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  1. Fully vaxxed person here, could you let me know what these side effects are? Thanksss
  2. With 3 of the 4 major cruiselines giving away their drink packages with bookings, you may be surprised at who is going to be sailing nowadays.
  3. Miami: "Can we have cruises back?" CDC: Gestures wildly at all the stuff that took place during spring break the last few days. Miami: "We were hoping you missed that."
  4. One with a horrific health care system that can cause you to lose your life savings due to an illness?
  5. Don't be mad at Royal, be mad at the OP for starting a hype thread haha
  6. I wonder how much you'd have to tip for them to let you bring a bunch of stuff from the buffet to be used as toppings.
  7. Man, pretty disappointed to see this level of anti masking and anti vaxing. Wouldve expected it on carnival, but thought RCL was better. Hopefully Celebrity is better, or perhaps cruising just attracts a type...
  8. Food was great, service was pristine, but the lettering was horrible, it ruined my pre cruise photos, 1 star, won't sail again
  9. As much as your initial response about it being UnCoNsTiTuTiOnAl for employers to mandate vaccines.
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