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  1. When law enforcement went to test the drugs, DeSantis threw a fit and tried to fine them 5 grand for each kilo tested.
  2. You wanna put politician's, some of whom believe that Jewish space lasers started the California wildfires, in charge of public health decisions?
  3. So they can simulate protocols and new standards
  4. So I'm assuming you didn't go to any sort of school growing up? No college? All establishments that require vaccinations for the good of the people. But by all means, let's just stop vaccinating now, because all the nasty old diseases have been too far out of sight and out of mind to remind us how nasty they were. Polio, small pox? Bring it on! MDGA: Make Diseases Great Again
  5. Keep my name out of your mouth. I posted 1 link and it didn't stir anything up
  6. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/04/09/trump-officials-bragged-about-pressuring-cdc-to-alter-covid-reports-emails-reveal-.html
  7. Honestly, should just do it now. This forum has turned into a complain fest that ever cruise critic would be jealous of.
  8. Finally, a thread complaining about the CDC. I can't believe nobody has brought them up yet
  9. Fully vaxxed person here, could you let me know what these side effects are? Thanksss
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