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  1. This is when a good travel agent pays off!
  2. I qualify for both military and law enforcement discounts but have never received either one. Like WaaayTooo says they are very rare. As far as the tips go I take a large amount of ones, fives and tens with me for tipping cash. I have my doubts how much the waiter at the bar sees of the extra money you might add to your receipt. I used to tip the head waiter and room steward up front with extra money and I believe i received a bump in service. Then one cruise I gave the head waiter a $50 dollar bill the first night. The next night she was not there and I was introduced to my new head waiter. The assistant waiter said she was going to be escorted off the ship at the next port stop. They wouldn't tell me what she did but I'm sure they would have been in trouble for even telling me she was booted. Lesson learned. I now give extra tips in smaller increments as the cruise goes on. Relax and don't try and do too much. Remember your on vacation.
  3. Mel Fisher Maritime Museum near Mallory Square
  4. Make sure you have the correct IDs or they won't let you on the ship. Don't be late coming back to the ship when your at the port stops. The ship will not wait for you unless you are on a Royal Caribbean excursion. Every night a Cruise Compass will be left in your room that shows the next days activities and if its a port day what time you need to be back at the ship to board. Sometimes the ship time and the port stop time are different so check that before you leave. Most of all relax and try not to do everything. You will have a wonderful time.
  5. The "no shorts, flip flops and Tshirt" is not true. I see the shorts and tshirt more and more every cruise I go on, even on formal night. They will not kick you out of the dining room for wearing shorts. Swim wear would not be a good idea. I try not to judge people for what they are wearing. It will be entirely up to you whether you wear shorts and tshirts or a tuxedo. What you feel the most comfortable. Have fun and remember your on vacation.
  6. The Wow band is free for Jr Suite cabins and above.
  7. Smart move! I havent had any dealings with MEI but from what I see on here they are good. I would take their advice!
  8. Sounds like you already made up your mind. Like most of the experienced cruisers on here have said, you will be forking over $200 for a room upgrade (maybe) you havent even seen. So if that makes you feel good.....Go for it!
  9. It seems like on every cruise they come up with a newly discovered gem that is the most beautiful in the world (in their opinion) They tell a story how there is only one mine and it will run out of these stones quickly. Usually that same stone will eventually show up in local jewelry stores for about half the price. The 4 Cs of diamonds( color, clarity, cut and carat weight) really comes in to play when trying to compare diamonds at your local jewelry stores and all the diamonds you will see on a cruise. So do your homework on diamond ID if you are serious about buying diamonds on a cruise. Go to several local stores and pick the size of diamond studs you will want and write down the numbers of the 4 Cs and cost. Then you will have something to compare with. Be prepared! They will be hard selling you big time, especially the ship jewelry stores. If you are seriously looking, it will be like a kid in a candy shop. Be careful and dont get caught up in all the hoopla. My wife likes colored diamonds and she has bought several rings and studs. I think it was more the large choice of colored diamond she saw that sold her because she didnt have that choice here. Like Fonemanbob says dont take the first price they give you. I wouldnt even take the second price. If you still dont feel good about it, just walk away and tell them you want to look around at other stores. I would be very reluctant about buying at the ship jewelry shops
  10. Be prepared for the sea gulls (rats with wings) on Coco Cay. They are thick around the eating venues and I saw some stealing food right off peoples plates.
  11. Probably the vast majority of Americans cant afford to travel outside of the U.S. or cant get the time off work. In the UK you are a short train ride to mainland Europe. There are a large number that would be happy just to be able to see most of America. So you are comparing apples to oranges.
  12. We got a balcony room on our 1st RC cruise and have gotten one ever since. I like to order a pot of coffee from room service first thing in the morning and really enjoy standing out on the balcony with my cup of tasty brew. My take on the price difference is if you can afford it , get it. You only have one go around in life so make it the most enjoyable.
  13. Take it with you when you get off the ship. It will not do you any good locked in your safe in the cabin. Labadee and Coco Cay will be stops where you can leave it in the cabin.
  14. Like Ben Franklin said..."Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead"......so dont tell anyone else.
  15. Considering the amount of hours they put in a week the hourly wage would be a joke.
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