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  1. Hello! i just received an email from royal giving me a $200 future cruise credit from cancelling a cruise however I have not cancelled a cruise. Wondering if this has happened to anyone else? And if it’s legit?
  2. Might be a dumb question but we are Canadians and we’re wondering if the prices for the drinks bought on board were in USD? Just wanted to see if it was worth it to get the drink package or pay for drinks individually with the exchange rate
  3. Really!?! I was looking into the tests at the airport and it was only showing $160 US per person….
  4. Has anyone done their PCR test at the Fort Lauderdale airport before heading home! Was wondering how your experience was and how fast you got results?
  5. Hi fellow Canadians!! Currently counting down the days until my cruise on allure in March! I was wondering if anyone has used the switch health RT-LAMP tests to get back into Canada after your cruise and how was your experience. I’m skeptical about getting it but it’s very convenient and a bit cheaper than finding a PCR test
  6. Hello! not sure if this has already been answered but I was wondering if you had to buy the VOOM internet packages for the whole cruise or if you could just buy it for one day. For example I only need wifi on the last day in order to complete my RT-LAMP test to get back into Canada but I do not want it for the other days of my cruise!
  7. Hi all! First time poster but a long time lurker on these message boards! I was wondering if anyone has been on board recently, had Covid symptoms such as a headache, fatigue etc, gotten tested onboard and it has been negative. I was wondering if you test negative are you still subjected to quarantine due to the symptoms or can you resume regular activity? Currently counting down to my first cruise back in March 2022 and want to make sure I have all my bases covered lol!
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