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  1. Last World Cup they showed them in the bars, in state room channels and even on the big screens in the aquatheater....my kids had the last boardwalk balcony room and it was a great bonus . 1000 EST kickoff for the WC Final is a real planning problem for me.....not sure I can get from the hotel to the port and complete embark all during halftime.
  2. The real issue is there is no one to inform to have the rules enforced. ITs nto the bar staffs job, its not he towel station guys job....and it definitely shouldnt be another guests job. Guests regulating guests is a recipe for disaster
  3. Odyssey of the Seas televisions had this feature.
  4. I also left an item on board once (Ipad mini). Process was fairly simple with the two week delay. Only issue was I had to provided Credit Card information to pay for shipping charges and I had two non-authorized charges on that card immediately afterward. Easy enough to fix, but it was annoying.
  5. Did I read somewhere that Annual Tier Comp cruises cannot be booked on new ships (less than a year in service)? I would like to book Wonder of the Seas for this winter (2022).
  6. Then don’t read the posts about Covid and masks. But for you.. the food is average, but since you’re on a cruise everyone thinks it’s superb.
  7. It was ridiculous.. it was a government reduced form with results that was signed by the nurse. The fact she signed it made it a “hand written note” in the gentleman’s opinion. There was no common sense to be applied. i have since been refunded my money (test x 3) after elevating to Michael Baiiley office.
  8. Yes to both. They didn’t accept my negative test result from the county health department. there is a table set up near the doors you would exit the facility upon return from cruise. Sign up, swab, pay, get your results. $105 for each test.
  9. Anything you would have gone to guest services for on Deck 5 can pretty much be handled by the concierge (folio issues, reprinting keys) in addition to all the items previously mentioned
  10. Their update specifically says eating and drinking.. but it appears smoking (in the casino) is also allowed. Our health and safety is their primary concern?
  11. So you’re saying on a 7 night cruise, the bionic bar gets repeat hits from new cruisers… because the drinks are so good? I think we agre, it’s a gimmick. I’d prefer the nightly visit to the champagne bar.
  12. I think the bionic bar in all the ships is a waste. Go once , maybe twice for the novelty. That’s the business model? But every tavern with a skilled and entertaining bartender/barmaid lacks them in every night. Missed the mark here Royal. And on odyssey, it’s prime real estate.
  13. Read on another board that the casino host on Allure said smoking will still be allowed in the casino … in keeping with the best interest of its customers??
  14. I would be much more accepting if Royal would publish some of their own medical data. Such as “ in the last 30 days we have seen xx cases of Covid onboard, including xx% of the omicron variant. Of these, xx were breakthrough cases of fully vaccinated passengers.” They have already instituted essentially a no vax, no cruise policy. In addition to a Covid free test policy. Without showing this type of data, i personally think this is less a medical decision, and more of a let’s stay in the good side of the CDC decision.
  15. My original post want complaining, it was meant to solicit if any others had been impacted by such vague guidance. And the documentation requirements are wholly Royal Caribbean's to determine. i did notice that in todays newest guidance they removed the restriction on “hand written” documentation.
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