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  1. Has there been any new info, outside of what a simple Google search can find? Itinerary, where it will be docked, when it will go on sale, etc?
  2. Bartenders will give you a bottle most of the time without showing a card
  3. Follow @jamesvanfleet on Twitter. He's the chief meteorologist for RCL.
  4. Nope, the credits got directly refunded into myvegas slots.
  5. Did anybody else just get a total full refund of their gold? 2million just showed up for us
  6. It was like pulling teeth. Arguments with the front desk and casino host until day 4. Felt like a dick when I was losing my patience, but for 3 days, they said I wasnt going to get one. Luckily, one employee named cristobal got through to Miami and got it sorted out. Added stress to an already stressful trip after weather destroyed our flight plans, and a sudden change swapped Costa maya and cozumel days, causing us to lose our reservation at sanchos.
  7. So they are saying the credit won't show up until tomorrow, I'll update post cruise
  8. Nahh, just kept checking the site. This was for a majesty cruise, so it could've been due to cancellations due to no cuba.
  9. I leave Wednesday, I can update that night after I go to guest services
  10. Update, they drop by 50%. If anyone is sailing majesty 6/19, upgrades are cheap. $650 owner's suite, 400 for suite, 200 for jr suite
  11. I think they stopped with stocked mini fridges around 2017
  12. So I called royal direct right after it was announced the June 19th sailing got switched to Costa maya, we were super bummed about it. We were definitely hoping for coco cay. I raised hell for a while because they initially said I was only going to get 50% of what we paid (port fees and tax). Long story short, and several managers conferenced in later, they gave us over $900, which was what 50% of the myvegas breakdown was. Eased the pain of having to be at Costa maya instead of Havana.
  13. No. They said specifically that there is no confirmation number, and the credits won't show up til you board, so you unfortunately cannot use it in the cruiseplanner.
  14. First thing I'm doing is going to guest services to make sure they give me what they said on the phone. The figure they gave me at the beginning of the call was significantly different than what it ended at.
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