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  1. Bushwackers sounds like a fun place! A skyride sounds awesome... will have to look into all of this too! thanks so much!
  2. oh that sounds amazing.. will have to check into it for sure! thanks a bunch!!
  3. Matt said tonight that the best thing to do in St Thomas is to go to Magen's Bay. When i look at the excursions in the cruise planner, they only have a couple options that go to Magen's bay, and both of them just stop there for like 2 hours and then move on. We want to go there for most of the day. Do most people just take a cab or shuttle over to Magen's bay? I think a guy in there mentioned a shuttle... is this something you can just get off the ship and find a shuttle or whatever in the port and go?
  4. oh thank you, i didnt think to go look at that~! You are right.. yay! Thanks again~!
  5. so, if i have the unlimited dining package and want to eat at the other restaurants for dinner at 6 and then go to playmakers at 10 or 11pm each night for an after dinner treat and games, this would all be covered in the unlimited dining package .. ?!
  6. Can someone tell me if Izumi Sushi is open at lunchtime normally? (on Symphony, if that matters)... Thanks!
  7. Damn... now i am starting to feel bummed. I have been booking things in the planner and researching things for my trip in May 2021 , i really didnt think that this date would be in question... have already changed the booking 3 times I guess I will keep my plans as they are... and if they cancel us, i will have a plan B for 4th quarter 2021 or early 2022 in mind ...and just roll with whatever happens...
  8. I have reserved room at the Port of Miami Holiday Inn for 2 nights leading up to the cruise (in May 2021) and was wondering where would be a nice beach to take an Uber to for a few hours on our full day there in Miami downtown/ port area? I really do not want to go to South Beach because we are not part of the 'beautiful people' crowd... looking for more of a family kind of beach, if we decide to do it... thanks! -Julie
  9. YES!! I will definitely do that, because I loved the food there so much... i can't wait !!
  10. oh, thank you both so much, that helps a lot!! I had no idea that they bring you fruit platter too...cool! Thanks !!
  11. Does anyone have a copy of the Chill Cabanas menu that you can share here? Thanks!
  12. Hey guys... so I ended up getting room 14568... balcony room next to the elevator and just a short piece down the hall from the solarium.. so I am pleased with that!! It is not portside but thats okay, i would rather have this proximity to the solarium than be on the port side at the other end of the ship... and changing rooms, i ended up saving 600 dollars... which was very odd to me! Also i found out that the room I did have was a 50% obstructed view, and had no idea! So thank you for all your help, i think i am going to be happy with this location!! -Julie
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