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  1. Jedi Jason

    Introduce yourself!

    Hi, My wife, Sacha, and I have enjoyed Royal Caribbean and cruising dating back to 2012 when we first sailed on Explorer of the Seas. Currently we are Diamond members after 15 cruises and all but one with Royal Caribbean (the other on Celebrity). We have sailed on a variety of ships and itineraries. We have been on an Alaskan and Mediterranean cruise in addition to our numerous Caribbean cruises. We slowed down a little on cruising to have two kids because they didn't have nurseries widely available then. Since then our kids (Logan almost 7 and Makenna 9) have enjoyed the adventure ocean program. Our kids enjoy cruising as much as we do now and ask about when is our next cruise. We are looking forward to our couple's cruise in July on Mariner and our family cruise in October on Harmony. The blog, podcast, live cruise blogs, live broadcasts etc by @Matt and others have had a positive impact on my cruising. We now have 4 future cruises booked (a record for us). We live in the Orlando, Fl area so cruising is a great vacation option for us since we don't need to fly to the port and have multiple ports within a reasonable drive. We enjoy visiting Disney World when we are not cruising and we are annual pass holders. Jason Peterson
  2. So, I booked a 3 night Mariner Bahamas cruise for July 12. We purchased the ultimate dining package on a cruise planner sale. It was only $1 more than the 3 night specialty dining package when we purchased. Since there aren't any true sea days for lunch specialty dining (which are included in the UDP on sea days), I was wondering if I might be able to get in for specialty dining for lunch on one or more days. I have seen some cruise compasses that showed Jamie's being open for lunch on embarkation day and day 3 (Nassau). Also, Chops is open day one lunch for some guests. So does anyone have personal experience with this? Also would Johnny Rockets be included in addition for a lunch or late night option in addition to other specialty dining or just one specialty dining per day?
  3. I think @Matt‘s live blog has convinced me to seriously look into this cruise as an option for a short getaway for just the wife and I. Living in Orlando makes this an attractive alternative to the Bahamas weekend cruise or any other short vacation.
  4. We are all jealous of @Matt He is on a cruise without his kids, day drinking and napping and we are not.
  5. Very willing to be an insider. I just joined last month. There is so much great content here and a great community of people that enjoy Royal Caribbean cruising.
  6. In St. Kitts we booked the safari tours. It can be purchased via the ship or independently, Greg's safari tour. The vehicle is open on the sides but covered 4x4 vehicle if I remember correctly that took us around the highlights of the island including a stop at to one of the higher points on the island which gave a great view of St. Kitts and neighboring islands. There was a stop at a beach club for approximately 1 hour as well. It was very informative and gave a great overview and history of the island. This is a good option if want a good sampling of St. Kitts. We found booking through the ship to be almost the same price as booking elsewhere.
  7. Jedi Jason

    Are we only ones who don't book suites?

    We have not decided to afford a suite. It always seemed to be a significant cost increase from our typical balcony room which we book mostly for the extra space and a space for the adults to hang out when the kids the asleep without having to be too quiet. I haven't been lucky enough to find a suite at what I thought was a minimal cost increase over a balcony room.
  8. Paradise Beach looks really nice. I might have to try it out if I am looking to do something that is not all inclusive or for the whole day. Three of my next four cruises go to Cozumel. I am trying el cozmelina next time but if I have the drink pacakage onboard I might not invest in an all inclusive.
  9. Jedi Jason

    When is your next cruise?

    Also got a family cruise booked for October 20, 2019 on Harmony 7 night Western Caribbean. We have 11 total people going.
  10. Jedi Jason

    When is your next cruise?

    next cruise is July 12, 2019 on Mariner 3 nights, our 18th anniversary the day we return July 15
  11. I enjoyed the periscope of sailing under the bridge. It was a beautiful sunset while on board a Royal Caribbean Cruise ship. What a great experience. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Jedi Jason

    When is your next Celebrity/Azamara Cruise?

    I recently booked my next one for January 4, 2020. It's a 5 night western Caribbean with stops in Cozumel and Key West on Equinox. My only other Celebrity cruise was one of the 3 night Bahamas preview sailings on Edge this past December 6.