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  1. I ended up booking a Grand Suite. Matt has no chance in passing me up, unless he booked a suite for his B2B on Adventure then I'm in trouble!
  2. One of my good friends is on the 3/18 sailing with me and actually has the RS booked! So I'll be sending you pictures all week, then I'll be crying for a week! I'm kinda upset I didn't just book the OS for only $3200 - when else will I get an OS for that price, never!
  3. It sure is 7 days! Crazy deal! See you 12/6 I booked ocean balcony B2B2B.
  4. Booked a Grand Suite for March 18th 2022 at $2,400 last night around 10pm PST. This morning it was going for $8,000 and I just checked again and it's a little over $6,000.
  5. At this point, I don't really care if we have 7 sea days! I'm just excited to get on Symphony! But yes, I could see more changes coming but that's part of cruising just going with the flow.
  6. I'm also on this cruise and received the same email. They will give us our $10-$15pp in OBC on board.
  7. March 6th on Navigator of the Seas, I took command of the ship and everything went south from there.
  8. Let's be honest, we all know @Matt will still show up at 9am!! "let me in!!"
  9. It's starting to look like Alaska has too much inventory when you look at all the cruise ships planning to go in 2021, but I could be wrong - coming from someone that's never been.
  10. hahaha! YUP! Kids cruises are the way to go now!
  11. I saved $30 today on my Brilliance cruise! Now 2 DX cost more than the actual cruise! Just waiting on @Matt to book!
  12. Really enjoyed looking back on this one Twangster! To be honest, it made me a little sad because of how much we miss it, review got me all excited! Hope all is well sir, amazing photos as always.
  13. Same with state "Florida" rates, always used a passport upon check in.
  14. Not sure if this has anything to do with it but Carnival just pulled all August sailings and almost all of September sailings. Sadly, only a matter of time...
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