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  1. We will probably settle on something near airport or as far north as West Palm since we have family in West Palm and the Fort Lauderdale area. Based on my hotel research I am leaning towards north Fort Lauderdale area. When your taste is Ritz Carlton but you only want to pay Days Inn prices it's hard to decide. Hoping for something slightly upscale at a moderate price but I realize it is peak season.
  2. I am only staying one night LOL but thanks for all the recommendations. I definitely have lots of options for future trips as well.
  3. @Lovetocruise2002 Do you have a favorite from there or it's all good? Thanks I see you replied already before I posted this.
  4. It is just my wife and I for a Friday night stay. We like a hotel considered at least a 3 star preferably with breakfast and parking. We have had good experience with Embassy suites so I guess that would be something like what we are looking for. For dining, we are pretty easy going. We live in Orlando and would like to try something new to us. We will probably be staying within 30 minutes from the port/airport but would be willing to drive for the right restaurant. We would like to try something that is local or a small local chain. I was just looking for people's favorites. I am sure there are some great options from this group.
  5. My next cruise goes out of Port Everglades. I will be driving down from Orlando the day prior. I am looking for any hotel recommendations for a one night stay. It would be the first weekend in January. I am also interested in any restaurant recommendations. I know @Lovetocruise2002 has a favorite restaurant. We have cousins that live in the area and we are trying to meet them for dinner the night before the cruise but they don't really have any suggestions since they have a need to stay in hotels in the area and they are not located close to the port area. Please let me know what hotels or restaurants you like and why. What menu item do you have to get every time?
  6. normally it is because you are logged into the reservation on another device or browser
  7. It worked pretty well including notification just a couple of weeks ago. The one quirk is I would have missed messages that it wouldn't display. If you are not on the ship's WIFI which is free for using the app. I had an occasional message that didn't come through. However, I got the notifications almost always from the app for an upcoming event or reservation as well as notification of a new chat message. I would get them on my iPhone and or apple watch. Naturally I did not get any when I was off the ship but they did not queue up and save them to be delivered when I returned. They would be listed as an unread message count but you could never view them. Overall, it was really good especially with the notifications but there was the occasional missed message that was never delivered.
  8. Yes get the travel agent to resolve your issues for all the reasons already mentioned. You can still transfer to an agent and let them deal with the issues instead of you.
  9. I have used them before as well. I have gone on one of their excursions and also cancelled in advance of my cruise one of their excursions that I had made a deposit for and gotten a refund minus a small PayPal processing fee. I would be comfortable using them again.
  10. @ncnickel and @WhiteSoxFan I have been on Edge and it was amazing. You will love it. I was able to get one of the 3 night preview sailings when she was brand new before her first official maiden voyage. It just went to Nassau which I have visited numerous times so I never set foot off the ship so I could enjoy the experience. We stayed in an infinite verandah room and we enjoyed it. It had some differences to balcony room on a Royal ship. Anyway, if you have any questions or want me to describe anything further let me know. The recent Celebrity cruise review that Kathy posted recently is very good info about a Celebrity cruise in general but I could answer specific questions or provide my experience specifically about Edge.
  11. Thanks for the amazing review. I agree with almost everything in your comparison of Royal to Celebrity. I am also a diamond member with Royal so therefore an elite member on Celebrity. We did an Edge 3 night preview sailing when she was brand new. I highly recommend her. I love not having to check out pool towels and the buffet is so much better than the wind jammer. On Royal I tend to go to the buffet mostly for breakfast only (not necessarily by my choice) and get tired of the same thing everyday and the same undercooked scrambled eggs and the tasteless soggy, overly chewy pancakes and waffles. So, when traveling as a couple we have begun to equally consider or prefer Celebrity based on our Edge experience. We booked a 5 night Cozumel and Key West cruise for early January on Equinox. However, when traveling with the kids or extended family and friends the wider range of activities and amenities on Royal seem to make more sense. Celebrity seems to be a great option for more of an upscale relaxing cruise vacation. I think the umbrella and binoculars are for guests in concierge and up or at least balcony and up.
  12. I have found some good deals off peak and also some last minute deals as well as (FL) resident rates. I booked a cruise on Equinox for this upcoming January about 11 months prior. They were including all four perks and the base price was good so we decided to upgrade from our usual verandah room to concierge class. I have seen a lower price but not with the perks included and especially after the perks were added. My wife likes her celebrity perks so who am I to argue? I do get the promotional emails from Celebrity for cruise deals and I have seen some good prices on a variety of room categories and not just inside rooms on last minute deals. I have to admit that some of them are intriguing especially if you aren't super particular about the ship or itinerary. Granted they aren't offering deals on Edge but almost every other ship has an occasional deal. The resident rate (FL) emails haven't blown me away in part because it doesn't include any perks but there are sometimes some good options.
  13. You have some great ideas. I was looking to do something similar for my cruise in 3 weeks but I need to keep it family friendly. On a prior cruise I have had the activity staff give a week long scavenger hunt with getting signatures from people from different countries, senior officers, and cruise activity staff. It was a lot of fun trying to find all the staff. It was a great way to engage with more of the staff than I normally would.
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