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  1. I know that no one knows exactly what will be for sure.... but I just rescheduled my cruise (that was to be on Harmony May 3,2020) to May 23-30, 2021 on Alllure. On the RC webpage, they already have all of the 'new' restaurants and bars and such listed as what they have... can someone tell me a quick list of what the current restaurants and bars are...just curious... thanks!
  2. thanks everyone who lent an ear and some good words of wisdom... it was so much appreciated! I saw this today on the Harmony Facebook Page...a guy just posted this.... this is exactly the sort of post that I mean.... this guy just kills me... i mean, its like he could NOT WAIT to find a way to tell everyone that he tipped a thousand dollars on his cruise... (whether that be true or not...)..what an ass..... "Public announcement: Just got off Harmony and overheard some things that concerned me a bit. Tipping is not a Chinese city. The daily gratuities are just a way for royal to tack on charges they really mean nothing for the staff. These people don’t see their families for 6-8 months, sometimes more, at a time and get paid shit. If they actually got paid, say by having a union, the cruise rates would be astronomical. Please consider that when it comes time to tip. I’m irritated by the daily gratuities as much as the next person, but it’s part of the cruise. I probably totaled about 1k in tips this last cruise but a lot if that was in the casino. Can’t tell you what is normal and what is not, just that even if it’s not amazing service I still remember what they’re giving up to try and make my cruise great and that makes it amazing every time."
  3. thank you ALL.. I feel a LOT better now....... ya'll are THE BEST!!
  4. you guys are all awesome... thanks for the support! 😄
  5. Thanks to you both! @SpeedNoodles and @dodgestang ... I know i shouldnt listen to these people and i definitely would be better off to leave a group like that, you are very right. and... 100 per day?? who are these freakin' people?? geez!
  6. I finished my first RC cruise last month... and have my next one coming up in May. I was on the Facebook RC cruising pages (various ones) and it seems that the tipping questions always come up (as they do in here, I know too)... people have made me feel nothing but horrible now... After hanging out in these boards for months, i am still confused about the tipping stuff.... on Anthem last month, I paid my prepaid gratuities...and then put 50 dollars in an envelope and left for our cabin steward at the end. I thought I had done right...and felt good about it... until today, I am in the Anthem of the Seas FB page, and all of these folks are in there shaming each other about what they leave... saying the prepaid gratuities dont even really get to your room steward, and so you must leave them at least 20 dollars per day extra... or at least 100 dollars at the end of the week.... it seems like no matter what you do, someone is always going to come along and shame you into feeling like it wasnt enough. I just want to make sure I understand what the real norm is before my Harmony cruise in May. Should I bump up my amount to 100 for the cabin steward.. I know, everyone should do what they can and think is right, but with so much conflicting information, i am overwhelmed with it all now.
  7. ohh ok, gotcha.... thanks so much! ...... man, i cannot WAIT to go back!!
  8. oh ok, cool.. yes this map is different/ updated from mine from just last month! Thanks !!
  9. @AshleyDillo thanks! I was looking at the map that I brought back from there... that big beach where the floating bar was before (on the map ), is that the area that you mean is shallow.. or the south beach is shallow? I was just curious about that big beach that is directly behind the Oasis pool, because it looks really nice on the map :)
  10. Hi everyone! I have a couple questions about Coco Cay.. i was just there for the first time over our NYE cruise on Anthem, but I will be going back again, on Harmony in May. My questions are... first, the big beach that is directly behind the Oasis pool, that has the swim up bar hut out in the water... it is to the left of the Coco Beach club ..does this beach have a name? My second question is , where is the snorkeling area ... the one where the sunken plane is located? When we were there, we went straight to that first little cove we came to at Chill Island..and now I am wondering if we might have found a little bigger and better beach if we had went a little further back .... thanks!
  11. I hear ya there! For me, it was the appetizers that I was excited about having more of ... like a soup and a shrimp cocktail.. .usually thats how i did it.. a soup and a salady type of thing...which made sense to me... my son though, he would probably love the idea though of being able to get both the prime rib AND the mahi mahi... lol
  12. thanks! I will do it at least once next time!! 😁
  13. Hey everyone! I know that Matt talks a lot about ordering more than one entree in the MDR... but do a lot of people really do this? I did not see people doing it so much when I was on Anthem last month, and so I just stuck to ordering 2 appetizers and never dared to order more than one entree! Is it REALLY a common thing to order multiples... my next cruise on Harmony, is with my 23 yr old son who loves to eat, and I want to make sure we know ... he would love to order a lot I am sure, but I also know he would be mortified to look like a pig too... 😄
  14. On my NYE cruise, with my aunt and cousin... we will also have a 5 yr old with us... 4 adults and a 5 yr old... and all of us are big time game nuts... we always have games at our NYE parties and other holidays and so we had planned on bringning UNO and a couple other games... but we thought we would be the only ones... pleasantly suprised that others do too! 😄
  15. I just read the new post about the 'after dark' festivities coming to the Coco Cay visits .... I am wondering if they will start extending some of the already planned cruises to maybe stay on the island later than originally planned...? I am booked on Harmony for the May 3 sailing, and according to the calendar in the cruise planner, we are to be there on day 2 , from 7am until only 4pm. Day 3 is a sea day and then Day 4 we are scheduled to arrive at PR at 10am. I was just thinking, it would be really nice if we could stay at Coco Cay later than 4pm.... and i wouldn't think that it would take 'that' long to get to Puerto Rico, 2 days later at 10am, that staying later would affect the itenerary.... thoughts?
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