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  1. We got the “no” today on M&M’s also. Now I’m going to ask for the Seafood Tower in the Escape Room - to be delivered by one of the CATS. In costume. I don’t know how to insert a smiley face or I would! Just seems bizarre that people request special bottles of booze and specialty lunches in the room on day 1 and that’s good but you cant get a bag of M&M’s!! I’ll keep you posted @Pookie.
  2. Congratulations! Hope you all have an awesome time. If you haven’t already, let your concierge know of your plans, they may be able to help make it special! Have a great cruise
  3. @Pookie I said earlier that I’m pretty laid back, and I really am. If i asked for a Seafood Tower to be delivered to the Escape room while we were there and was told no i could roll with that answer. But if I asked for a bag of M&M’s and was told to go the candy store...Me thinks I might not accept that answer. I know that things differ from Genie to Genie and from ship to ship, but that’s an unacceptable response for your simple request. I’m hoping that changes for you!
  4. Wow, maybe I AM a Star Class spoiled snob, I share your hatred of the raisins - Araceli had them made without them😂😂. Thank you I need a no raisin email to Allan!
  5. Some odds and ends: Travel: We will be flying from Palm Springs, California to Miami on American Airlines with a change of planes in Dallas. We’ll leave out here at 630am and arrive in Miami at 630pm. Flying in on the day before the cruise. Staying in a two bedroom suite somewhere in Miami. Nurse Ratchet made all of the travel plans so I’ll just follow her there. Ill let you know when I get there! No plans yet for the night in Miami that I know of. I’m fairly certain it will include food and cocktails! Genie Requests: He is working on ideas to celebrate the twins December birthday and the Doctor’s recent graduation. I think this year we will enjoy the sail away for our deck so I think we will ask for some food and a drink or two for that. If we follow our cruising habits we will have a few breakfasts and afternoon snacks, also on the balcony. We enjoy the front row seating at the shows, morning Starbucks, laundry and the escort off the ship. Not requesting a cabana at Labadee. We’ll request time in the Escape Room. Hopefully the helipad sail away from Labadee. We’re pretty laid back. Food: We’re waiting for Allan’s suggested schedule but I’m certain we’ll do Chops, Giovanni’s, 150, Izumi, CK on filet night and then go back to whatever was best. Lunches are pretty much played by ear. I think most breakfast’s will be either on the balcony or in CK. We definitely hit Portside BBQ and El Loco Fresh. I have said on each of the last three cruises that I was going to try the Dog House and didn’t. I’m going to do it this time! I’m sure there will be sushi and pizza in the mix somewhere! Side Note. I’m seeing that Mario Salcedo, or Super Mario is now onboard the Oasis. It would be fun to chat with him I think. But then again, I’m pretty impressed I know the manger of our local hardware store. The meme is for @teddy to keep that song playing in your head! More to come….
  6. Barbecue? That’s food, right?? I should have put more info in the introduction to this thing! The short answer to your question is yes, we will be trying the barbecue. The expanded answer is that there are two distinct types of people in our family: One that lives to eat and the other that eats to live! ALL food on the ship will be sampled by some! Although I’m not considered a “foodie” in this crew, I did tell the Genie I can easily be bought with the mushroom soup and apple pie. Cheap date.
  7. @Pookie, I’ll be sure and keep you posted on details. We received his 1st email at about 33 days out. Since then we have traded several emails and he has been very prompt with reply’s. That’s a good sign,
  8. What an adventure for that smiling little beauty, I know how exciting it is just to walk into that suite, enjoy every minute😁
  9. Not even! You have a great sense of humor and provide us all with details we need!,
  10. I doubt this will be nearly as entertaining as your blogs but welcome! Thanks for coming along!
  11. Welcome @emsff02! I wasn't a member of this. Community when I was counting down to my first SC trip. At that time I was only reading reviews on another site. But reading them helped keep me excited though the countdown!
  12. @Lovetocruise2002, We go in disguise! I always have to do the Windjammer at least once. People shoving, cutting in front of you, taking the last of a food item right out of your hand. Dirty dishes everywhere. Reminds me of home..
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