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  1. On my NYE cruise, with my aunt and cousin... we will also have a 5 yr old with us... 4 adults and a 5 yr old... and all of us are big time game nuts... we always have games at our NYE parties and other holidays and so we had planned on bringning UNO and a couple other games... but we thought we would be the only ones... pleasantly suprised that others do too! 😄
  2. I just read the new post about the 'after dark' festivities coming to the Coco Cay visits .... I am wondering if they will start extending some of the already planned cruises to maybe stay on the island later than originally planned...? I am booked on Harmony for the May 3 sailing, and according to the calendar in the cruise planner, we are to be there on day 2 , from 7am until only 4pm. Day 3 is a sea day and then Day 4 we are scheduled to arrive at PR at 10am. I was just thinking, it would be really nice if we could stay at Coco Cay later than 4pm.... and i wouldn't think that it would take 'that' long to get to Puerto Rico, 2 days later at 10am, that staying later would affect the itenerary.... thoughts?
  3. @guittech you might want to also check out the Cruising with Wheels guys, Frank and Kevin...Frank is in a wheelchair and they have a youtube channel that has a slant particularly about mobility issues.... they are really funny too... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPdJZcTwRNLXmZKY-nc98rg
  4. did you guys see this story..... very cool! Majesty rescued some folks Sunday... https://www.cnn.com/2019/09/18/us/cruise-ship-boat-rescue-trnd/index.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=fbCNN&utm_content=2019-09-18T22%3A32%3A14&utm_term=link&fbclid=IwAR1RJ36aBYUmUBHQEJ-rx6o74aCXYR0NLCi5OUeMyUKsYLtaijIOa7Q3_Z8
  5. so , @ChessE4 ... you have the option of either putting a credit card on file, or getting on board credit? I assume that if you get onboard credit, you have to settle up with them before they let you off the ship? lol
  6. I was watching Morgan' on 'very offical travel guide', and he was in an Anthem cabin and showed on the television, his running tab/ bill on his account, and how it worked. He had a couple 'withdraws', where he said he took cash money out to use in ports or the casino. I am a little confused about what he meant here? I assume that when you get onboard, you either have a credit card as your payment for your online acct. or you go give them money to put on your acct? How does this work, and how / why would he be withdrawing money from his acct. kinda like an ATM? Just trying to understand how it works ...
  7. wow.. it sounds like they are pretty hardcore about the rules with this... so probably is not worth it !! It is not even really that important to me to go in there... I don't drink very much and I don't mind buying my one or two drinks per night lol
  8. I'm not even a religious person.... but.... At this point, i really dont care so much about what happens regarding my cruise... I just heard on tv, that when this made landfall in the Bahamas an hour or so ago, it did so , officially in a tie with the one that hit the Fl Keys in the 1930's, as THE worst / most powerful hurricane to make landfall there.. in recorded history ... 😞 Now is the time to seriously pray for the folks who live on those tiny islands
  9. @JLMoran oh ok, well that makes sense I guess.... I guess its a good thing, so it won't end up being very crowded in there! I plan on getting there way early and so I can go straight in there and get mine. Thanks Joe! 🙂
  10. I am 119 days out on my Anthem sailing, and I was wanting to add the thermal spa 5 day pass in the cruise planner. It will let me go in there, and I can purchase other spa offerings (manicure...pedicure...) but it will not let me purchase the thermal spa. It is there, and it brings up the select it page, but it says in a red box, 'your selection is not found', please try with a different search option'... Does anyone know what the problem is? Is it still just too far out to purchase the thermal spa pass for some reason?
  11. ahhh, I see.... yes, that does make sense.... I guess its all marketing strategy...they all have an angle to make their money while appearing to have the best deals...
  12. @JLMoran ahhh, now its starting to make some sense.... is interesting and fun just going through all of different cruise lines various things... just for something to do ..I guess the point is, you have to always look at the whole picture and the bottom line... no matter which line you are looking at...
  13. oh cool, I will! I love Cruisetips TV..i hadn't seen that yet..Ill go find it! thanks!
  14. I was looking at some of the other cruise lines, just to compare and see what the differences were with them.... out of curiosity. I saw that Norwegian's drink packages made RC's look fantastic.... those are some CRAZY prices ... 128. dollars A DAY?? whew... i won't be complaining about any of the RC prices anymore...sale or no sale... lol Those who have been on both lines... is this right?? https://www.ncl.com/onboard-packages/beverage-packages
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