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  1. dswallow, The link you provided is great, Adventure of the Seas, 6/12/2021 (2150.com) Is this something RCCL provides for all cruises? If so, where can the links for future cruises be found and approximately when are they available?
  2. I submitted this question to the Q&A. No response yet. If I get one I will share on this topic.
  3. Has anyone heard if Grand Caymans will be accepting tourist in October? If not, any ideas on alternate plans for a different port?
  4. Who else is scheduled for the October 10, 2021 cruise? My wife and I are ready to sail. Just 122 days to go.
  5. I understand that Liberty of the Seas will go to dry dock in July - mechanical upgrades only. Does anyone know how long she will be in dry dock? I expect she will also have to pass a test cruise before she is allowed to sail from Galveston. RCCL does indicate, on their app, that Liberty is expected to start sailings from Galveston starting September 26, 2021. Hopefully there will be no delays.
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