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  1. It is not. You have to do the TA to get on the ship regardless of what you do in Bermuda.
  2. Thank you all so much for these responses! It's nice to know that everyone does what they feel is best for them and that there is no concern of feeling out of place. We are so excited to get back to cruising, but just want to be as safe as possible. I appreciate you all!
  3. Thanks Matt. I understand that they are not required, but I was just wondering what people have noticed while being on recent cruises. Do you see anyone wearing a mask? A certain percentage?
  4. We were scheduled to take a cruise in April 2020 and it was cancelled due to the pandemic. We are now venturing back to our love of cruises next month but still worry about COVID. Can any recent travelers provide info on mask wearing amongst passengers? I'm interested in knowing if my group of 4 will be the only ones in masks or if a good amount of cruisers still choose to wear them in indoor spaces and at events? Thanks so much!
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