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  1. There are four in that room and I’m only moving two so we need to keep it
  2. I’ll let you know. This one is especially confusing since it involves two different TA’s. And my apologies for not listing you in that chain of command. What was I thinking??
  3. I’m curious to hear what the pros here tell me. We have 4 family members booked in a Crown Loft on the Allure October 17th. We also have 4 of us booked in the Royal Loft which holds 6. I want to move two from the crown loft into the Royal Loft with us. Each room is booked through different TA’s. The two people I want to move are # 1 and 2 on their reservation. One TA says I can’t move the first person listed on their reservation. The other TA says I can. I called Royal and the nice lady there said I could move anyone I want as long as one name remained on their reservation. Does my question make sense? What say you all? I need someone knowledgeable to tell me who’s right. Michael Bailey is a touch busy right now and when I can’t reach him I usually turn to @Lovetocruise2002or @Matt. (The order of the chain of command there was intentional: Michael, Sabrina then Matt). I was also going to ask on that “other” site but they would just want to know if I’m vaccinated, wear shorts in the MDR and why we pay for such a big room! Your help is appreciated.
  4. Thanks for an awesome blog and for assisting me to spiral further into depression. I appreciate you taking time to do this for all of us. Hopefully we will see more live blogs soon! I also admire your bravery in disagreeing with @Lovetocruise2002 on that filet. I live in Palm Springs and we have many tourists. When I’m asked where to get the best steak I always say the Coastal Kitchen - I’m too close to Canada, she may hear me. Glad you had a great cruise!
  5. As my more learned friends have already said, it’s a process to determine the point when paying more for Star makes sense. During the period of no cruising I have spent some time and developed an App that helps. You enter cabins, people, cost and then rate 31 categories, from 1 to 5, on how important they are to each person in your party. On the last page you hit enter and the App sends the Star request to your travel agent. Pretty easy...
  6. Yay! We are there on the 17th and 24th. Looking forward to meeting you
  7. I never know what the daily gratuity is since we’ve been sailing Star Class. I think it’s included in the bazillion dollar cruise fare
  8. Thanks for the great, entertaining trip! I’m so glad you had an amazing time.
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