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  1. Thanks for the live blog. I will be following along. I have the western Caribbean cruise on Harmony in October with the same ports. I haven't been to Costa Maya or Roatan either so I am interested to see what you do there.
  2. price will vary depending on the ship, cruise duration, number of sea days, time of year, and how many people have bought a drink package $52 on 3 night Mariner July and $49 on 7 night Harmony October
  3. My app is only allowing me to see day three (Coco Cay day) on my 3 night Mariner sailing. I assume it will be updated as I get closer. I am just over 5 weeks out.
  4. I don't know if they let you upgrade your beverage package. You could upgrade to get all four perks and then they normally upgrade the drink package to the premium when you get all 4 perrks. Not sure it that is worth it to you if you aren't able to upgrade it.
  5. I haven't seen it in the cruise planner either for a July 12 Mariner cruise. I am guessing we book it onboard.
  6. I am inside of 45 days, July 12 on Mariner and I can now view some details of my cruise via the app including checking in via the app.
  7. I have heard from some people that half day passes may be available but for afternoon only. Also, some that bought the half day are being switched from an AM half day to a PM half day pass.
  8. Keep in mind the unlimited includes lunch on sea days and frequently on day one if you ask. The unlimited also allows you to go to multiple restaurants per evening. For example, you could go to playmakers or Izumi and get some apps or sushi and then later eat at Chops.
  9. RC no longer offers half day passes since it is too hard to enforce getting people to leave the park.
  10. I have seen Sabor on Harmony for $22 in the cruise planner for my October 20 cruise. If the specialty dining is not selling well you may see waiters wandering the windjammer at breakfast or lunch time or be in common areas trying to get more bookings and sometimes at a discount. You can always ask on board if there are any specials. I don't think the price will be any higher on board. The advantage to pre booking is being able to reserve a specific date and time. If you book on board you might be limited by days or times that are left. I know I have seen this or even had my wait staff at a specialty dining restaurant tell me they would give me a discount if I returned to the restaurant on a future night.
  11. You should be able to get the sale on a future cruise planner sale which happen about once a month or so.
  12. I have seen the price drop the day or night prior to the official announcement of the next cruise planner sale. They may have implemented the price change prior to announcing the cruise planner sale.
  13. I have been to Nice. We went on a tour that we booked through the cruise line that went to Eze and Monaco. We had some guided time in the highlight of each area and some free time in both and it included lunch in Eze. It was in 2007 but I do remember enjoying both areas and would recommend it or something similar. I don't know what they are currently offering but I had a coworker that did a very similar tour last year on Celebrity.
  14. We are on the July 12 cruise on Mariner.
  15. If you scroll down to the bottom and click the "Get more details on ships we support" you will get a listing of ships. Select the ship for your cruise and it will show future sail dates that you can use. It seems like you have to be within a certain number of cruises of your sailing. For example, Mariner cruises only lists through July 5 but Harmony is through August 18 since Mariner is doing two cruises per week and Harmony only once a week.
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