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  1. Does anybody know if there is a way to earn RCL casino royale points when playing at M Life eligible casinos in Vegas? I know they have a relationship as far as discounts are concerned, but can I earn casino royale offers?
  2. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2020/10/14/cruise-probe-congress-looks-into-trump-influence-cdc-cruise-order/3657627001/
  3. Or the president, or Jeff bezos, or literally any billionaire
  4. Ehhhh, I think we're starting to see that isn't so true
  5. Can we please change the title to "Who's"? It's driving me crazy
  6. But why would their stance lighten in the area with substantially more covid cases?
  7. Seems like that was an outline, and this is the hard stance.
  8. Why would that change for cruises from the US? That's literally where they are needed the most
  9. There's gonna be so much tension on the first sailings, I can't even imagine it'll be enjoyable. If they strictly enforce it, some people will be pissed, if they don't, other people will be mad.
  10. Well, that saves me a call to casino royale. Sounds like RCL really hung them out to dry
  11. I don't disagree that the cruise lines want to operate by the letter of the law, and that it would mitigate most risk... I just see how a majority of Americans act and behave on an everyday basis, and have no faith in those protocols being followed to the level they need to be.
  12. Good on NCL for not dragging their customers along when their sailings were less than 30 days out.
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