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  1. It's the luggage that really gets in the way of this. You know, parents have kids carrying their small suitcases, they let go of the handle, it hits terminal velocity as it barrels toward the ground... Alright, clearly safety-nets are the answer here.
  2. Moderator Note It's clear now that this was not an announcement from Disney but analyst speculation. We're all clear on this now and the thread has been annotated up at the top to avoid confusion. It is of course important to verify information, but mistakes happen. Now that we're all clear, lets have some friendly chat as I research how to hypnotize myself into believing I'm on a ship.
  3. Is the rear elevator on the Oasis the closest to the Coastal Kitchen?

  4. I'm still working on some other items (video and such) from that sailing, but you can check out the Celebrity Today (daily program) from that sailing here: https://www.cruisehabit.com/content/celebrity-infinity-february-2020-2-night-nassau-celebrity-today-shore-excursions
  5. Sorry for taking so long to chime in. We've sailed Royal, Celebrity, and many other lines, and ended up booking one of these 2 night Infinity sailings for last weekend. In fact, we did so while on Brilliance of the Seas a few weeks earlier. I've long felt that if you like the way Royal does things, but for a particular sailing, you're not going with anyone that needs rock walls, flow riders, etc to make the cruise awesome, then Celebrity offers a really great product, that trades some of those things you might not need on a given sailing, for a less crowded experience. The sa
  6. This is really good stuff, but if you could plot dates (potentially on different charts depending on itinerary region) I think it'd be more telling. This is because lines move around rooms to facilitate better lead pricing, and that need is tied closely with how quickly a ship is filling up (and of course, how quickly specific categories are filling up). There is forecasting which takes care of a lot of the pricing up to this point, but GTY moves allow them to do some real-time tweaking, and it seems likely you'd see some real differences in how this works for a dog sailing vs a popular one.
  7. I've never specifically asked about a seperate vegan menu in specialty restaurants on RCI, but I can't tell you I've not seen any of them present a separate lacto-ovo menu (like the MDR does), so I'm going to say no. That said, you can of course leverage the standard plant-based options in other venues, and you'll find mixed success in special requests from specialty restaurants. They've always been accommodating, but depending on the chef, manager, etc, the level of creativity can vary quite a bit. I'd consider having a chat there a day befor eyou plan to dine to then see, based on what th
  8. Awesome job - tons of great info and pics! Glad you enjoyed the sailing.
  9. We enjoyed Seaside quite a bit - which isn't to say there weren't things we'd have preferred differently. MSC still really over-complicates (in my opinion) some things, such as drink packages, the different "levels" such as Fantastica, Aurea, etc. It's already hard for people to try anything new with the right expectations, and the way they do some of these things adds to that challenge. That said, we enjoyed the cruise quite a bit, finding the food and service good. Many complain the buffet is repetitive, and to some extent it repeats more than other lines, but like the packages complicat
  10. For any dining request, I recommend heading to the station at the entrance to the MDR. There should be someone there as soon as boarding starts. Just let them know what you'd like. Unless traveling with a group, whenever we've had fix seating/traditional dining, we always request a two top, and out of hundreds of nights at sea, we once dined with another couple on the first night (though we could have just gone to another venue if we wanted).
  11. Just saw this today after disembarking. While I don't know for sure, I am reasonable sure the answer is no. They're different business units, and I think they may actually use different companies to manage the casinos as well. I recall reading once that there is a process for redeeming them by mail if this happens - but that was a long time ago so not sure if it's still in play, but it's worth asking.
  12. Great commentary. I explain RCI vs X this way often. If you want those high-energy activities, like rock walls, flow riders, etc - then you won't find it on X, and RCI does a GREAT job here. If you see those spaces and wish they were used for things a bit slower paced, then take a look at X. They are both great lines, each with their strong points and differentiation, but it's also quite comfortable switching between the two depending on the occasion, who you're traveling with, etc. We're back on Edge for the third time in just a couple days. Excited to be back, but we'll be
  13. I can't speak to bourbons, but for scotch they're selection has become much better over the past couple of years - mostly in the pub, but if you ask the right person very nicely, they'll move bottles around. We mostly drink Islays and were delighted they started carrying Ardbeg 10 and often Talisker 10. They've got some Highland and Speyside offerings as well. Here are a couple of the more recent (post addition of other scotches) pub menus from some ships in the fleet, which will also show you the bourbons. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/menus/king-country-pub-menu-brilliance-of-t
  14. This is true. Your "building" of points starts at zero even though your loyalty level carries over. Would it be nice if this were handled differently? Sure, that'd be neat. Would it lead to all the more people having top tier statuses, which seems to upset those that have said statuses? Probably. (this gets to the "when everyone is special no one is special" paradox) Do I personal think it matters? Nope. For me, I've yet to identify a reasonably attainable loyalty perk that is worth compromising experiences for. Others may hold a greater value to certain perks and feel otherwise, whic
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