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  1. Many times you will find their secret stash 'under' the trash liner in the pail....but I'm a guy and would have dumped the trash on the floor and used the liner that was in there too.
  2. Quick tip if you go to the shopping seminar. ( my wife is a port shopper and I like to go to the seminar. it gives you the quick lesson on the port) The shopping dude will give a place to meet (Boleros on HOTS), his staff will escort you off the boat QUICK, get you to the front of the line for ferry tickets, and a $1.00 off each ticket you need to go to get downtown. the ticketing area was a cluster the day we were there.
  3. We were in Bermuda for a few days. there was 9 of us and we went with the Public bus transportation. It was 11 years ago and I do not remember what the bus pass price was for the 2 day'er. https://www.gov.bm/department/public-transportation
  4. Sanford is a good 10 miles further and you may run into that issue Twangster mentioned about limited flights....it's also on the 417...another Toll Road.
  5. I do MCO because I'm use to that airport, I lived in Central Florida for 11 years, and my mom is in Davenport...just south of Disney. A lot of times we fly into Miami or FLL for a cruise (Typically the Monsters of Rock Cruise) after the cruise ...again....rent a car...lol, drive to O-Town and fly home out of Orlando/MCO.
  6. I was going to mention this...The farther north you go the earlier the sunrise/dawn
  7. Typically there is a FaceBook page for every sailing lately...find yours or make one and recruit folks that way.
  8. "Hungry Now?" What is this??? Sound like RCCL's version of GrubHub??
  9. Get your self a decent $400.00 watch(Citizens) at half price or get 153 Invicta watches for free...or 25 RCCL T-shirts
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