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  1. Thanks all. I didn't read it completely. My bad
  2. Yesterday I saw the news on Royal Caribbean Blog that Allure was sailing from Port Everglades instead of Texas for the time being. I looked on Royal's website and it says Port Canaveral not Everglades. Did I miss something? Thank You
  3. I am disabled and can't remember if the public rest rooms have automatic openers. I wish the handicapped rooms had them! Try to manage your scooter, put the key in the door, then push the door open. Trust me it takes many tries!
  4. captkatemccue is on Tik Tok as well as Instagram with Bug Naked, her cat. Cute little videos.
  5. Yes, Thank You! We are thinking of doing a B2B on Allure this December. Can't beat the rates!
  6. Yes! This would be great. I'll get one next week!
  7. Oh Thank You, Now my husband doesn't need to have a heart attack over the no lobster! Is this menu pretty current?
  8. Going on the Oasis in December 2019. Would love to see a fairly recent set of menus. I hunted and hunted. I'm sure I am just missing them. Maybe any Oasis class menu? Thank You!
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