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  1. Done a B2B. I wasn’t sure about how cruising during covid would be but it was awesome!
  2. I also wonder if the CDC will extend the order beyond Nov 1. If so, would the Navigator and other ships schedule test cruises too?
  3. Some people on CC have gotten the email too.
  4. Anyone get this email yet? Some folks on CC have. Nothing yet for me but I’m only Platinum not Pinnacle. ?
  5. That would be my guess. The staff are wonderful. I highly doubt they will kick you out for having a few teens - who have Beach Club passes - stop by once-and-a-while. If they are over 18 I can guarantee that they will prefer the Oasis Pool like mine did! It is about a 5-10 minute walk from the cabana (depending upon where your cabana is located). If you get Cabana #1 they should be able to swim to the Chill Island Swim-up Bar or beach, then walk across the street to the Oasis Pool. You can't tell from the map, but the Swim-up Bar is really close to Cabana #1. In the second photo the closest cabana is #1. I took this photo from the Swim-up Bar. You can see how close the Chill Island Beach is to that cabana. Have Fun! You will LOVE the Floating Cabana!
  6. No. It is the same place where you check in for the Beach Club. You tell them you have a cabana and they check the list, mark you off, take additional names of your group if they are not with you, and walk you to your Cabana.
  7. I wouldn't sweat it. The rules state the following: "LIMIT TWELVE (12) ENTRIES PER PERSON, REGARDLESS OF METHOD OF ENTRY. ADDITIONAL ENTRIES MAY BE DISQUALIFIED." https://www.royalcaribbean.com/terms-and-conditions/volunteers-of-the-seas My assumption is that they will only count the correct number of entries per person anyway.
  8. We sailed on the AOS in July so not sure if perhaps things are different for different ships and sailings? Again, we were told this by our Concierge and I also remember the Beach Club check-in staff telling us that as well. We only had 6 people but I mentioned that we might have another person join. That was when I was informed that you could pay for an additional 2 making it 10. The Beach Club Cabanas - especially the floating - certainly are large enough for 10! Beach Club Floating Cabana; Beach Club Beach Cabana;
  9. Interesting. Our Concierge gave us that little detail. She also arranged for us to have certain cabanas.
  10. We were told that you could have up to 10 (2 pay for extra Beach Club Passes). You get a bracelet to wear showing that you are in a cabana (ours was green). They do ask how many people are expected in the cabana and take the names and cabin #s when you sign into the Beach Club. I am going to speculate and say that if everyone has Beach Club passes you may be able to get away with it, but make sure 3 people eat and get drinks at the beach club (or elsewhere) rather than in the cabana.
  11. The link to the official rules. I would not like to be selected as a “Designated Guest”! ? https://www.royalcaribbean.com/terms-and-conditions/volunteers-of-the-seas
  12. I just got this email, did you? ABOUT YOUR UPCOMING TRAVELS Hello Potential Volunteer of the Seas! Thank you so much for expressing your interest in being a volunteer and helping us prepare our ships for their return to sea. And now, the exciting part – we will soon be accepting entries to officially register for your chance to be part of one of our simulation cruises! The entry period begins on August 6, 2021 at 12:00:01 a.m. EDT and ends on August 7, 2021 at 12:00:01 a.m. EDT. Upon completion and submission of your entry form, you will automatically be entered with 1 entry into the sweepstakes. If you’re a Crown & Anchor member, we’ll automatically provide you with additional entries – so you only need to submit your entry once! Here is the breakdown: Pinnacle members: 11 additional entries Diamond Plus members: 9 additional entries Diamond members: 7 additional entries Emerald members: 5 additional entries Platinum members: 3 additional entries Gold members: 1 additional entry If you are not a Crown & Anchor member, not to worry! You can submit additional entries – up to a total of 12 entries per person! Diamond Plus tiers and below, you can also submit additional entries to reach the 12 entry maximum. The excitement is building and we wish you luck in the drawing! Hope to sea you onboard soon! Sincerely, Volunteers of the Seas Team Royal Caribbean International
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