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  1. Does the FCC come to you or your TA if booked through them? Does it come after the date of the cancelled sailing?
  2. When I log into my RC account on the computer, when I go to plan my cruise I see everything normal (excursions, drink packages, etc.) When I open the app and view my sailings, every option for plan my cruise says "We're putting the finishing touches on your cruise. Check back for updated information" When I go to the website on my phone and go to plan my cruise, it just keeps taking me back to the login screen. I have updated the app. Does anyone else have these same issues? It's annoying only being able to browse options and excursions on a computer.
  3. My Oct '21 is 7 night. My Feb '21 that shows a max of 50 prints is 4 night.
  4. I want to purchase the unlimited photo package for an Oct 2021 sailing and when I go to cruise planner, there are 4 options. Up to 100 prints for $134, 20 prints for $119, 10 prints for $97 and a private photo session for $159. There isn't an option for unlimited. On my soon to be cancelled Feb 2021 sailing, there isn't an unlimited shown either - largest is up to 50 prints. Are there still unlimited packages available? 100 prints is still a lot and I will get that one but just wanted to check and see first. Thanks!
  5. This is not working for me. When I click that, it's like it is showing me all of the available sailings. I can't find any that are showing as kids free. It may just be me and I need to use a different browser. That's how I used to be able to see it but now it doesn't show that tab on mine.
  6. In the past, when searching the RC site, it would give an option to search by sailings going to Cococay or search by sailings that offer free kids. Are you all able to see those options still? I don't and am trying to see if it's just my browser - or if anyone knows a way to search that way.
  7. Perfect. I just can’t decide yet and I don’t want to be a trouble maker for them
  8. If I booked 2 connecting cabins and later decided to switch to 1 suite, what would the process be? I’d book through MEI but I’m curious if this is something that would be difficult for them to do.
  9. Ahhh...thanks. I knew what a patreon was but didn't put 2 and 2 together. I'll go check it out
  10. I'm still semi-new here and I have seen the word insider before but not sure what it is or that it's something you "become". I'll have to do a little research now
  11. Yes! I think I’ve read every live blog on here throughout the last few months. I’m not sailing until February so I’ll need these blogs to get me through
  12. Thank you! Yes this helps a ton. We’re going to choose the loft. Thank you everyone for your help!
  13. So there’s 9 OS (throughout floors 14, 11 and 10) and 18 CLS available so there’s a lot of options to choose from. The bidet may be the selling point though.....since we got one for home, it’s hard going places without it
  14. There are a good number of lofts available so I would definitely choose one that’s facing the ocean. If we weren’t bringing the kids I would choose the loft. I’m just debating if the extra space is more important than the extra bathroom.
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