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  1. I would still get a notarized statement from the parents stating the child can get off or on the ship with you. It is always good to have a backup (plan B)
  2. yes you are allowed to wear the wear the hoodies, jeans, sweatpants etc. It depends where you are going if you need many warm weather clothes.. The Caribbean is warm even in the evening in January. Beach towels are provided free of charge but you have to check them out and they will charge your account if you dont bring them back There are plenty of places to watch the stars on the pool deck at night. Do some exploring when you get on board and I m sure you will find a good place. Not sure about the theme nights Symphony is a large ship and there will be a fair amount of young adults on board. Not as many as a summer or spring break cruise but still a fair amount. There wont be many young families with kids because of school. First cruisers need to make sure they have the right paper work (IDs) or they will not let you on the ship. And it is strongly advisable that you get to the cruise port the day before the cruise. Spend the extra money of hotel and dont take a chance of being late. The cruise ship will not wait on you.
  3. We stayed at the Hampton Inn near the cruise port but it was years ago so I m not sure what kinda deal they have now. Parking was reasonable in their indoor parking garage for New Orleans . They also had a shuttle that took you to the port from the hotel. Its not too far from the French Quarter but I would google up the location and see if it fits your needs. Good luck and happy cruising.
  4. Most all luggage fits under the bed. If you are having a tight fit just lift up the bed and inch or two and the luggage will fit right in. Happy sailing
  5. I do not think they will let you free lance. At least they didn't on Labadee.
  6. Sinbad the comedian was on one of our Oasis cruises. He was friendly, not one of the nose up in the air type of celebrities. There was suppose to be several NBA players on board with him but I don't follow basketball so I didn't know who they were.
  7. Dont assume just because your driving you can leave on the morning of the cruise. Traffic accident that backs up traffic, your car breaks down, you have a minor accident etc etc. Still leave a day early and get a room. I live in Fl and drive to about 90% of my cruises and I always go a day early.
  8. Our TA sends us all our documents, luggage tags, etc in a zippered pouch. Another advantage of a TA.
  9. If you take prescription medicine and taking it with you in a pill carrier, take pictures of all the prescription bottles on your cell phone. We also take pictures of our passports and drivers licenses.
  10. An early mistake was not doing research on how to play blackjack. How hard can it be to count to 21? My first trip to the blackjack table was not good. There were some unhappy campers at the table by the time I got run off. If you plan on playing blackjack, read some books on the how to play smart. It will not only pay off money wise but you won't have some people throwing things at you the rest of the cruise.
  11. I told my wife that according to RC rules, women are not allowed to wear underwear. I did keep a straight face but she still didnt believe me
  12. Also the Park Cafe.....;good salads and sandwiches
  13. I think you covered about all the free dining but I think there is a free soft ice cream machine somewhere on the top deck. Maybe the pool deck?
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