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  1. What happens if you are pinnacle and kicked out of suite lounge because so many. Do they have an option for open bar from 11-11?
  2. Pretty excited I was able to snag this promo for my cruise on Allure next month! Had 2 VOOM at $225, now get it at $88 and MORE!
  3. Looking forward to this sailing, we are less than a month away! Also planning to hide some Easter eggs in Central Park for Sunday.
  4. American Social is a great option for football! But sometimes can be slightly loud on weekends.. I miss Tampa so much.
  5. Happen to me a few years ago on Brilliance in Tampa. I was one of the lucky ones on board and we didn't get back until 4-5pm, just like this. A lot of the passengers coming off the ship will be grumpy - missed flights, etc. (they have also had bars open for hours) & all the passengers waiting to board are a little tired from the never ending delays and pulling luggage around all day. To sum it up, the terminal was unlike anything I've ever seen before, I know you want to rush to get on, but be ready for 4K+ people everywhere and todays case times TWO since both royal ships in port today. I would recommend trying to wait at least an hour after the boarding starts (but I know that's easier said than done). Happy Cruise day!
  6. I've only been cut off by the DX onboard 3-4 times, usually if I hit 20+ drinks I start singing Rocky Top and that's it, bar staff cuts me off!
  7. Great review! I was actually on this sailing with you and also had a great longer weekend! That 4th night is so much nicer than those 3 night weekends. Enjoy Wonder, that is pretty sweet trade out you got! My next is Harmony 8 night in Jan - Poole Class JR suite...
  8. For my next cruise on Harmony of the Seas, I booked two cabins: JR Suite Solo for myself and inside GTY for my wife and son. We aren't planning to use the inside cabin at all, but it was nearly $500 less to book two cabins with the solo 340 rate for the suite vs all 3 of us in suite. Also 1 DX was a nice perk, but I'll never share my drinks! My question is, can I make a reservation in Coastal Kitchen for my family at dinner or am I eating dinner all by myself?!
  9. I have done this many times over the years, only a few times have I been questioned but showed them B2B, then no problem. But like others say, they are just focused on keeping the lines moving. You won't have any issues. (Not saying this was me, but I have heard some have carried on 4 bottles before without a B2B! )
  10. I love hearing that! I'm doing it again next year, get home early and sleep!
  11. Everyone knows you can make an 8:30AM flight out of FLL on oasis class, I've done it twice now!
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