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  1. Hi everyone! Could someone help me please? We are doing the Liberty cruise to New England and Canada for 9 nights, in September, and wanted to do the hop on hop off bus in Boston, to see the city, however, it is already listed as sold out on our cruise planner! I have done hop on hop off in other cities before and like it, and have usually purchased it on our own anyways. I can purchase it for Boston on Trip advisor, but my question is, is there a bus stop for it near the port where the ship docks, or do we have to figure out a way to get to one of the bus stops as well? Thanks for any help/ imput on this, I really appreciate it!!
  2. So basically, it might not even make that much of a difference either way?
  3. Hi my cruising expert friends! I have a question about a cruise i just booked through the website last night for my aunt and myself. She is a Diamond member and I am only Gold, but since she is older and not very much into computers, making calls and all of that, I am taking care of all of that for us. She normally cruises with my cousin, who is also Diamond and who usually does all of the footwork. Anyway, today I watched one of Matt's videos where he said that each level up after Gold, a C& A member gets a better and better discount on a balcony room. When I originally did the booking online, i did not enter either of our C&A numbers because it would not let me. I had figured that I would just call and add them. Now I am thinking, she should get a decent discount on the balcony room i reserved. As it is currently, I am the primary on the reservation. I guess my question is, will they let us change it around so that she is the primary and we can get a better discount, or will they make us cancel it and redo it under her name? I tried to call them but the recording said they were now closed.
  4. I know that in the high level suites, they will stock your fridge with soft drinks, but can you arrange to have soft drinks for your in room fridge in a regular cabin? I have bought water to have placed in the room and I really dont like the idea of lugging around a 12 pack of Cokes on day 1. I know that you can order individual cans from room service for like 3 dollars each but just wondered if there is a way to buy then ahead of time as i did the water... thanks for any ideas/ advice...
  5. So, if we want to just skip booking an excursion, we could easily just get off the ship and take a short walk to go to a beach, the restaurants and shops, then walk back to ship at our leisure?
  6. i had been thinking that it was just the 14th floor regardless of side, but then it hit me that I thought i heard somewhere that it was just on one side.... so thanks!
  7. Can you access the Solarium from the room hallways on the 14th floor on both the port and starboard side of the ship when you are on Harmony? (Is Symphony the same?) thanks!! Julie
  8. Thank you, that is good to know! My cruise starts on Jan 8 (this sat) , but i didnt place bid until Jan 1
  9. Can anyone tell me if Royal notifies you when you do NOT get an upgrade? I kind of put in bid last minute after they sent me a second offer... but am getting antsy, waiting to see if it will be accepted or not.... Thanks! -Julie
  10. Thank you! Your points make some good sense....and you make me laugh I appreciate the advice, as always!! - Julie
  11. One more question..... On the Grand Suites on Symphony, can someone tell me how comfortable the couch bed is? Is it like a typical pull out couch (uncomfortable) or more like a regular bed would feel? THanks!!
  12. One more question..... On the Grand Suites on Symphony, can someone tell me how comfortable the couch bed is? Is it like a typical pull out couch (uncomfortable) or more like a regular bed would feel? THanks!!
  13. Does everyone in a Grande Suite have access to the Suite Deck where the suites only hot tub is located?
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