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  1. Thanks to you both! I am excited already about going to see it.... and will be ready by the time it gets here (conditioning..walking in hot weather...) 🙂 It sounds great... i hope that they are still going to Mia Beach Club... will have to take a peek at it online!
  2. ohhh so it is not the beach that is down the hill from the ruins, that I see in all of the photos and videos? I am just worried about heat ... being August in Mexico lol That is good to know what the situation is... how long did you get to spend at the beach 'resort' ?
  3. My son and I signed up for this excursion for our August Symphony 2021 cruise. If it were just me, i would not have picked it, because it seems like a lot of 'work' lol My son, however, has his heart on going to the Tulum Ruins and so we are going to do it. I think they will be cool to see, but am more of a beach person and wish I could just skip right to the beach. From watching youtube videos on excursions to Tulum from Cozumel, it looks like it will be a ton of walking and very, very hot. I got out of breath just walking from the boat to the ferry for our Nassau excursion on last cruise lol. I will definitely be 'training' and building endurance before this trip. Ok .. so my questions are, will we ' have' to stay with tour guide, or will i be able to go early to the beach and rest? Are their any trams or shuttles to help with the long treks between busses and ferries....? Any tips or thoughts by those who have done this excursion??
  4. well that clears that up! That is why I asked here! 😄 I knew you guys would be able to tell me the real scoop... thanks!!
  5. i was listening for a few to another cruise blogger.. and he was saying that a bunch of the Royal ships were up for sale on some cruise ship sale site... all of the Radiance class ships and such... does anyone have the scoop on all this?
  6. you guys are all THE BEST..I was coming here to ask the same question exactly! Same Ship even ! lol I had copied this from the 'cruise planner blurb', ; "Savor the savings with the Unlimited Dining Package! For one low price, you can enjoy multiple entrees and visit multiple specialty restaurants every night of your sailing. And as an added perk, this unlimited package also applies to lunch at specialty restaurants on sea days." I had remembered Matt saying before that you could not get multiple entrees in the specialty restaurants , and this blurb kinda confused me...made me wonder if they changed the rules..or if it was different if you had the unlimited dining pkg, as opposed to just booking a night in one of the specialty restaurants...
  7. yes, this is a wonderful idea and I am so glad he mentioned that..i had not thought of that... 😄 You guys all ROCK!
  8. thanks so much for the great info! You have given us a lot to chew on and I have nothing to do but chew for the next year, while we wait, lol! i know that we want to avoid traffic and south beach, but we really are undecided beyond that... I will definitely use your great info to look at the options now and make a decision. thanks again!!
  9. So around how much would it cost to UBER or LYFT from FLL over to one of the MIami port hotels? I guess since they are so close, that its not much further than it would be from Miami airport? I have flown into FLL once but never to Miami... I did really like FLL ...very nice and I would imagine that Miami is way more crazy too?
  10. Hi friends... we have changed our cruise, which was postponed a year... from Harmony-Orlando... to now Aug 2021 Symphony leaving from Miami. I am learning all over again, except a new location. Im sure this has been discussed a lot but I was having trouble finding , so thought I would just ask! First question... should we fly to Miami or Ft. Lauderdale... or does it matter? We would like to fly in 2 days before the cruise and just relax in a nice Miami Hotel that whole day pre-cruise. Any suggestions? I had thought it would be cool to stay in an ocean view room , that is in fairly close proximity to the port and then take an Uber that morning... I saw a youtube video that said to pick a North Miami hotel for this... but when i looked on map, it looked like the port was not in North Miami, but near downtown ... help please... :D Thanks in advance!
  11. thank you for finding it for me!!
  12. What happened to the menu board ... am I dreaming that there used to be a menu board at the top.... maybe I just forgot how to get to them?!
  13. cool... well thanks for the thoughts 🙂 I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens, but I will plan on pretty much being the current ones for now... and I am fine with it either way, since I have'nt been to most of the restaurants either way!! 🙂
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