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  1. I've always wanted to play table games but have no clue how to play any of them. People always look like they're having so much fun at the tables. I've heard reviews before of the lessons and they didn't seem great but reading your experience makes me want to do it.
  2. Just curious - have you felt at any point the service you're receiving has been too much? My star class experience wasn't anything like what you've had, but curious if you've felt bothered. Well bothered isn't such a great word but maybe overbearing? Don't get me wrong , we loved all of the attention that we received. For us, it was the right balance of spoiling us versus leaving us alone to let us enjoy ourselves.
  3. If you are just trying to see prices, when we booked, the prices for the additional people were the same as 3rd and 4th passengers
  4. When the summer '23 sailings come out, I will be booking our first (and probably only) Alaska sailing. I know we will choose a quantum class ship, which I understand that class doesn't necessarily do the best itineraries. Are there any pros/cons to book June versus July? Anything specific I should be looking for?
  5. Is Walgreens an option for you? I know you can't schedule 2 weeks ahead like CVS but if you have a local one doing rapid, it may be worth looking into.
  6. My family is on this sailing. It's spring break for us and we are looking forward to it! Only 5 months away!
  7. This makes me sad! Not something we experienced with our little one but for anyone - especially kids - to be ostracized makes me really sad!
  8. I read that as the local law now says either vaccinated or negative test but this specific tour operator is complying with the local law by requiring all to be vaccinated (and not giving an option for negative test). Hopefully you can find something on board like @Atlantix2000mentions
  9. La Bamba looks delicious! That's on my to-do list for next time we sail from there. Happy cruise day!!!
  10. I completely agree. The rocking and swaying is one of the things I miss most when I get home
  11. Glad you made it on quickly! Enjoy the rest of your trip!
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