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  1. Hi guys... another question for you seasoned RC'ers.... is there a general type of store on Anthem... not for souvenirs and jewelry and expensive bags, but for sundries.... things like paperback books and magazines...candy/ mints/gum..... little things you forget like toothpaste.... stuff like that? Granted, I know it will be overpriced if they do, but just curious.....
  2. Somehow, i have a feeling that would be frowned upon.... 😛
  3. alll now it is all starting to all make sense..... 😄 thanks!
  4. I see... so you just get your sodas from a bartender then, in the cup you do like, that you brought with you?
  5. ohh ok, i didn't understan at first... so the code is chipped or something, so that it activates the freestyle machine to work?? That makes sense now.... ok, i understand better....thanks you guys!
  6. To my seasoned RC friends.... Matt said on one of the blog videos that you cannot take a RC souvenir cola cup back with you again on your next cruise. I understand that this is so that you don't use it to get drinks for someone else (like because they you would have two cups onboard).. BUT.... I have seen a lot of people giving tips to bring a big cup with you (just a generic yetti mug or whatever), so that you can get a big drink to carry around (coffee or whatever drinks you want). So is it that you can bring a generic yetti type big cup with you...as long as its not an old RC souvenir cup?
  7. I love this idea... will definitely be doing that!
  8. I have been unsure about how this works so far and want to get it straight before my first RC cruise.... I was just watching a youtube Vlog of a young couple who just went on Harmony. They were telling all of their experiences and things as it was their first cruise too. They prepaid for their gratuities (which I already have done as well, and I am sure most people do), and they said that midweek, they had decided to leave a few dollars extra one or two nights... because their room attendant had been extra nice... but then they were confused because at the end of the cruise , the room attendant left them a tip envelope . They were confused by it, and didnt know exactly what to do... they said they went ahead and left more... but left kind of confused about it all...and now I am a little confused too.... I mean I understand that you can always leave extra tips , but it seems a little awkward that they would leave you an envelope 'expecting' a tip, when you have already prepaid..... Thanks for any words of advice here!
  9. okay... soooo I got my skates that I ordered on Amazon, so that i could 'practice' ... and test out the waters before the cruise... boy was the water WAY DEEPER than I had anticipated...... I put the skates on today... and those little suckers are way more slippery than I remembered from .. 30+ years ago..... needless to say, it did not go as 'smoothly' as i had envisioned in my head. I was going to try a little more and then I realized that I have to drive in to the office tommorrow for a big meeting (I normally work at home)... and it would not be ideal to be on crutches... so I took my skates off.... I think my skating career might be over....
  10. I guess that is a perk to look forward to for way in the future! lol Regarding the luggage... I have been there before, most unfortunately... not on a cruise, but when going to Greece, several years ago, our luggage was lost..went to another country entirely... we didnt get it until we had been in Athens for 3 days! That was a rough 3 days.... lol
  11. .. i have already been eyeing that October 2020 one... lol
  12. I imagine everyone 'virtually' standing there waving goodbye to these folks like that one SNL airline guy skit... ' BU-bye... bye now... buubyeee....' hehe
  13. WOW, YES..that is pretty much EXACTLY what I do too! I really HAVE found 'my people' lol
  14. thanks for that tip @twangster .... i'll just stick to underwear and stuff that won't matter if they incinerate ... haha... it totally seems worth it though to get away with taking just a little bit less stuff... for sure!
  15. Has anyone out there had their laundry done on the ship? I think I saw somewhere in one of the compass's that you can have them wash a bag of clothes for like 25 dollars? That seemed like a pretty great deal to me... just wondering if people commonly do that...?
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