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  1. We have several Caribbean cruises booked and am planning on taking my daughter (13) on a dolphin swim type excursion. Is there a specific port that stands out over others that would be best for a dolphin excursion?
  2. If you have the same sailing scheduled for the same month this year and next year and same suite cabin (but different ship) and this year's was cancelled by Royal, can you "l&s" this year's price to next year's sailing if next year was more expensive?
  3. What time flights are you all choosing for return home?
  4. I thought I read earlier that more information would be coming out about the specific protocols before the sailings go on sale tomorrow. Does anyone know if this is (still?) the case?
  5. It says under 18 only have to provide a negative test. Or that's how I read it anyway
  6. I read this news as I was waiting my 15 minutes after my first dose of the vaccine. Perfect timing!
  7. My daughter is getting to bring a friend on a sailing and she does not know for sure who that friend will be. I want to book flights through air2sea. Can I book a "tbd" name for a flight? Is my only option to just wait until we have a name of who is going with us?
  8. When you have purchases from cruise planner on a cancelled sailing and you choose 125%, does that come in an email to you or do you have to call to get it transferred to a different sailing?
  9. So do we think it's a change in RC's policy or do we think that what the rep said was true and the check in system is showing these sailings as cancelled?
  10. I see a 6 night sailing for Feb '23 listed but it's giving the oops message. Does this mean it will be loaded soon?
  11. I'm the one who started the other thread and I can only answer that for my family, we have just never needed one. We are just getting into cruising. During this last year, we had four....literally 4.....passport appointments cancelled. Every single one of them was cancelled the day of (within a few hours of the appointment) after we took off work. For the May cruise I was referring to on the other post, we just haven't received them yet and while I'm sure they would arrived before we sailed, I still wanted to go ahead and check in. I realize how valuable they are to have but finally getting a
  12. Yes, the rep said it's cancelled but her reasoning didn't make sense to me at all because I've been unable to check in ever since final payment. While I do think it will be cancelled, I don't see how it would have been cancelled a few weeks ago so it still doesn't make sense to me as to why the system wouldn't let me check in.
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