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  1. Allure of the Seas last scheduled cruise currently is 10/31/2020 out of Port Canaveral. Harmony of the Seas arrives 11/21/20 Jan-April 2022 Oasis / Harmony / Symphony bookings all open in Florida. Weird, I wonder where is Allure is headed in November 2020...
  2. Jewel was my last cruise honeymoon in Europe 9/24 sailing. The cruise was my favorite hands down, all the ports were amazing. Being said, I won't go rushing back to Jewel of the Seas. The old nascar bar vs pub beside the casino was pretty bad. Also Jewel doesn't have an R Bar like her sisters, just a small bar with 5 seats, not make or break things just feel like Explorer would be a better option for my next Europe cruise.
  3. You and I will be on the first sailing! hahahh
  4. Now we have to wonder, will they shape up Oasis / Harmony / Symphony? Feel free to put one in Long Beach, CA?
  5. Allure of the Seas is headed to Texas, bookings will opening soon!
  6. Take a look at AT&T, we don't have 3G, we don't have 4G, we have 5Ge. Light years ahead of Sprint. #SELLSELLSELL
  7. Gotta pay for those cruises!!! You wanna buy??
  8. Seeing these pictures makes me miss Mariner so much. I like that room, so much room based on the pictures. Also let me know if you need help sprinting from sprint! lol Enjoy Coco Cay today!
  9. Nice upgrade! On my honeymoon (last month 9 night Jewel) I booked an Ocean View on deck 3, for $2,800. The going rates for an ocean balcony was $5,500+ a little to much for just a standard balcony if you ask me. I placed a bid of $300pp ($600 total) and about a month out we were upgraded! I was so excited, because a balcony in Europe was amazing.
  10. Only 2 more left... When I open my cruise planner I just want to cry!
  11. I have a feeling you will be at the floating bar!
  12. Having just left Jewel 9 night in Europe I tipped in US $1's the whole cruise. I didn't see a single passenger the whole cruise tip in cash, perhaps they were giving tips on receipt. The crew was very happy with the tips and the drinks kept coming.
  13. Looks like they are trying different price points, it's $999 floating & $599 for standard beach club cabana on my 3 night Mariner sailing in Jan.
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