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  1. I mean....I was going to ask but figured I needed a few more SC bookings to qualify for the secret
  2. Thanks! Exactly what I was looking for. I’m just being impatient
  3. Mine too. I'm not going until December and I'm sure I'll see pricing before they reach out. Just trying to plan ahead. Curious if it's more like how they were priced before the shutdown or more like beach club cabana prices now.
  4. Has anyone seen recent pricing for the cabanas at Barefoot Beach? I haven't seen anyone mention them since Labadee opened back up.
  5. We ate all breakfasts, 1 lunch and a few dinners in CK. It didn’t even cross my mind to tip at each meal because I’m so used to tipping at the end. Now I don’t remember everyone’s names who helped us. If I put enough cash to cover the whole week and addressed the envelope to CK staff, will they split it up between everyone? Who should I hand it to? They have all been amazing and I want to make sure they all know how much we appreciated everyone.
  6. So when I talked to the concierge she said they were definitely wrong and we should have been able to sit there. Said the sign shouldn’t even be worded as concierge suites and then asked some questions about the person who told us we couldn’t (what she looked like) and said she’d make it right. She said she thinks it’s someone new who pretty much didn’t know what she was doing. We had the ice show tonight (amazing by the way) and the same lady was there and came to us as we were walking up and took us to a front row. No embarrassment tonight so all is good.
  7. Agreed! Didn’t make sense to me either. I’m definitely going to bring it up to the concierge but I missed them this morning as we were in port but I’ll go see them at 5 Yes, reservations only until 15 minutes til then they can give your seats away. We did have reservations
  8. I’ll ask our concierge in the morning when I see her again but I didn’t know if random crew would know what I was talking about.
  9. On Oasis and walked went to Cats. There’s a lady holding a sign that says seating for concierge suites, the key, pinnacles and diamond (or plus….can’t remember) We are in a crown loft suite and I assumed that meant we were “concierge suites” but she wouldn’t let us sit there and said it was for VIP’s only, even after looking at our card. What rooms qualify if a crown loft didn’t? I don’t want to be embarrassed again
  10. I'm also on this sailing. I have bids in for both the UPS and the star loft so it doesn't seem like my odds are that great
  11. Wow....it doesn't seem like almost 2 years ago I asked this question. We sail in 9 days so I'll finally get to experience deck 17!
  12. I live in South Carolina and had no clue Charleston is a stop for Royal. So glad you had a great time visiting here!!
  13. I thought that Starbucks pastries weren't included, even for star class. Is this the case on every ship? If so, I hope they stock up on banana nut bread because that's my favorite!
  14. Can any MEI agent help you if your agent is unavailable for a few days? Normally I would wait for mine but there's a specific room that just became available and I want to switch to before someone snags it. Being a Saturday doesn't help me either Anyone know if I was to message another on here if they could help? Or should I just wait a few days and hope it's still available?
  15. On the blog section on here - not the message board section, but the actual blogs by Matt/Jenna/etc, is there a way to see a list of titles of the blogs so that you're able to only read specific ones?
  16. I really enjoy reading these blogs of solo travelers. Looking forward to the rest of this one. Happy cruise day!
  17. Now granted I don't know much about how travel agents get paid - I assume they get a percentage of what your cruise fare is. If that is the case, if you win a Royal Up bid, does your agent get paid based on the new total (including your bid) or on the original fare price?
  18. I recently tried to get my boss to relocate our company to Florida. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful.
  19. Yeah I think we will just have to take a late flight and deal with being tired at work & the kids tired at school the next day. I suppose it's still better than the alternative of not cruising at all!
  20. My local airport is GSP but I'm right between ATL and CLT. We usually drive to CLT and fly from there, only because driving in ATL intimidates me
  21. Sigh. I apologize in advance for this rant. I've been searching for MONTHS for a decent flight for our upcoming April sailing out of Miami. I've searched MIA, FLL and even PBI and am having NO luck finding a decent return flight. 99% of everything is either before 10 am or later in the evening. If the sailings would be Sat-Sat, an early evening flight would be fine because we wouldn't have to wake up early the next day for work/school. Why must they come back on Sundays?? I'm jealous of all of you who live close enough to drive and don't have to deal with this Ok, rant over. On another note, my sailing is exactly 100 days away and it will be my first time on Oasis!
  22. This is my dream cabin. By the time I'll be able to pull it off, it will be for my grandkids instead of my kids
  23. I'm noticing under the "what to bring" section on the excursion section that it states to bring local currency. This is listed on a lot of the different excursions. Is this specific to just Honduras? I assume this means the local vendors/restaurants/etc do not take USD or visa/mastercard. I have never had to exchange money before so this is new to me.
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