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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience ! We were in the Star Class cabin 11 months before you. I was great reading and reminiscing about our experience. It was very similar, but we had a different Genie and Jesus was our suite attendant. We were suppose to in April of 2020 in a GS. We love Anthem and hoping our cruise this spring goes (non SC, but Sky). We were there on Coco Cay when they still had the suite area, before the beach club opened. The suite area had gone downhill from the previous year. There were so many flies it was really disgusting. We let our Genie and Ricardo (the Concierge
  2. When we sailed on Grandure in 2016 the same question came up. The Captain made it sound like only Vision Class could fit under the bridge. A guest also asked about RC building a new ship the size the of Vision class and the answer was no (with a chuckle).
  3. Love this sale! Repriced and saved money. Lost some on board credit, but it's an overall savings.
  4. We recently cruised Star Class on Oasis and have a cruise scheduled on Anthem as Star Class. We have been on Anthem before as Sky Class. We really didn't bother our Genie too much on Oasis, he was great. Does anyone have any tips for our Star Class cruise on Anthem that would be helpful? Is there something that you wish you did or didn't think of until after you got home?
  5. We were in the new area this summer while on Adventure because we had a suite. We saw a group of cabanas near the old area by the rocks. We are Star Class on our next cruise. I'm not sure which type of cabana to rent to make sure we are in the proper area or should we have our Genie do it for us?
  6. I tend to over pack, so if we fly, I need to make sure we are not over the 50 lb limit
  7. This was a hard one to answer. We have mostly sailed on the Voyager class because of the embarkation port of Cape Liberty. However we cruised on Anthem and Oasis and enjoyed them. We recently sailed on Adventure and it was great because she recently came out of dry dock and the crew was wonderful. Oasis is nice because we never felt like we were on a cruise ship - no motion at all. Downside to Oasis for us is you have to fly. Anthem is like a super sized Voyager class ship. The only time we felt crowded was embarkation day or sale days. We are going on Anthem again and may book another one. We
  8. We have a digital luggage scale and love it. It has saved us more than once, well worth it!
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