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  1. thanks for explaining that... i was just really curious!! that makes sense to me.... that is pretty cool!
  2. I just was watching a ship tour video on youtube, and it brought up something that just made me wonder. I know that if you are a diamond member, or whatever level you are, that your kids automatically have the same level... will that level stick with them for life? I was just thinking, that would create a legacy thing that would chain down the family... For instance, if you cruise a bunch, and you have a kid and they inherit your level... if they grow up and get married and have kids... then their kids will retain the level... and on and on... Or, do kids have to start over with their own points, once they move out of the house? I just was wondering... it doesn't really apply to me, as I am an empty nester and just started.. but was curious...
  3. ok, got it! Thank you so much for your help. I had originally booked this before I knew of Matt and the website... now , i know, when I do book again, i will go through you guys!
  4. I am pretty sure that I never did the 'non refundable ' option, but 1800 dollars of my current scheduled cruise (jan 2022) was booked with the FCC already given to me from the May 2020 cancellation, which I cancelled myself, before they started cancelling them... I wish i would have waited, but you know, hindsight...
  5. i do not have one, i booked straight through RC...
  6. I don't think I ever did the 'non refundable'... and i took the insurance as well...
  7. what are the chances that I can get a refund for a cruise that has been rebooked 3 times due to covid... (originally May 3, 2020, now booked for January 2022) that is now booked with 1/2 money pushed forward and FCC ? Is there any chance that they will give me the money back?
  8. Bushwackers sounds like a fun place! A skyride sounds awesome... will have to look into all of this too! thanks so much!
  9. oh that sounds amazing.. will have to check into it for sure! thanks a bunch!!
  10. Matt said tonight that the best thing to do in St Thomas is to go to Magen's Bay. When i look at the excursions in the cruise planner, they only have a couple options that go to Magen's bay, and both of them just stop there for like 2 hours and then move on. We want to go there for most of the day. Do most people just take a cab or shuttle over to Magen's bay? I think a guy in there mentioned a shuttle... is this something you can just get off the ship and find a shuttle or whatever in the port and go?
  11. oh thank you, i didnt think to go look at that~! You are right.. yay! Thanks again~!
  12. so, if i have the unlimited dining package and want to eat at the other restaurants for dinner at 6 and then go to playmakers at 10 or 11pm each night for an after dinner treat and games, this would all be covered in the unlimited dining package .. ?!
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