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  1. Our kids weren't with us but we stayed Frenchman's Reef/Morning Star Resort. This was before VRBOs or Airbnb. That will be our choice next time. We rented a car for the week and drove all over the island! Our hotel was on Morningstar beach so we spent most of the time there but we also spent a day at Megan's Bay Beach, Coki beach and Coral World. We went to VIEco tours and did the kayak, snorkel & hike trip. We've also done that twice with our kids on a cruise excursion & it's highly recommended. We rode the ferry and spent a day at St. John and Trunk Bay. We went to Blackbeard's Castle & Paradise Point. Those are the high points...too many more to list. I got most of my info from Trip Advisor.
  2. We spent a week in St. Thomas and loved it! Our next land based vacation will be back there.
  3. I get that but I've found any question I have about a specific cruise gets answered pretty quick here. Some of them are just too longgggggggg 😂
  4. Yes, you can. I reached out to @michelle at MEI and she was able to rebook my cancelled cruise, that I had originally booked thru RC myself, apply my FCC and answer all my questions.
  5. Are you located in a city or near one that has a resort style hotel? We lived in Tulsa and we spent many long weekends at the Margaritaville Resort. Something like that might work for your family. If you wanted to still go Caribbean, you could check out the Hilton Rose Hall Resort in Jamaica. I believe it's all inclusive and has a lazy river and play area for the kids.
  6. I hide them so they don't take up so much room 😆
  7. Perhaps she means your past cruises in your signature.
  8. So weird...I received my taxes and port fees back to my credit card first thing.
  9. FCC and Cruise Planner refunds at 125% have truly been a trying experience. I'm happy to say my FCC came back to me correct (after the first wrong one) to within a dollar. My 125% cruise planner refund came back on the nose. I realize I didn't have anything complicated like others but just wanted to bring some good news to this thread.
  10. @Baked Alaska I've seen comments like this before but it's never applied to me. Are you saying if you have money left in your planner at the end of the cruise you can get a refund for it at the casino?
  11. I'm conflicted on this. If the casinos were smoke free, I'd stay longer and lose more money 😩
  12. I had the same thing for my cancelled cruise. I had quite a bit of OBC already applied to the planner. I called the Rewards # 1-888-305-4626 and the credit was moved to the new reservation the next day. For clarification, it was our Bank of America, my visa rewards.
  13. I imagine the deposit should be deducted, but that still doesn't add up to me
  14. I didn't use a TA on this one, but I have one now. Maybe she can figure it out.
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