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  1. I think you are all forgetting a key piece in all this. The bartender's literally do not care enough to report you .
  2. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/are-there-restrictions-for-pools-water-slides-or-flowrider
  3. I blew out a tire on a pothole in Denver a month ago, I'm not gonna complain how Cozumel spends the taxes they collect
  4. Man, I may not be able to pull the trigger on the drink package now. Thanks for destroying my budget Cozumel. Genuinely curious, are you actually upset about this, @princevaliantus
  5. The most backwards thing about all of the smoking in the casino is that they don't allow cigars to be smoked in there, yet the person next to me can crush a pack in less than a night
  6. Just curious, how much have you been spending on average to get these free cruise deals? I feel like when playing the tables all night, I get no points on my card, yet my wife tosses a 20 in a slot machine and she accumulates 10x what I have.
  7. How many times can you use the $35 a la carte? We'd love to be able to do sushi a few times throughout the cruise
  8. No problem. The NCL cruises have super high fees per person, so I'm waiting for the Royal ones to be released
  9. More added for 11/10 and they are going slowly. Great deal for Florida area cruisers
  10. Once you redeem it, it will give you instructions. It used to be that you emailed them proof and the code. I think I did that and then called last time. Was super easy, and it shows up in your cruiseplanner right after.
  11. PSA: 7night MSC cruise released. November 4th out of Miami, only 25k gold. These will not last.
  12. They've had NCL in the past as well. Those cruises sold out in a heartbeat, but everyone was furious when they found out the taxes and fees were close to or over $300 per person. I wouldnt doubt if they released all the unclaimed cruises from last night in a few weeks.
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