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  1. I’m just glad I got in before you stopped accepting new clients!
  2. There are YouTube videos of both rooms. I believe wonder UFS sleeps 10 vs Symphony’s 9. Wonder UFS does have 2 rooms on the first floor.
  3. If you’re paying cash at a table game, can you still get credits for playing?
  4. Just got back last week. We wore masks on the plane but not on the cruise. Maybe 10% wore masks. At this point, no one cares if you do or not. Enjoy your vacation!
  5. I’m sorry there’s a last min change to your genie. We had Marla in March. You’re in great hands. We wondered how she could have so much energy. Just let her know what you want throughout your cruise and she’ll make it happen. Looks like you guys have a full schedule also!
  6. We had Marla in March on wonder. It was our family’s first SC cruise. I heard from her 3 weeks out and didn’t hear back for another week. I was worried initially but I figured she was busy with on board passengers. You have nothing to worry. She will take an awesome care of you. She’s one of the original genies and she truly enjoys her job. She’s always positive and full of energy. You will love her. Enjoy your trip!
  7. The mouse cruise line includes soda in their fare. We don’t drink a lot of soda but it was nice to just walk up to a machine and get coke. They also have a dedicated movie theater which was nice.
  8. How hot is it in July? Is it sauna hot with high humidity? Thinking about western caribbean cruise next July but I’m worried it would be too hot to enjoy the ports. Thanks!
  9. You won the villa for 2 of you? You can sleep in a different room every night!
  10. We had Marla as our first genie last month. I couldn’t agree more about her being an awesome genie. She has definitely set the bar. our next SC cruise is in October on symphony. I’m already concerned that the next genie will not match her qualities.
  11. We had some leftover obc after cancelling our OTW cabana. Our genie told me it would be refunded to my CC.
  12. We are on wonder now and it’s rocking like crazy. Wind gusts of 20 knots. Aqua theater water spilling out of the pool. It’s wild. Hopefully we’ll be able to dock at coco cay tomorrow.
  13. Shout out to @[email protected]@[email protected]@AshleyDillo! I’m officially a star class snob! I’ve read your blogs but it’s 10k better in person! Marla has been an awesome genie and can’t believe how much energy she has. CK filet was the most tender filet I’ve ever had. It melts in your mouth like M&M! Thanks everyone for educating me and turning me in to a star class snob. also thanks to @Sharla for making our cruise reservation experiences so easy and smooth.
  14. I agree with you about skipping the line. So far it hasn’t been too bad on wonder but I’m not the type who would walk up to the front and flesh my star bracelet. Todays a sea day so we’ll see how it goes.
  15. Around 4700. It’s lively but doesn’t feel super crowded. We’ll see what happens tomorrow, which is a sea day
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