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  1. Anyone else get a cancellation notice from the Grande Bahama All Inclusive Beach Getaway tour? What's up?
  2. @Matt How far are the bathrooms from the over-the-water cabanas? I hope you enjoyed them!!
  3. Enjoy that water hammock and slide! If the swim up bar is close to you, enjoy that too!
  4. Awesome thank you! Praying for sunny skies!
  5. We all will have the DX. Sorry to bug you but you mentioned bubbles. Do you happen to know if they serve Veuve Cliquot onboard?
  6. Do they start food and drink service right away? We have one of those cabanas and wondering what the best time to get there is. Thx. Enjoy! I hear the weather should clear up.
  7. Have a great cruise! We sail July 17 in a Grand Suite. Enjoy and keep sharing!
  8. Are you Pinnacle or Suite passenger? Did they take those first?
  9. We have not received any notice yet for our Adventure July 17th sailing. Do they automatically move over all of your excursions and purchases (cabana etc..)?
  10. What is the customs procedure when we get to Nassau? Any?
  11. Matt - do you have similar info on what to do in Grand Bahama?
  12. Agreed. I would just spend my time perseverating over the fact that I was not in a suite. Yes, I have the suite-snob sickness. YOLO I say.
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