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  1. We are going on the October 23rd sailing to Aruba Cuarocao.
  2. Thank you all for the comments on this topic! Yes I was a little bit upset at the time I posted this comment. Since that time I purchased the drinks package at the direction of or TA and kept looking on the cruise planner to seen if the promotional price reappeared and yes it did! I canceled the book package and purchased the reduced price offering and saved $200. Sorry if any of my earlier comments were offending to anybody.
  3. I recently had my 4th cruise on RCL canceled this year, this one out of San Juan during Halloween. Yesterday I received m FCC and finalized the full payment on my next cruise on the Odyssey October 23rd. I was on the cruise planner site and it the middle of the transaction they raised the price of the deluxe beverage package from $62 to $71 per day!!! I called customer NO service and the Crown and Anchor Society and they said they couldn't do a thing about it!!! I am a Diamond Club member and actually am paying for another room on this same cruise. They treat you like a first time cruiser in an interior cabin, zero regard for customer loyalty at RCL.
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