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  1. yes the link is on that little screen they show too.
  2. https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/centerx:-79.2/centery:26.0/zoom:9
  3. are any of RCCL ship actual running a cruise this week?
  4. I've waited as long as 45 minutes to get though ports to get back to the ship. Especially Nassau and Cozumel, yet never missed a ship in 28 cruises.
  5. Is there no longer a presidential suite on independence of the seas?
  6. I just got off the Monsters of Rock Cruise on Independence of the Seas (my 8th) and my first as Diamond status. I noticed when I ordered a beer they just looked at the SeaPass card and handed it back to me then handed me the beer. NO SWIPING. Cocktails they swiped at the register. Anyone else notice this??? Is this policy???
  7. Good to know. How did the configure the pool stage on 70,000???
  8. Just a quick head's up. Be prepared for possible craziness getting for Indy on the 6th. The Monsters Of Rock embarks on the 6th. Cranes, tour Buses, Black t-shirts, and 100's of folks arriving really early!!!
  9. Most of the cars are Morgans. The founder of RC's favorite car company.
  10. question...On my SetSaill Pass. I have the EXPEDITED ARRIVAL and my 2 cabin mates do not. The odd thing is that MY SSP says CHOICE & EXPEDITED ARRIVAL, One friend SSP only says CHOICE and the other says neither CHOICE or EXPEDITED ARRIVAL. Basically what does CHOICE mean??
  11. Get onboard, go directly to any specialty restaurant and make all your reservations for every restaurant, for everyone there at one spot.
  12. Scan them in Hi Resolution and you can get prints or enlargements at WallyMart or Walgreens. I've done that several time. An 11x14s matted and framed for Grandma is a great gift.
  13. Sure, they take your picture most nights at dinner, all throughout the ship in the evening, on the pool deck during the day, and on the pier at each port. Many opportunities to have pictures taken. I purposely got on one knee and proposed to my now wife after the Capt. reception during the photo shoot and have amazing professional pictures of the moment now. ...and Majesty is a perfect first time cruise. You get the feel for it and leaves you wanting more. People say go for the big ships first but there's not much new left after you go on the big guns!
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