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  1. [George Takei voice] Oh myyyyyy! 340, here I come. Thanks for the confirmation
  2. I really hope I'm interpreting this promo correctly. Normally, 7 nights solo in a suite is: 7 base points 7 points for being in a suite 7 points for being solo --- = 21 points --- So, 42 points with this promo? If so, holy smokes. I've got 2 cruises lined-up that would qualify (assuming mid-to-late 2021 isn't still tanked).
  3. I'm absolutely "banking" all of the funds I would have spent this year on cruises and other relaxing vacation time. Presuming we're in better shape in 2021 (vaccine, et al), I'm going to absolutely have some blow-out time off. 2020 has sucked (you may have noticed ) and I'm going to definitely splurge to make up for it when I can.
  4. Curious if anyone can shed some insight / experience with using them. Definitely piqued my interest.
  5. My 5/9/21 (hope) Oasis DBP dropped from $61 to $46 per day, which is the best I've seen in a long while. I cancelled and re-purchased and today it's back to $61. Strike while the iron's hot
  6. LOL. An IHOP Swedish crepe combo is one of my secret guilty pleasures.
  7. I'm booked on the Oasis out of Cape Liberty in May 2021. Magic 8 balls says: "who the hell knows?" when asked if we'll have a vaccine generally available by then. So, putting on my hopeful optimist's cap... assuming this thing actually sails: Anyone got restaurant recommendations? I'll be staying (again, optimist) at the Courtyard in Elizabeth, NJ. It looks like there is are a bunch of Portuguese and Spanish restaurants nearby that look enticing.
  8. LOL. I call this "dialing for yes." If I get an obviously clueless CSR or next-level-up, I'll thank them for their time and call back and roll the dice again. FWIW: I've found the Casino Royale reps to be pretty on top of their game. Call usually answered in under 2 minutes and I usually get a very competent person on the other end of the line. I don't know if my CR status confers any extra consideration, but my default is to always call the Casino Royale # first since they've always done a good job at handling requests.
  9. I am ridiculously addicted to the deck 17 L1 lofts on Oasis class ships. I love being so close to CK & the SL... and it just being a short waltz down the stairs to Windjammer or the pool deck. I really enjoy reading in the SL when I've had enough of the poolside action and would just like a quiet moment, and the food in CK (at least by my experience) has been great. That said, I'm solo in the Oasis Ultimate Panoramic Suite in 2022. I'm rolling the dice to see if the genuinely unique cabin, view and Star Class make up for the lack of a balcony. I like my balconies!
  10. As a side note, despite the warning that my "credit may not immediately appear on my SeaPass folio" on the first day of my cruise, the $100 OBC for both my Royal and Celebrity cruises showed up in my planner immediately. It's always shown up prior to my cruise, right after they acknowledged granting it. That doesn't seem to have changed despite the new caveat.
  11. Just emailed [email protected] with my latest eTrade statement for a Royal Caribbean cruise 5/9/21 and and Celebrity cruise 12/11/21 and received my shareholder OBC within 4 hours for both.
  12. I believe you're referring to this: https://cruiseradio.net/the-unexpected-perk-norwegian-is-giving-cancelled-cruisers/ Doug & Richard are usually good sources of information, but until NCL themselves says this is in fact their new policy I'd take it with a huge grain of salt. Cruise cancellations are a huge cluster right now on the IT side, and plenty of folks on other cruise line forums like Princess and Carnival have said the same thing. Points for a cancelled cruise posted to their loyalty account at the end of the planned (but not sailed) cruise, only to be clawed-back lat
  13. If you don't mind me asking, did you get crazy-good pricing on the Ultimate Panoramic Suite? I booked the exact same suite for an Oasis April 2022 cruise the same day they released it for booking. The price on this Star Class cabin was ~$100 more than an L1 Sky Class loft, which was insanely good. Now the price seems comparable to any other Star Class cabin.
  14. Just popping in to add one additional tip. If you have both a personal AMEX Platinum and an AMEX corporate card for work, call AMEX and tell them you'd like to join their "Corporate Advantage" program. You'll still pay the $550 annual fee on your personal card, but within 60 days they'll credit $150 back to you, knocking it down to $400 a year.
  15. Floridian here (now transplanted to CA). As you mention, in FL it's always been "key" (with the usual habit of English just borrowing a word and then smooshing it into a spelling match). What has surprised me has been finding that locations around the world, with English English being spoken (example: Singapore) also pronounce "cay" or "quay" as "key." Clarke Quay in Singapore is spoken as "Clarke Key."
  16. Ouch. I'm not sure what I'd do... but a lot of it would be based on non-cruise related expenses like cancellation or change fees for hotels and airfare if you've got those. I feel for ya. I'd be very tempted to just pull the eject handle.
  17. Am I reading this right? I don't know what the original itinerary was, but it looks like they offset the departure date by +3 days? I know there's always a weather risk (this year's Caribbean schedule during hurricane season had me sweating a September cruise -- nasty year). I've got a Med cruise next year, and with all the flights, hotels and other stuff (different departure and arrival ports) this would be a huge PITA to fix if everything shifted 3 days this close in.
  18. I get upset when baked beans aren't available for breakfast. It's nearly impossible to assemble a "full English" without them. They've always got the sad grilled tomatoes and some random mushrooms... but where are my beans? Sigh.
  19. Tons of seating. It's segregated a bit (corrals for Star, Suites, yadda) like most other ports, but no real amenities like snacks and coffee you'll find in Miami or Canaveral. Bare bones but very efficient on both departures and arrivals. If you take a taxi out of port at the end of your cruise, make sure they use the meter. Cabs suck here.
  20. Enjoy your time at Guest Services arguing about you un-returned towel charges. No, you do not get to wander off for lunch and expect to keep your chair when tons of people would like one. What part of that confuses you?
  21. The Bermuda Triangle is indeed a terrifying stretch of ocean. Every time I've crossed it, buffet lines were long... the casino went all take-my-money... I was up-sold on everything imaginable... Crazy dangerous.
  22. I'm merciless with chogs. On my last cruise, there were 4 sorta suite "cabanas" in the suites-only area that folks staked out at 8AM, clipping towels to chairs. They'd literally be empty 90% of the time I walked by... hour-after-hour. After seeing one empty for over an hour I just un-clipped their crap, folded it up on a table and made myself at home. After reading a book for ~2 hours, I had an indignant couple ask me to leave "their" cabana. Nope. Take your stuff and find an empty one (if you can dislodge one of the other chogs). If you really want to, complain to a crew member that I
  23. 1. Book as far out as you reasonably can be assured you can do the trip. I usually book 12-18 months out when there is a BOGO50 or 30% off sale running. This not only gives you the opportunity to book at an advantageous rate when it becomes available, it also gives you a lot more time to take advantage of an additional price drop if one happens. If you're booking something like a suite, you need to be a little more conservative about this so you don't get hit with a non-refundable deposit, but still... the further out you can plan, the better. 2. Periodically make a repeat "mock bookin
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