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  1. Just as an FYI, I checked my cruise planner today after they loaded the Black Friday deals, and there were some solid savings for my March 2022 cruise. I returned my 79 dollar water park tickets and got them for 43, and I got the 100 photo package for 124 (it was 254 yesterday). I figure I can always cancel it if I see a better deal next Black Friday!
  2. Wow, those prices are so good. I am seeing 100 prints/digital for 249.99 for my March 2022 Anthem 7-night. I wonder if that will drop on Black Friday?
  3. That's what she said she was, and I got a follow up email from her as well saying she was my personal representative. I do check my 2022 cruise price every day, so maybe they think I'm booking a lot of cruises!
  4. Hi all! I just received what felt like a really random phone call from someone from RC. She said she wanted to see if she could help me book any future cruises. I told her I was all booked and all set and she just said ok thanks for choosing RC and hung up. Have I made some kind of special list? Am I getting scammed? Just curious so I thought I would ask the RC brain trust.
  5. This is reassuring! Thank you for sharing your experience.
  6. Thank you! Yes, I was so confused by the equal amounts because my kids had fares that were way lower than ours. I'm waiting a bit to apply the FCC officially since the cruise isn't until March 22 and if we do need to move the date or something I'd rather not have the FCC involved yet. That's why I'm not just calling to do it now and make sure. Of course that doesn't mean i can't worry about it now! Lol.
  7. My actual FCC says: "Future Cruise Credits are per person, per booking, and valid only for the person noted above." This seems to contradict the website, right?
  8. That's what I thought, too, but one of the FAQs under FCCs on the Royal website says this, which is why I'm not sure: Q Can I use part of someone else’s Future Cruise Credit to cover my own cruise fare? A Future Cruise Credits in most cases are nontransferable. This means that you cannot use someone else’s credit for your own cruise fare nor vice versa. Any remaining balance on your credit will automatically be created into a new certificate after you’ve completed your sailing. However, if you still have a Cruise with Confide
  9. Hi all, The Royal website kind of answers this question, but given all of the confusion around FCCs, I thought I'd ask my favorite RC experts (aka all of you). I just got my FCC from my canceled August cruise. They broke it down into equal amounts per passenger (four of us, including two kids). It says on the certificate that the amount can only be applied to the named passenger, but on the RC website it says that if the same people are cruising, you can use some of the funds to cover other passengers' fares. Here are the numbers to make my questions clearer: We each got $1403 in FCC
  10. This is great - thank you! I feel famous now that you answered my question.
  11. Is there a pattern to when the best deals on RC are typically available? Either cruise price or cruise planner options.
  12. What are the best-kept secrets on a given class of ships (things people in the know seek out but newbies would typically miss)?
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