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  1. Hi, we are booked on that cruise as well! Our kids will be 8 and 10; this will be our third RC cruise as a family. We haven't booked any excursions or packages yet; waiting to see if they give any better deals.
  2. We went on the Anthem in May (loved the ship) and have the same booking as you next May. I can't wait! Did you join the Facebook group for the May 10th sailing?
  3. Does anyone know how to add a child's Crown and Anchor number to my existing reservation without having to call? If so, can you tell me how to do it or provide a link? TIA!
  4. Thanks for the responses. After looking at the menu, I will definitely be booking a couple of nights there for dinner for the four of us.
  5. I see on my cruise planner that I can make dinner reservations at no extra cost for the Solarium Bistro. How is the food there? Can I bring my kids there for meals?
  6. Yes, I am Gold status and received the email. Maybe have them check their spam folder, in case it went there.
  7. I was actually thinking about that as well. Since RC is honoring it, I am definitely going to make sure the bartenders get some compensation.
  8. I don't know how accurate this is. They have had so many weird deals lately that when I saw the $18/day drinks package, I ran to my computer, thinking it was some sort of flash sale or lightning deal. On Oasis of the Seas last week, a balcony room for my 2020 sailing was several hundred dollars less than an ocean view room, and the "pick your own room" was less expensive than the "we pick your room". I figured this was just another one of those deals that didn't totally make sense, but rolled with it, since I had already called and gotten better deals on our room than when we initially booked.
  9. I think part of the reason so many are irate is because RC was aware of the issue and left the "deal" up for HOURS afterward. If it truly was a glitch they should have turned off the ability to purchase beverage packages once they were aware of it.
  10. I guess the point is moot now, if they honor the $18/day deluxe drinks package!
  11. Thanks for posting! I loved the Music Hall on Anthem and am so happy that there will be one on Oasis- right near our cabin!
  12. Thanks. You'd think they would be happy for you to spend more money paying the difference to upgrade to a different package.
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