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  1. Thanks for the info! We were platinum on our last cruise (made platinum on the cruise prior to it) and didn't receive pins. I might inquire about it since I think my kids would like to have them on their lanyards.
  2. We were on Adventiure in August and it was the only cruise out of four (so far) that we didn't take our kids out of school. There were a good amount of kids on the cruise, but in my opinion, it didn't seem overrun by kids. The Adventure Ocean club is great way to occupy them so that their parents can get a bit of alone time- whether it's to see a show, shop, go the the casino, or just hang out in the cabin for a bit.
  3. I was on Adventure at the end of August the smell of smoke was noticeable outside the deck 3 MDR, but I have a strong sense of smell, hate cigarette smoke, and didn't really notice it in other nonsmoking areas. I was even able to deal wit the nonsmoking area of the casino.
  4. Congrats! We are heading to Bermuda on Saturday and the 4 of us tested negative this morning, so I totally get it!
  5. I was wondering this myself. I am gluten free and can have wine, Truly, any hard liquor (vodka, tequila, rum, whisky, etc), club soda, regular soda, and many of the liquers, so I don't really see how being gluten free would affect the ability to have the DBP.
  6. Praying for someone or blessing them doesn't pay the bills.
  7. I totally know what you're saying. We were on Oasis in May and there was a great Billy Idol cover band. A lot of people got there early and took up the seats on the first floor, but didn't seem to know anything about the music. It was kind of annoying, frankly. I didn't let it stop me from dancing, though. So much fun! Looks like you had a wonderful time! We loved Oasis and I can't wait to go on it again (having a suite definitely enhanced the experience). Totally agree with you regarding the Suite Lounge, Suite Deck, and Coastal Kitchen.
  8. Azova offers proctored video tests for Covid tests bought outside on the US. https://athomevideo.azova.com/
  9. I say yes. I sailed on Oasis in May when it was at least 75-80% capacity. We originally had a Boardwalk balcony room (got a great deal on it to begin with) and won our minimum bid for a 2 br Grand Suite. If we had booked that suite, it would have cost us over $10,000. Our total cost was under $4,000, which also included internet for all 4 of us, Coastal Kitchen dining, free drinks in the suite lounge, etc.
  10. I can't speak for Antigua, but we honeymooned on St. Lucia and had an absolutely amazing time there. It's a beautiful island and the resort we stayed at was fantastic (The Body Holiday in Castries).
  11. What is the top tier event like? We will be cruisng as platinum members for the first time this month.
  12. We made reservations for the Solarium Bistro for dinner one night and had our kids. No issues.
  13. I'm in the FB group for the Aug 27th sailing, but not everyone uses social media, so I wanted to see if anyone here was going.
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