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  1. I may have asked before but i can’t find the thread. Does anyone know if you book your cruise with a comp from Mlife due to play in Vegas, is your onboard play tracked for Club Royale tier status? My spouse is 500 pts away from the next tier level so she wants to cruise again before March 31. thanks
  2. Tito’s martini dirty by night and the casino.. champagne bar (hate to see you go) and suite lounge. by day.. off menu order with the MasterCard.. frozen strawberry and mango daiquiri
  3. Once you leave the terminal area, you are not allowed to reenter.
  4. Via the club royale rules, Is it permissible to book an MLife comp ocean view and then upgrade to a balcony or junior suite and use my 2nd occupants weekly jackpot promo to offset the price of the upgrade?
  5. I believe in general, WAYTOO is referring to the fact that the process in place for many years had been when we upgraded from a comp fare, we received a casino discounted rate on the difference between the upgrade fare class and the comped fare class. Appears now we are paying that full difference. This has happened to me on my last two bookings and I wasn't sure if it was a policy change or just working with the overseas call center folks.
  6. can I ask you this scenario....when booking with a casino fare through club royale, you have to pay full fare immediately. Is it the payment or the final payment date (90 days prior?) that triggers lockdown?
  7. I am past the final payment date....cruise is 15DEC....I like the room they are in...last boardwalk balcony on deck 11 so they get boardwalk and ocean view so they don't want to switch to an ocean view balcony
  8. Can any of the travel agents out there answer this...so I have my sons in a boardwalk balcony on Allure in December. The reservation is fully paid for at this time. Out of curiosity, I ghost booked the adjacent room next to them (same class) and the reservation would be $250 less because of an added Florida resident discount not applicable at the time of booking. I contacted my travel agent and he says Royal Caribbean's policy is "once final payment is made on a Non refundable fare, they do not honor price reductions." I remember that they used to provide onboard credit for the amount if the repricing was done after final payment window. Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  9. Curious if anyone knows if the rules have changed again. I just booked by my first 2020 cruise on Mariner for the Super Bowl. I upgraded a COMP Junior Suite to a Grand Suite. The pricing breakdown shows that I basically paid the full non-discount rate between the Junior Suite and the Grand Suite. Correct me if I am wrong (and I am aware the rules change frequently) didn't we use to receive a casino % discount on that $$ amount between the Comp Room and the Booked Room? And last year weren't we eligible for C&A discounts on our bookings? Really, just curious if anyone knows what the current rules are from talking to a Club Royale attendant. I have been getting the overseas call center folks every time I call and I try to get off the phone as quick as possible because they are normally provide very little assistance. Thanks
  10. We routinely hit the windjammer, back to the room for a quick sweep and teeth brushing, grab the bags and go. No need to complicate the windjammer experience with baggage.
  11. I have a question regarding the 3 night dinner package. They say they make a courtesy reservation for the first night..does that mean that u have to use one of the three the first night? I would rather use a Diamond Plus Bogo on the first night and still have three nights remaining? Is this permissible?
  12. When cruising in a suite, i enjoy the specialty restaraunt (Chops) breakfast more than any breakfast on any other ship, coastal kitchen included.
  13. I have yet to sail on Anthem or Harmony, but i have to believe the novelty of the bionic bar wears off after day 2 of the cruise. To see the Champagne bar, one of the few venues that actually has bar talent instead of drink slingers, replaced is not a good move for the customers in my opinion.
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