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  1. Unless you’re Crystal or other luxury lines, you can’t survive without families on the ships
  2. Does the O class suite lounge serve food and alcohol all day? Or will I be using it much since I can ask our genie for anything we want?
  3. Can you edit your post after you submit it? Thanks.
  4. I think the bar for the vaccines should be decreased hospitalization and death. People still can get flu after a flu vaccine but most will have mild symptoms and not require hospitalization. That’s why I’m pretty excited about J&J vaccine. One shot = quicker availability for the public. I’ve already received 2 shots of Moderna and would’ve signed up for J&J if I didn’t have earlier access
  5. I wouldn’t have any problems with the restrictions. Less people = more space on the ship. I just don’t want to be quarantined in the room because a passenger got sick.
  6. October 29,2022. Symphony. First RCCL in 11 years!
  7. If you’re traveling star class, do you still tip the bar tenders separately? Thanks.
  8. @Pooch you’re totally right. I get all my Disney tips from disboards. There are many nice, helpful people but there are also many sarcastic, argumentative posters. I have yet to come across a snarky poster here.
  9. I came across this blog about 2 weeks ago as I was researching RCCL. I’ve been reading daily and finally booked a SC room on Symphony in 10/2022. I know it’s still 21 months away but we’re pretty excited about the cruise. @Sharla made it super easy to book the room. I’ve never used a TA before but she’s definitely a keeper! @WAAAYTOOO @Lovetocruise2002 @Jax your posts have helped tremendously. Thanks for the tips and can’t wait to get specialty dining fatigue. btw, you guys are way nicer than the posters at disboards.
  10. Thank you all for the advice. We’ve done DCL concierge but the SC sounds even more awesome. Can’t wait to try it when cruising resume.
  11. Sorry to hijack the post but does SC get you to the front of the line on slides, carousel, and wall climbs? Similar to Disney FP? BTW, I loved the trip report by lovetocruise2002. Thank you.
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