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  1. Thank you for the wonderful blog. We have 2 SC cruises scheduled for next year and look forward to them. I would be super annoyed if some random people bothered me while enjoying our cabanas. I think the SC guests should have a priority on choosing the cabana. I know this is how they do it on Disney cruise. Hopefully, we won’t get #1 cabana on our cruises. Thanks again for the wonderful report
  2. I’ve read some SC passengers getting a “sea food tower” that the restaurant can put together. I would ask the genie if he can work his magic
  3. My wife got the offer too. I cancelled my old reservation and rebooked it using her Amex. Got $700 off 2 separate overwater cabanas! edit - I meant excursions
  4. @AshleyDillo thanks!! Just saved $350 off floating cabana on wonder in March!!
  5. @WAAAYTOOO thank you! I forgot your first SC was a 2 br ATS. Hope you’ll get to cruise soon and share another wonderful liveblog! Stay well.
  6. @Tiffeven how big is the second bedroom? We got 8334 on Wonders in March. We have 3 kids (8,6,3) and thinking about inviting my dad on the cruise. He’s a normal sized adult. Do you think he’ll be comfortable on one of the single beds? Do the bunk beds have rails to keep the kids from falling? Thank you!!!
  7. Is sugar beach included in star class or pay separately? Thanks!
  8. I was looking at the overwater cabana on 3/26 sailing and they were all sold out too. $1799!!! There are some ballers on this cruise. Chill beach cabana is $899. Is that a decent price? I’ve never been to coco beach. We paid $650 for a castaway cay cabana and that was a lot nicer than chill beach island
  9. I’ve never been on an oasis ship before. Just realized it’s as long as 3 baseball fields. That’s a long ship.
  10. Do we know how close the ship is to being finished? March, 2022 isn’t too far away and I would hate to schedule a cruise on our spring break and the ship being delayed. Thanks. Never mind. Just read @Matt article. Looks like the ship is finished and ready to go!
  11. Oh man. I’m sorry to hear about your correspondence. I’m sure he’ll do his absolute best to accommodate your requests before your boarding. Can’t wait to follow your live posts!
  12. Thanks! Never had it before. Love Japanese beers. Definitely will try it on our next cruise.
  13. What’s the drink next to the Sapporo and Kirin beer? Thanks!
  14. Another vote for @Sharla she’s very responsive and will answer any questions you have.
  15. Wow, 5 suites/ genie! I know it’s covid but I hope it will not diminish your SC experience. Our SC cruise isn’t until next year and we hope most of the perks will be back by then. I just hope RCCL doesn’t use covid as an excuse to permanently scale back the perks.
  16. Can you request for the delivery of mixed drinks to your suite?
  17. Do you have a preference on port side vs starboard ATS? It seems like they both have climb walls next to the balcony
  18. A great blog! How hard was it for the kids to walk to different areas of the ship from the aft of the ship? @WAAAYTOOO mentioned it’s a lot of walking from the ATS. I was looking at the OTS 2 bedroom ATS in March, 23. We have 3 kids who will be 10,8, and 5. I like the fact that there’s a separate room for the kids. Thanks!
  19. @Sharla is great and she’ll get back to you super fast
  20. Hahaha. I’ll try my best but I don’t think it’ll be as good as as @Jax and @Lovetocruise2002 live blogs on their SC experiences.
  21. Don’t your lose your deposit if you cancel a suite reservation?
  22. After reading multiple posts about SC suites, we booked the Ultimate family suite on Symphony for 10/29/22. It’s cheaper than a Disney suite and seems like you get so much more perks. the kids are super excited about the slide and the hot tub. @Sharla made it very easy. Thank you all for great advices.
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