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  1. @tonyfsu21 thank you for the tip. I will be sure to book on a larger ship next time.
  2. Do all Royal Caribbean ships allow smoking in the casino? I was on the Explorer of the Seas last month and the smoke was so bad the it billowed up into the promenade and all through deck 4. I am very sensitive to smoke and it ruined what should have been a dream vacation. Do other classes of ships have an enclosed casino?
  3. @TonyCornwall. I appoligize, my information may have been out of date with as quickly as things are changing. Someone from the STTC IV page posted that they received information from Royal Caribbean that the refit was still happening, but things may have changed. I'm waiting to hear an official response.
  4. @Mljstr I went to the doctor as soon as I got home. What I have is bacterial, not viral. I'm on antibiotics, and it's slowly clearing up.
  5. My cabin mate took the ZiCam gummies and she stayed healthy. I may switch to those for my cruise next year.
  6. I was on the Explorer last week and walked past numerous crew while they were cleaning. We didn't notice any chemical scent. I think Royal Caribbean is being very careful to use non-scented cleaners for those of us who are sensitive to that kind of thing. My cabin mate has severe reactions to cleaners and she was fine all week.
  7. I just received notification from my chartered cruise group that the Explorer's amplification is going to continue as planned.
  8. I will be sure to take airborne twice a day. This has been my normal routine when traveling for years. I just got off a 7 day cruise on the Explorer last week. They were doing such a great job sanitizing the ship I got lax in taking my airborne (I still practiced religious hand washing). I now have bronchitis and an ear infection.
  9. Thank you very much to whomever posted that veggie burgers are available on request at the windjammer. They were a major staple for me last week. Does anyone know if they are vegan? I'm currently a vegetarian so it wasn't a problem this cruise, but my husband and I plan to transition to a vegan diet by our next cruise.
  10. @twangster thank you so much for the clarification. I'm glad to know I can get still get pizza somewhere on the ship after the buffet closes.
  11. Can anyone tell me if there is a Sorrento's on the Explorer of the Seas? I thought it was on every ship like the Cafe Promenade. Thanks.
  12. I think you really need to try each in order to decide what is best for you. I'm taking my first cruise in an inside cabin next month. We will see how it goes and how much I miss the balcony.
  13. At the beginning of March, I am cruising to Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, Punta Canna, and Grand Bahamas. Should I pack bug spray and plan to wear it in the ports? In St. Thomas and Grand Bahamas we plan to just walk around the port. We are doing the chocolate, rum, and shopping excursion in Punta Canna and the Let's have some rum excursion I. Puerto Rico. Thanks for the advice.
  14. @JohnK6404 thank you so much for the menus. It really helped.
  15. I'm sailing on the Explorer of the Seas on March 1st which is not supported by the app yet. There are several nights we are going to have to choose between eating in the MDR or attending chartered events. How can I get a list of daily menus so I can plan better. I really don't want to miss lobster night.
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