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  1. It must depend on where you live. I can schedule a test today at every CVS I checked in my area of Houston as late as 12/13.
  2. @Gears Key West residents voted to prohibit large cruise ships.
  3. Heh, heh. I forgot about that.
  4. Welcome to the Royal Caribbean Blog message board, @Deanna Mcfarlane. Have you checked the excursions Royal is offering? You might find the perfect excursions, especially for the one and two year olds.
  5. That's what I was afraid of until I read Thank you @joberry57
  6. Is it possible to enter two vaccination cards per person on the Royal app during the check-in process? My husband forgot to take his original card when he went for shot #2 so now he has two cards. My check-in isn't available yet for me to see.
  7. My TA from MEI is also @michelle. I'll never book a cruise without her again ❤❤❤
  8. Do the specialty restaurants have bars? If so, can anyone go in for drinks (without a specialty package)? Specifically, on Explorer.
  9. @WAYNO Have you tried ordering the tele-health tests from the RC website?
  10. When I signed up for the vaccine at a Houston area CVS, I had to enter my insurance info and also had to show my card today when I got it. My hubby went to a Harris County Health Dept mega site and did not show his insurance card.
  11. @michelleYou have many fans here. Me included. Thanks for all your hard work.
  12. Do you mean forwarding the reward certificate FROM myvegasslots TO [email protected]? It only took a few days for it to be applied to my cruise planner.
  13. That's got to be good news! Thanks @WAAAYTOOO
  14. MyVegas is a game on Facebook (it may be stand alone, but I play on Facebook). I've never paid a dime to play and have saved up "points" for Royal onboard credit. Discounted cruises are rewards as well. It also has pretty amazing Vegas rewards as well for casinos/hotel stays.
  15. Explorer will sail from San Juan. It is replacing Freedom.
  16. Well, that's not what I wanted to see today. What can y'all tell me about Explorer?
  17. Our kids weren't with us but we stayed Frenchman's Reef/Morning Star Resort. This was before VRBOs or Airbnb. That will be our choice next time. We rented a car for the week and drove all over the island! Our hotel was on Morningstar beach so we spent most of the time there but we also spent a day at Megan's Bay Beach, Coki beach and Coral World. We went to VIEco tours and did the kayak, snorkel & hike trip. We've also done that twice with our kids on a cruise excursion & it's highly recommended. We rode the ferry and spent a day at St. John and Trunk Bay. We went to Blackbeard's Castle & Paradise Point. Those are the high points...too many more to list. I got most of my info from Trip Advisor.
  18. We spent a week in St. Thomas and loved it! Our next land based vacation will be back there.
  19. I get that but I've found any question I have about a specific cruise gets answered pretty quick here. Some of them are just too longgggggggg ?
  20. Yes, you can. I reached out to @michelle at MEI and she was able to rebook my cancelled cruise, that I had originally booked thru RC myself, apply my FCC and answer all my questions.
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