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  1. Even more reason to just uber to the port. I didn't know that, thanks for sharing!
  2. I've heard Royal might offer a shuttle to take you to the other port, but I don't recommend it as they usually go to the airport first for drop off. Spend the $35, jump into an uber and go straight to the ship.
  3. Here I was going to book the GC.... Nope, not anymore!
  4. Such a classic, but not much has changed.
  5. Booked! Will by my 11th time on Enchantment but first time sailing on her for more than 3 nights. Excited as it's been 6-7 years.
  6. I have a boarding time of 12:30 in a few weeks, can we get on at 10AM?
  7. One of my favorite ships in the fleet! Only one with a pool bar facing the ocean! So classic.
  8. You would have to ask them, but would run into a lot of problems with sea pass cards / charges, etc.
  9. What happens if you are pinnacle and kicked out of suite lounge because so many. Do they have an option for open bar from 11-11?
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