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  1. Nice upgrade! On my honeymoon (last month 9 night Jewel) I booked an Ocean View on deck 3, for $2,800. The going rates for an ocean balcony was $5,500+ a little to much for just a standard balcony if you ask me. I placed a bid of $300pp ($600 total) and about a month out we were upgraded! I was so excited, because a balcony in Europe was amazing.
  2. Only 2 more left... When I open my cruise planner I just want to cry!
  3. I have a feeling you will be at the floating bar!
  4. Having just left Jewel 9 night in Europe I tipped in US $1's the whole cruise. I didn't see a single passenger the whole cruise tip in cash, perhaps they were giving tips on receipt. The crew was very happy with the tips and the drinks kept coming.
  5. Looks like they are trying different price points, it's $999 floating & $599 for standard beach club cabana on my 3 night Mariner sailing in Jan.
  6. New York City Thanksgiving Day Parade! Great live blog, guess I'm a little late to the party...
  7. They are in a great spot over on South beach! Very relaxing.
  8. The hotel didn't really want to give me much information about the construction, I called them and they said, "yes, part of the pool is open" I emailed Resort for a day, they responded in less than 5 mins both times. Really impressed how easy Resort for a day was to deal with. You could try to email them and ask if it will be done by July? The good thing is I've never seen it "sold out" so you could hold for a few more weeks and check again before you book.
  9. I'm going on Mariner this weekend, our Monday flight home post-cruise is also at 8PM. I plan to be the last one to leave the ship, walk over to Grills for a nice relaxing breakfast (post cruise depression starts to set in, as I eat looking right at Mariner). After breakfast, we are going to Uber over to the space center and spend the day. I've always wanted to check out the space center, and Monday gives me the perfect amount of time before our flight home.
  10. Many of the new cabana's are coming with up to 6 tickets into the waterpark now. After looking at my 4 bookings to Coco Cay over the next 3-9 months, the price into the waterpark keeps going up, some cases $74pp. So they are building more "value" in the cabana pricing, assuming you have 6 people and they all want waterslides...
  11. Thanks for the heads up on the Nassau day pass British Colonial Hilton. I made reservations via Resort for a day website to use the resort this weekend. After contacting the hotel & website, they did confirm the pool is under construction and they are building a swim up bar. They did offer us a full refund from our deposit ($20pp) if we decided not to go. After thinking about it, we took the refund and have made other plans. Thanks for the heads up! @KristenM
  12. I finally made the list!!!
  13. The solo cabins were pulled from Symphony during build, so I have a feeling they won't be in the future of any other Oasis class ships. Harmony has 3 ocean view & 10 inside solo cabins. They usually go for $1,000-$1,300/week. I often find you can get a Central Park balcony for $1,500 solo with C&A discount, so not much savings.
  14. Great ideas / feedback on where she will go in Fall 2020. But it looks like the majority said she's headed to Long Beach, CA!!
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