ovation. The pier is fine but closed to passengers. We are docked at the pier but still tendering around the affected area for safety.
  14. As of yesterday, Ovation is back to the insulated cups
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