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  1. Kids, 16 and 14, want to do something fun in San Juan. In-laws want to walk to town and have lunch. DH will take the kids, I will take in-laws. Any suggestions for us? BTW...it's our first cruise!
  2. If I book my next cruise with NextCruise, can I then transfer it to a TA? Great comments about MEI, so I am considering giving them a call.
  3. Thanks everyone! Very helpful
  4. gtgtgt.....WOW! Capt. Bob's excursion looks amazing!
  5. Since this is our first cruise, what is the earlier time we should arrive on embarkation day? We are on Harmony.
  6. Thank you so much for the feedback! I'll look into the Capt. Bob excursion.
  7. I am purchasing the refreshment package for my kids (a treat for them!), but nothing for myself and hubby. We are sticking with the fare beverages. However, I am a coffee drinker and I love the specialty coffees.
  8. Anyone use the coffee card? Worth it or should I simply pay as I go?
  9. This is our first cruise! My family is VERY excited, but I am a little nervous. Anyone have advice to offer? I have been reading the blogs and I have already taken several pages of notes from what I have read. We are traveling to San Juan and St. Maarten. My kids, 13 and 15, want to do the Snubba experience in St. Maarten and the Canopy Tour Zipline Adventure in San Juan. Anyone have an experience with either of those? It sounds like the Zipline Tour is quite a distance from the port. Should I be concerned with that experience with my kids? I appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!
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