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  1. The port shouldn’t be an issue. We like to fly in the night before the cruise. I’ve never done Miami port but according to @twangster pics, it seems pretty easy to navigate for RCCL. Do they have a dedicated terminal like DCL has at port canaveral?
  2. @Vancity Cruiser hahaha. Thanks for your concern. I love musicals but I have no desire to watch Cats. All I can think of is James Corden in a cat suit. . It won’t affect my decision at all.
  3. @twangsteramazing pics! Do the pools get crowded during sea days? Disney cruise pools are always super crowded.
  4. Thank you all! You guys are awesome.
  5. Hello all, we’re looking at a March,2023 cruise. Harmony vs Oasis. Both visit Labadee and CocoCay. considering spacious ATS 2 bedroom. Harmony is more expensive. Is there a significant difference between the ships? @twangster, @WAAAYTOOO, @Lovetocruise2002 Appreciate your inputs! Thank you.
  6. I assume the cruise lines will buy vaccines for their employees once it becomes widely available. Didn’t RCL say they’ll require vaccination for the crew?
  7. With covid numbers plateauing, I can see cdc taking its time to make sure there isn’t another surge. It looks certain may cruises will be cancelled.
  8. Can you even feel the boat swaying on an oasis ship? I did feel wobbly for a few days after our last Disney cruise.
  9. Omg. I’m salivating over the food. Can’t wait for our SC cruise on Symphony next Oct. the seafood tower is calling my name
  10. Unless you’re Crystal or other luxury lines, you can’t survive without families on the ships
  11. Does the O class suite lounge serve food and alcohol all day? Or will I be using it much since I can ask our genie for anything we want?
  12. Can you edit your post after you submit it? Thanks.
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