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  1. Thanks for posting! Excited to follow along! We’re Star class on Icon in July.
  2. We booked independently through Mad Max Dune Buggy Tours.
  3. Currently onboard Quantum, and our genie confirmed that one of the glass panels cracked. She also said it may not be repaired until dry dock.
  4. Welp….after going in circles for an hour, I went ahead and paid the gratuities just to be sure they didn’t incorrectly cancel our cruise. I’m super frustrated. Hopefully once onboard we can resolve this and are refunded.
  5. For anyone following along on this….after the last update, gratuities had been removed. THEN today I received another email that gratuities are due and they have been readded to our account. Currently holding with customer service again
  6. Yes I sure will! I’m hoping for the best…we aren’t off to the best start lol!
  7. I know definitely makes me rethink not using a travel agent.
  8. They said they temporarily removed the gratuities and we could “sort it out onboard”.
  9. Surprisingly, I was only on hold 5 minutes. I just hope they did resolve the issue.
  10. I called 305-539-6000 and was able to speak to someone. They have assured me the resolutions desk removed the gratuities and that we can “sort it out” onboard…
  11. We are currently out of the country. I just received an email stating we have a balance due on our upcoming cruise for the amount of the gratuities. We are paid in full, past final payment due date as well, and we are are Star Class so gratuities should have been included. My international cell phone plan will not allow an 800 phone call. Does anyone has another number? Of course I’m panicking that they are going to incorrectly cancel our cruise! PS. We didn’t use a travel agent
  12. I sure will! I was really hoping for Hailey! I almost requested her…
  13. Thank you @Lovetocruise2002! I’ve enjoyed reading your recent blogs. We are very much looking forward to the experience.
  14. We just received our genie letter for the sailing the following week, and Jade is our genie as well. I’m hoping someone that has had her in the past can share some information!
  15. We just received our genie letter Her name is Jade. Does anyone have any insight on her or had her as a genie in the past? Just curious of her “style” as a genie. I’ve read a few reports, but don’t recall her name in any. Thank you!
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