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  1. So weird...I received my taxes and port fees back to my credit card first thing.
  2. FCC and Cruise Planner refunds at 125% have truly been a trying experience. I'm happy to say my FCC came back to me correct (after the first wrong one) to within a dollar. My 125% cruise planner refund came back on the nose. I realize I didn't have anything complicated like others but just wanted to bring some good news to this thread.
  3. @Baked Alaska I've seen comments like this before but it's never applied to me. Are you saying if you have money left in your planner at the end of the cruise you can get a refund for it at the casino?
  4. I'm conflicted on this. If the casinos were smoke free, I'd stay longer and lose more money 😩
  5. I had the same thing for my cancelled cruise. I had quite a bit of OBC already applied to the planner. I called the Rewards # 1-888-305-4626 and the credit was moved to the new reservation the next day. For clarification, it was our Bank of America, my visa rewards.
  6. I imagine the deposit should be deducted, but that still doesn't add up to me
  7. I didn't use a TA on this one, but I have one now. Maybe she can figure it out.
  8. We received our FCC today and I don't understand their math on it, either. What do y'all think about this? $654 X 2 = $1308.00
  9. Yep, our group should be enjoying breakfast in San Juan right now, getting ready to board Freedom. I'm not pouting or anything πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•
  10. Thanks @USCG Teacher I was just reading thru that thread.
  11. Cub, I received the same email even though I requested the %125 cruise planner option.
  12. Everyone should book an aft balcony at least once! Snag it if you can.
  13. Same for us in Houston. I'm playing that same game of chicken with RC with my 5/3 cruise.
  14. @WAAAYTOOO just for fun, I'll say June 15th.
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