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  1. That’s a great callout I haven’t thought of, I’ll need to check on that. Thank you for mentioning that.
  2. I’m going to log in tomorrow as if on the ship as a trial, so I will put phone into airplane mode and see if the offline code way works, if not I’ll leave in airplane and try laptop hotspot method….lots of good suggestions here. I too think the thought of working from the ship and the reality of it may not be worth it but I figure if there is anytime to try it would be on a short cruise with a ship without a ton of extra stuff to tempt me lol.
  3. Awesome thank you all for the replies!
  4. Might be a simple question with simple answer but I’m looking at trying out working from the ship to save some PTO and take advantage of the Work from home laptop setup. I know surf and stream is needed to at least have a decent chance of teams working but my work also uses duo which is on my cell phone. Do I need to buy 2 device package? I’ve never tried it but can I connect to duo to get the code then log into laptop within a short time frame to input it? I’m sure there has to be others who use duo for work and encountered this. It’s going to be on brilliance in December so not a new ship and no hopes for the new internet connectivity so is the internet doable for teams and email?
  5. My wife and 2 kids (13,6) will be on this cruise. We are taking my mom on her first cruise so should be fun. Never been to Labadee, we got the bungalow on Columbus Cove for this day. My son (6) is a cruise fanatic, our ship tour got canceled which is a bummer, so we are driving over Sunday from Tampa to stay the night and take him to watch sail aways which he is looking forward to.
  6. Thank you I was able to Google that part but don’t know why we would take off away from land instead of towards it. We were heading to Nassau from coco cay so it’s a straight shot but we veered way off course and away from US. The whole disembark today and lengthy delay in clearance with cops on board is also curious.
  7. Weekend cruise on Indy was full of excitement. Any idea what happened Saturday night? Alpha alpha alpha was called, we start hightailing it, then ship slows down after awhile. The weird thing was we went way out of the way, like east out towards open ocean to turn around and go back towards Nassau. then when we get off lots of cops, saw one guy getting questioned on 4th deck forward. We weren’t cleared for an hour. Anyone on this cruise have any idea what either of these things were?
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