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  1. Oh man now I can’t find the review and I’m haunted by my guesses about what was in the coffeemaker.
  2. Following as well. Star class on Anthem out of Bayonne March 2022 - counting the (hundreds) of days... we will just drive to the port that day (we live about 90 minutes away), but I love all of these tidbits about how to do star class right!
  3. That’s a great point. I’m just wondering if I could sneak in a long weekend getaway and then reap some benefits from that on our big family cruise. Speaking of family, I’d love the long weekend cruise to be just hubby and me. Is it problematic when you and your kids are at different C and A levels? Does it impact anything?
  4. Looks like I have something else to obsessively visit RC’s site to look at!
  5. Am I correct that having a C&A number but never having cruised (thanks, 2020) means I would not be eligible for the double points on my first cruise? Our first cruise is scheduled for March 2022 (just saw that’s now included in double points) in a suite for 7 nights. I’m thinking if we took a three day cruise somewhere for the cheapest price possible first to qualify for gold, that would mean we’d be platinum by the end of that March cruise. Are the perks worth it? This is all crazy dreaming at this point anyway since my husband would likely look at me like I have three heads if I suggeste
  6. I have this one too! I’m a teacher and it’s often a class I need to teach.
  7. I also had a bunch of confusing moments, like wondering why no one was wearing a mask and deciding to leave the ship to run home and pack some extra toiletries. Dream logic is amazing.
  8. thanks again for your advice when we were booking - GLS 10724 here we come (in like 450 days).
  9. So this is probably weird to post since I read this blog WAY more than I post so I feel like I know all of you and you have no idea who I am, but... I couldn’t resist. I had a dream last night that for some reason, only my scheduled Anthem cruise (March 2022) was allowed to sail right now. I was SO excited to do a live blog here, and I kept telling my family how happy you would all be to see the pics and hear our experiences. We were at the port and I almost missed the cruise because I was taking pictures of every single thing for this live blog. I woke up super disappointed that it wasn’t rea
  10. Just as an FYI, I checked my cruise planner today after they loaded the Black Friday deals, and there were some solid savings for my March 2022 cruise. I returned my 79 dollar water park tickets and got them for 43, and I got the 100 photo package for 124 (it was 254 yesterday). I figure I can always cancel it if I see a better deal next Black Friday!
  11. Wow, those prices are so good. I am seeing 100 prints/digital for 249.99 for my March 2022 Anthem 7-night. I wonder if that will drop on Black Friday?
  12. That's what she said she was, and I got a follow up email from her as well saying she was my personal representative. I do check my 2022 cruise price every day, so maybe they think I'm booking a lot of cruises!
  13. Hi all! I just received what felt like a really random phone call from someone from RC. She said she wanted to see if she could help me book any future cruises. I told her I was all booked and all set and she just said ok thanks for choosing RC and hung up. Have I made some kind of special list? Am I getting scammed? Just curious so I thought I would ask the RC brain trust.
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