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  1. Thanks @WAAAYTOOO! I posted a restaurant update to my October blog. Thanks so much for asking
  2. I commented on @Lovetocruise2002 current blog last night and @WAAAYTOOO inquired about our newly opened restaurant. We opened, after 21 exhausting months of dealing with various government agencies, on December 13! We are receiving overwhelming support from our community. If I do say so myself, our casual little eatery is turning out some amazing food! Our website is still under construction. We do have an IG account but I’ll have to ask my daughter what it is. You can follow our journey on FB, Just A Small Town Grill, Morongo Valley, CA.
  3. Checked the blogs tonight for the first time in quite awhile and here you are! Sending good thoughts and prayers to your dad and your entire family. I’m so happy you made it! I’m looking forward to keeping up in the next few days. We opened the restaurant on December 13th and haven’t had time to go to the bathroom, let alone read my favorite blog site! Enjoy every minute my friend!
  4. So nothing to do with sailing on a ship. But someone who loves cruising is happy to announce that we received approval today to open the restaurant!
  5. Agree. My first honeymoon cruise on the Mayflower was very memorable! I agree. But now at 72, and after 14 months of physically doing the work to remodel the restaurant, I’m feeling a tad beat up and old
  6. We all submitted the end of cruise survey and commended many crew members. I just felt compelled to single out these two.
  7. I had high hopes to close this out with a ton of witty comments and food pictures. But I’m home. I have a restaurant I need to open and it’s consuming my days right now. So I will leave it here for now. I may pop on later if I find some free time. I will definitely add a final comment when the nurse’s Just A Small Town Grill opens its doors. Thank you to all who have followed our journey! The cruises just keep getting better for us. We are very blessed to sail in that amazing suite. We have met people who have become family to us and we’re thankful for that. We survived massive hangovers from a long night of Quest, MO5AIC, tequila and a guy named Jay. Each of us in the family made great memories we will treasure for many years. The ships, the entertainment, the ports, the food all are important. But for me it’s the people. We had servers, our loft attendants, bartenders, cleaners and entertainers that we interacted with many times a day. They made each hour of our vacation special. And whether it was a hug, a high five, a joke, a filet from chops, a Starbucks drink or two dozen cartons of milk we tried to brighten just a minute of their day. As I get older a couple of things happen. I have to pee more frequently during the night and I treasure special moments with others. This cruise was full of special moments. I’ve attached an email I sent to the Hotel Director and forwarded to Miami. I’ve also included responses to that email. I’ve been assured by Jay and Lusi that it matters when we take time to let management know of great service. My last Star Class tip: If you sail with Jay as your Genie just do this: the very first moment you meet him, grab him in a bear hug, kiss him on the cheek and just tell him you adore him. Just get it out of the way - it’s inevitable!
  8. It’s official. We need to cruise together!. You are brightening my days now! Not only am I going through cruise withdrawals but it’s nonstop meetings with vendors and new employees as we plan to open the restaurant. No matter how trying my day I know I can come home to your blog! Keep it coming my friend!
  9. You blew everyone else out of the water with your first post! Actually laughing out loud. This will make my cruise withdrawals a bit easier! Can’t wait for more
  10. Received word today that an email I sent to the Hotel Director resulted in both Lusi and Jay being recognized for exceptional service. Haven’t found out yet what exactly that means for Jay but evidently Lusi received a copy of my email with hand written comments from the boss, extra time off and dinner in the specialty restaurant of her choice! That makes me happy! More tomorrow. Sorry for the delay!
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