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  1. @SteveinSC thanks for starting this thread! We usually cruise with extended family and/or friends that we don't live near. Perfect chance to catch up, relax and laugh for a week. We've never been to the Mediterranean, so I'd choose that area.
  2. @Ohio_Momof3 Welcome! We had a similar situation when our kids were 18 & 15 and had 2 Pullman beds. The 15 yo stayed up top while the 18 yo stayed on bottom. There was plenty of room during the day. We didn't have a pack & play so I can't comment how much room that will take up. Try to keep everyone organized and clutter to a minimum. Have a great cruise!
  3. We've done that itinerary with our teenagers. I was exhausted but that cruise was fabulous!
  4. Cruise to Alaska and drive to New England. We've done several foliage trips to New England and enjoyed driving our rental car on the backroads, barely making it to the next destination in the daylight.
  5. That is great news @DDemuth! Have a great cruise with your family.
  6. Travel first aid kit! I'll be right back!
  7. I totally agree! We prepay our tips and add some to our room steward if he does a great job. That's what a tip is for...service. That rumor has been going around forever.
  8. Yes, Freedom still departs from Pan American Pier.
  9. We went to Isla De Pasion aka Passion Island in Cozumel. The beach was beautiful!
  10. So sorry for all the delays. Have a great trip.
  11. I agree! Between getting to the airport 2 hours early, parking, security etc, the time is pretty close to the same.
  12. Perfect reasons to choose this cruise.
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