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  1. Spend an hour at Ron Jons the rain will pass quickly.
  2. I have never exchanged for Pesos for a cruise. Our visit to Cabo two years ago was for 5 days and that made sense to do so. I have one of my accounts with BBVA (Texas, Florida, Alabama, Colorado, & New Mexico branches). It is a bank headquartered in Alabama BUT it is a bank from Spain and they have branches in Mx. There is NO exchange fees and most like there is a BBVA in any town in Mexico (there was one in Cabo) so no ATM fees also.
  3. I'm hoping @Matt will book some Group Cruises that I can actually go on and not interfere with already booked cruises & life here in Texas. Go Matt!! #2021
  4. A 12 hour drive...sound pricey to me!!
  5. SIXT.com Rent at the airport and drop downtown. Pretty sure that have a free shuttle too. We also rented from them and returned the car to Orlando Airport for no extra charge. GREAT rates. we got a Mercedes once for $24 a day. rented at airport returned to 5th St.
  6. look at 2:00:00 looks like a small area for those in Diapers
  7. Hard Rock Hotel casino is 2-3 mile for Port Everglades. https://www.seminolehardrockhollywood.com/the-new-hard-rock
  8. when are you sailing? Maybe someone can report to you after they are on board? Enchantment had signage EVEN at the splash Pad saying toddlers must no be in any sort of diaper :( I'll be on in Feb. That'll probably no help.
  9. 2014 we were on a charter cruise (Monsters of Rock...imagine that). It was on a different cruise line (rhymes with MSC). They did drink packages different. It was a deal, 72 drink TICKETS for $356.00 TOTAL. When we got on board we divided up. I was to go get our VIP stuff and the Mrs. went to the designated bar for our drink ticket. Well, bar could not find our confirmation...good thing I print everything out. By this time, I am back and they hand us a standard envelop with a large amount of ticket inside. There were 144 tickets in this envelop. Their mistake. Two nights later, the light on our cabin phone is blinking. We call....Guest services tells the Mrs. "We have your drink tickets here. Please come get them" She explains that we SIGNED for them already. They insist that we come get these tickets....NOT 72 but 144 more drink tickets for a 4 night cruise. SHOTS FOR EVERYONE. WE MADE A LOT OF FRIENDS THAT CRUISE!! 288 drink tickets divided by 2 people 144 divided by 4 days = 36 drinks pp per day or one drink every 40 minutes 24/7
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