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  1. Thanks. My cruise isn't until late August (hope, hope, hope) out of Port Canaveral.
  2. Possibly a dumb question, but is the health visa required if the stop is just Cococay?
  3. I sincerely apologize. Kinda touchy about this stuff right now because I would really like to be on my late-August cruise
  4. The is no such thing as a "vaccine passport." There is the card you get after your first vaccination (and the 2nd one gets recorded if you got the AZ or Moderna one vs.the J&J one-shot-and done). That data eventually gets reported upstream to the CDC so there is an electronic record. You don't pay for it. You don't pay to get vaccinated, either. Providers like CVS/Walgreens etc. may take down your insurance info to back bill your insurance (if you have it) for the cost of administering the vaccine to you, but your cost is zero. I'm sure there are people here old enough to rem
  5. Ditto. I got Oasis UP cabin 14528 for the 4/17/22 sailing for under $4.5K the day it opened for booking. Star class at that price feels like GTA. Not sure how I feel about not having a balcony, but I can just schlep myself up the stairs right near the cabin and be on the pool deck. I'll take those odds. At the very least, I think it'll be a fun change of pace. I'm usually on 17 in an L1 or L2.
  6. As of yesterday, there are probably 593,000 in the US who (if they were still alive), might disagree with your opinion on, "it's not different from the flu." It's very different from the flu. Given it's lethality, it makes no sense to pack people into a congregate setting like a cruise ship without requiring proof-of-vaccination. Sure, boosters will be required as the virus mutates in the wild, but if you want the CDC to allow cruising again?
  7. [George Takei voice] Oh myyyyyy! 340, here I come. Thanks for the confirmation
  8. I really hope I'm interpreting this promo correctly. Normally, 7 nights solo in a suite is: 7 base points 7 points for being in a suite 7 points for being solo --- = 21 points --- So, 42 points with this promo? If so, holy smokes. I've got 2 cruises lined-up that would qualify (assuming mid-to-late 2021 isn't still tanked).
  9. I'm absolutely "banking" all of the funds I would have spent this year on cruises and other relaxing vacation time. Presuming we're in better shape in 2021 (vaccine, et al), I'm going to absolutely have some blow-out time off. 2020 has sucked (you may have noticed ) and I'm going to definitely splurge to make up for it when I can.
  10. Curious if anyone can shed some insight / experience with using them. Definitely piqued my interest.
  11. My 5/9/21 (hope) Oasis DBP dropped from $61 to $46 per day, which is the best I've seen in a long while. I cancelled and re-purchased and today it's back to $61. Strike while the iron's hot
  12. LOL. An IHOP Swedish crepe combo is one of my secret guilty pleasures.
  13. I'm booked on the Oasis out of Cape Liberty in May 2021. Magic 8 balls says: "who the hell knows?" when asked if we'll have a vaccine generally available by then. So, putting on my hopeful optimist's cap... assuming this thing actually sails: Anyone got restaurant recommendations? I'll be staying (again, optimist) at the Courtyard in Elizabeth, NJ. It looks like there is are a bunch of Portuguese and Spanish restaurants nearby that look enticing.
  14. LOL. I call this "dialing for yes." If I get an obviously clueless CSR or next-level-up, I'll thank them for their time and call back and roll the dice again. FWIW: I've found the Casino Royale reps to be pretty on top of their game. Call usually answered in under 2 minutes and I usually get a very competent person on the other end of the line. I don't know if my CR status confers any extra consideration, but my default is to always call the Casino Royale # first since they've always done a good job at handling requests.
  15. I am ridiculously addicted to the deck 17 L1 lofts on Oasis class ships. I love being so close to CK & the SL... and it just being a short waltz down the stairs to Windjammer or the pool deck. I really enjoy reading in the SL when I've had enough of the poolside action and would just like a quiet moment, and the food in CK (at least by my experience) has been great. That said, I'm solo in the Oasis Ultimate Panoramic Suite in 2022. I'm rolling the dice to see if the genuinely unique cabin, view and Star Class make up for the lack of a balcony. I like my balconies!
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