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  1. USVI is also now rejecting unvaccinated passengers. Even though I'm cancelled, received notification that's off the menu for the cruise.
  2. Ugh. Just pulled the eject handle on this cruise. On the team I manage at work, just had 3 breakthrough cases for the fully-vaccinated. I've got employees with under 12 y/o kids and folks with immunocomprised people at home. That's tripped my limit. I seriously wanted to be on this sailing (pretty much like everyone else who has had to cancel/postpone stuff for 18+ months). FL is a train wreck. Again, the risk to me is small, but the risk of bringing it back impacts a lot of other people and their kids. So no-go. Trying again in December. Super bummed.
  3. Booking a rental car out of MCO was (initially) problematic. My former hometown (Merritt Island) is close to the port, so if I cruise out of Canaveral I usually add a day to explore and get a one-way rental out of MCO to the port. Unlike most places, there isn't a price premium for doing this. Hertz was just zip, nada, nothing available for 3+ weeks, so I went with Avis.
  4. That would be nice. I'm flying to OH 8/9 for a work trip. I do all the recommended stuff, but I'll be in a tube with ~150 other people for 6.5 hours. Flights are packed. Like 100% full. Hard to social distance on an aircraft, including my flight to MCO.
  5. Starting this trip report a little earlier than I normally would, because COVID is at the top of most folks’ mind, so I wanted to share what’s going through mine at the moment. Basics: Cruise: Allure, August 22nd out of Port Canaveral - 7 nights Itinerary: St. Kitts, St. Thomas and CocoCay, the rest being sea days Me: 55 and fully vaccinated with no comorbidities I’m still in “go” mode for this trip for now. For me, the risk isn’t so much COVID any longer. The risk of a breakthrough infection isn’t zero, but FL’s numbers kinda make that a higher possibility. If I do get infected, the risk of hospitalization or croaking are vanishingly small — but it would very much suck to have a positive test and not be able to board. Vaccinated passengers on this cruise are now required to have a negative PCR or antigen test within 72 hours prior to sailing. I’m flying out on 8/20, so I’m getting one here locally on the 19th in CA because there are multiple reports of testing sites in Florida being hammered. I wouldn’t count on flying in and getting one at the last minute. I’ve set a personal deadline of 8/18 to pull the plug on this cruise and that’s almost entirely contingent on how FL is doing. Their ICU numbers aren’t looking great and it would suck to be admitted for anything, even not COVID related.
  6. Ditto. I don't have a problem with getting tested, but I fly SFO-MCO for an August 22 cruise. The testing centers at both airports (which was Plan A) are both closed at the times I'll be at the airport to make my flight and after I disembark in FL. Plan B is to get the rapid antigen test here in my departure city on 8/19 (day before flight). That's pretty tight depending on how strict they are about the time-out. It's within 3 days but may not be within 72 hours. I'll probably back that up with an antigen test at a CVS in FL on 8/21 if I don't have results by then.
  7. Sigh. I don't mind the test even though I'm fully vaccinated -- but because I'm cautious I'm flying out Aug 20 for an Aug 22 sailing date. A PCR here in my home town will probably time out. Anyone have recommendations near Port Canaveral?
  8. I never book domestic first or biz on US business trips. The meager benefits you'll get: - Maybe food served, on 4+ hour flights. - First boarding group and first off at the end of the flight (less competition for overhead compartments, if you need one). - Slightly nicer seat. - Some free booze. - Free checked bag. Personal (vacation) trips I'll book biz for long flights. If you hunt around, you may score a flight that's going to continue on to an international destination (787, etc.) where booking biz will get you something really nice like a lie-flat seat.
  9. I've had random towel charges for towels I absolutely returned. Visit to guest services fixed it. Don't go there on day 1 though, unless you're a masochist. ?
  10. Anywhere in Jamaica. I just stay on the ship now and enjoy the extra space and quicker service. Lovely looking place and I've met some awesome people, but holy smokes they've got a serious problem with aggressive touts, even on cruise booked tours. For me, it's not relaxing at all.
  11. Very much: Orlando. If you get hosed to/from Sanford, you have almost no options when it comes to additional flights or being "walked" to another airline to complete your trip.
  12. Huh. In no way is the ship mostly off limits. If you volunteer to share your vaccinated status, you'll forgo the more strict protocols like (at your expense) testing and vax'd only venues.
  13. Oh, heck no. Buy the wifi package (you'll probably want it anyway), put your phone in airplane mode with wifi on, and use wifi calling. AT&T has wifi calling. There's a short activation process when you first turn it on. I'd probably do that from home before your cruise. I've used it many times onboard and up at our cabin out in the redwoods which has no cell service available. Works just fine.
  14. Thanks. My cruise isn't until late August (hope, hope, hope) out of Port Canaveral.
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