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  1. Curious if anyone knows if the rules have changed again. I just booked by my first 2020 cruise on Mariner for the Super Bowl. I upgraded a COMP Junior Suite to a Grand Suite. The pricing breakdown shows that I basically paid the full non-discount rate between the Junior Suite and the Grand Suite. Correct me if I am wrong (and I am aware the rules change frequently) didn't we use to receive a casino % discount on that $$ amount between the Comp Room and the Booked Room? And last year weren't we eligible for C&A discounts on our bookings? Really, just curious if anyone knows what the current rules are from talking to a Club Royale attendant. I have been getting the overseas call center folks every time I call and I try to get off the phone as quick as possible because they are normally provide very little assistance. Thanks
  2. We routinely hit the windjammer, back to the room for a quick sweep and teeth brushing, grab the bags and go. No need to complicate the windjammer experience with baggage.
  3. I have a question regarding the 3 night dinner package. They say they make a courtesy reservation for the first night..does that mean that u have to use one of the three the first night? I would rather use a Diamond Plus Bogo on the first night and still have three nights remaining? Is this permissible?
  4. When cruising in a suite, i enjoy the specialty restaraunt (Chops) breakfast more than any breakfast on any other ship, coastal kitchen included.
  5. I have yet to sail on Anthem or Harmony, but i have to believe the novelty of the bionic bar wears off after day 2 of the cruise. To see the Champagne bar, one of the few venues that actually has bar talent instead of drink slingers, replaced is not a good move for the customers in my opinion.
  6. Casinos (land and sea) work on front end and back end comps. Front end are based on previous play and are to get you in the door. Back end are based on your current play and are designed to reward you for your recent play. Front end comps are never transferrable. I am certain that if the awardee of the PRIME cruise could not sail, you would be on the hook for the market value of the cruise.
  7. To provide closure on my earlier post. The Masters Coastal Kitchen/Suite Lounge benefit is handle similarly to the Junior Suite access.....both occupants of the room are covered, on a "as available" basis
  8. Rental normally comes with two shirts to support 2nd formal night...and a cumberband//vest option to switch up the look.
  9. Another pointer i took away from my conversation, if you ever call and press “1 to service an existing reservation, you’re most likely to get connected to an overseas call center. New reservations, “2” selection, most likely to get the the Oregon call center
  10. So, i did get a call back from them this am. One interesting statement, again for 2019 club royale status, they claim to again use an 18 month lookback. Not sure if it’s true, but i do know that wasn’t advertised. Good luck.
  11. Out of curiosity, has anyone ever made an inquiry to the clubroyale@rccl.com email address? I made an inquiry last week and immediately received a computer generated response. Now it has been 9 days and nothing. In what industry can that be an acceptable norm? They are either incredibly understaffed, or have no understanding of the term customer service. Sadly, i think probably both.
  12. Concur...but i thought the casino was operated as a 3rd party contractor. it would be an interesting case if the principal made a policy change that put more many in their pocket (royal up) while simultaneously putting less money in their vendors (impacted casino play)
  13. That’s my concern, a junior suite does not allow unlimited access to coastal kitchen, but a Masters benefit does.. but who would eat without their significant other?
  14. I must respectfully disagree, on 2 points. 1) my post was on the benefits of the Masters level and not paying for a suite benefit that o get with a masters benefit anyway 2) lots of discussion on other threads on the dilution of the casino upgrade perk since the new casino year started. Historically, many of us have received 48-60% off. This cruise non discounted delta between a GS and a JS was $2400, i received a $298 discount on that upgrade(12.5%). Many others are experiencing less discounts on upgrades as well
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