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  1. Sabrina, I just found this one and of course read it all in one sitting! You do an amazing job providing all of us the opportunity to share your trip! I might just try to return the favor on our January SC cruise. The title will probably be "I'm not Sabrina but....". Thanks again for taking us along.
  2. We are in the RL and my wife's twin sister and her family are in the deck 10 ATS. There are a total of 10 of us. Thanks again for the informative blog. We'll have to say hi to your friend!
  3. i found your blog a week or so ago and loved it! I'm new to this site and yours was the first blog I read. We sailed Star Class last year on the Allure and loved it. Our Genie was great. This year we will again part with a good deal of our money and treat our family to Star Class. We sail May 19th on the Harmony. After reading your blog I wasn't sure if I could "settle" for any Genie other than Araceli😎 Two days ago we received our Genie email. Like two little kids my wife and I opened it and saw those magic words "hello my name is Araceli...". Can't believe our good fortune!! After reading of your experience sailing with her we cannot wait to meet her. Thanks for all of the valuable information. Jim
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