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  1. In 5 1/2 hours we’ll rise and shine and head to the airport. This party is about to finally get started! We spoke on the phone with the Amazing Romina yesterday morning and again this morning. Can’t wait to meet her. Everyone did the Binax proctored at home tests. Taylor was first at around 530 this morning and the rest of us followed throughout the day. 10 negative tests later, the group is good to go. The four of us who took the tests at our house all had the same experience. Log on and we were taking the test within two minutes. Fifteen minutes later we had results. In my opinion, it’s a convenient, easy way to do it. I’ll begin to post daily now. If you have questions I’ll do my best to find answers. I’m looking forward to taking you all with us as we begin what I know will be an amazing week! I can already taste the mushroom soup!
  2. 1,2,3,4. That many days to go! I took my vaccine card back to the pharmacy the other day knowing full well it would be a horrible time with no acceptable results. (I’m always optimistic like that). As I stood in line the pharmacist waved at me. We’re not friends or anything, he just dispenses medications and I’m old and require meds, so we know what each other looks like. When he waved I held out my trusty, incomplete vaccine card. He waved me over, listened to the issue and promptly fixed it! I told him he should be a Genie! The tux issue has turned into a non-problem. Taylor isn’t 5 anymore. She’s 22 and looks like a model. She informed me that she has a pink dress but it’s more form fitting, and a bit tighter, than the one in the photo. Perfect, I have a black suit and a black bow tie. Adapt and overcome. There will be a new photo. Romina and I have continued to banter back and forth via email. Last night she requested my cell number so she could call this week. That’s new. I’m looking forward to talking with her. We are all now watching the airline cancellations happening in many places. Just something new to throw in the mix!. But I’m confident all will be well. I mean if Amazon can REALLY put Captain Kirk into space, American Airlines should be able to get my old butt to Orlando. Three days to flight
  3. You know, I saw that link too but didn’t follow up. I just emailed Romina and she said they aren’t doing it since the restart. Thanks for sharing your experience. Maybe it’s ship or port specific. Who knows? I’ll get to the bottom of this!
  4. 9 days out and starting to gather “stuff” for the trip. Two updates for today: 1. I noticed yesterday that a new (at least new for me) section was on the Royal app for check in. So this morning I loaded all the vaccination data for Stacy, Taylor Kaitlyn and the old man. Including photos of the cards. That’s when I noticed that there was no Lot# on my card for the first dose! Uh oh. I will return to my pharmacy in the morning to have them fix that. They told me on the phone not to worry. We shall see! 2. Our kids are self-sufficient, confident and as grown up as it gets. They rarely ask for anything specific. But when they do ask, I try to make it happen. The birthday girl, Taylor, sent me a photo and asked that we recreate it this year. This photo was taken on the Disney Magic 17 or 18 years ago. Our amazing Romina has confirmed that Royal no longer rents tuxedos on their ships. So I’m shopping local for a tux. Taylor is shopping for a pink dress. One way or another we’ll recreate the moment. This is what it’s all about!
  5. One of our Genies actually had a couple request a photographer to follow them into the theater, taking pictures as they went to their front row seats so people would think they were important!. @Booscruize, you should be fine!
  6. We sailed Oasis last year. Your photos bring back such great memories. Thanks for taking time to do this.
  7. This is the tentative schedule that Romina has suggested for us. She kindly included The DT family so I had to edit.
  8. Quick update. 12 days to go. i’m following a report of someone sailing this week and posting on another site. Mama Mia is scheduled for Friday and Saturday this week. Other shows and activities seem normal according to him. Seems the Cruise Director left kind of unexpectedly last Sunday and a new one is in place. We’ll just keep our fingers crossed and continue to countdown! Here’s the greatest thing so far: someone asked on a FB group if anyone was going to be on the Allure in the next few weeks. I responded that I would be aboard on the 17th. He then asked if I’d be willing to purchase some tuna pouches and Ben’s rice and take it to Romeo at the Champagne bar. Seems Romeo had taken great care of this couple and had also indicated that he missed his tuna and Ben’s rice!. So of course I will now be shopping for those items before we leave. I explained to the gentleman that as I get older the “firsts” in my life come less often. But this was a first! A total stranger asked me to buy some tuna, cart it about 3000 miles and then give it to another guy I don’t know and haven’t met. I’m all in! The tuna caper. It shall be blogged!
  9. You’ll love 1720! Awesome room. Looking forward to following your trip.
  10. I saw videos tonight of the Aqua show posted by the CD. Emails with the genie are good. Sounds like things are working just as they should. And @twangster, a few weeks? It’s only two weeks!
  11. What an awesome trip! You’ll love the canal. I went through on the Disney Magic when they brought her to California the very first time. It was amazing. Can’t wait to follow your trip.
  12. I’m looking forward to hearing all about your trip since we will follow you on the 17th. And I agree, the wait toward the end is brutal
  13. I have requested seltzer (Truly) and it’s no problem
  14. I have read on other social media posts that there may be a problem this week with illness among the entertainment crew and that some, if not all, shows are canceled for this week and next week. I usually don’t believe much of what I read on social media!. Anyone onboard this week that can shed any light on what might be happening? Thanks!
  15. Coastal Kitchen is so different than Oasis class!
  16. The last two years everyone in our party was Star so no issues. The first year it was six of us in Star and four in balcony rooms. I made it clear to the genie that we understood the rules and expected that he would only support the six of us. I specifically asked that on embarkation day we wait and board with the four family in the other rooms. We were told no, that they would board with us and that’s what happened. Our entire family dined and went to the shows together all week as a group and we appreciated the genie including everyone, although we didn’t ask. The family not in a Star room all had dining and drink packages which eliminates some issues. We are approaching this year the same way. We don’t expect any “wishes” will be requested except for the 6 of us in the RLS. That being said, I will have no problem ordering up food and drink in the suite for everyone. That seems to be acceptable.
  17. I’ll be anything but underwhelmed! It’ll be great fun for us to meet such an experienced cruiser and excellent photographer.
  18. It is. And holy crap! We get to sail with @twangster?? Maybe see you on board? Oh no. There has to be a plan for me to meet the great one! I shall ask the genie to prepare for royalty! How exciting. Would love to meet you.
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