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  1. I'm sorry, but are you insinuating that they are putting something at the end of the swab to insert into your brain? JFC
  2. In their press release they said they were doing that because it wasn't profitable, it's not about the kids health, they don't care about them, just money
  3. I think my 10+ whiskey on the rocks per day is still only about half the caloric intake of the French onion, thank you very much
  4. As long as they are still doing casino royale comp cruises, I'd imagine the casinos are going to remain open. They give those away because they know you'll spend close to the equivalent of at least an interior room in there.
  5. Is that list available to see anywhere else? Our casino royale is 11/7, so next on the chopping block. I'd like to have some sort of idea of which cruises I may be able to change to. I dont have any current offers available on the clubroyaleoffers site.
  6. Yeah, it was a smaller ship, and it was a terrible idea, now imagine an Oasis class ship running into the same problem
  7. Are we dropping off 6500 people off at once at each of those home depots? Just wondering
  8. Nothing in this case, but it's the circle jerk going around on the other threads. This is a perfect example of why we can't start back up
  9. A quote from a different thread: Bora Bora, which had remained COVID-free up to now, had all passengers disembark for the day, before the results of the follow-up test came back. Extensive contact tracing will be undertaken there as well as in Tahiti, where the passenger spent a couple of days before boarding. And this is why the CDC is being strict, the cruise industry could've just screwed over Bora Bora
  10. https://www.reddit.com/r/Coronavirus/comments/i1jasa/one_of_the_first_ships_to_resume_cruising_is/
  11. Unfortunately, the build your own options probably won't work in a kitchen that has to feed that many people in that short of a time.
  12. Nothing, burn it down For real tho, it would be cool to see what they came up with, with no limitations on what they could get rid of. They'd have a lot more ingredients to work with.
  13. With them finally updating the menu, what additions would you like on the menu?
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