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  1. Looking at your picture I would say you are fair skinned. So please bring some good sunscreen and use it often. If you haven't been to the tropics, the sun is different than the sun in Utah. You can fry quickly in the caribbean sun And just because you might not be in the direct sun you can still be burned from reflective rays from the white sand and water. Don.t mean scare you but be careful and have a great cruise.
  2. it will depend on how early you get up in the morning on how fast the coffee arrives. You can order a large pot or a small pot. We get the large pot. Get on the phone to room service first thing when you get up. Also we always tip the server about $5
  3. You need to take into account that everyone and their grandmother will be trying to get out of Disney on Sunday morning!
  4. You shouldnt have any surprises at the end of the cruise as you can check your room tab anytime you want on your in room TV.
  5. Is lobster just a vehicle to eat melted butter>
  6. Is this a joke? My mouth is still hanging open! If it is true I'm not sure the wife would want some stranger fondling her undies but then again she might like it. This is good for a chuckle!
  7. Not sure what kinda room your in but if its not a suite you need to start getting reservations for the shows. The comedy show is R rated so if your feelings get hurt easily it might no be for you. The aqua theatre show is a good one but like the others you will probably need reservations If you haven't already you need to get on the Cruise Planner ASAP and start planning your shows. If your in a grand suite or higher you will have an area reserved for suite guests only at the shows, except for the comedy show.
  8. I have pocket Tshirts I bought for cruising. I havent lost one yet. Knock on wood!
  9. We used to stay at the Radisson but found the Hampton Inn was a much better deal. Since we live in Fl we always drive to the port. The park and shuttle ride is a must for us so we tried the Hampton deal this last time. Dan Curtis was spot on about the Hampton Inn.
  10. All over the caribbean. Do I see them every time on the balcony? Of course not but if you are on the balcony and start looking you will see them and will know what to start looking for. Good Luck!
  11. Don't miss the flying fish! Every morning I order coffee for the room and I stand out on the balcony to enjoy the sea. If you watch closely you can see the flying fish. Depending on how high up you are will determine the size your looking for. If your above seven they will be about the size of a dragon fly. Once you see one you will be hooked.!
  12. The most important thing for all the first time cruisers is having the correct IDs for boarding. They will not let you on the ship without the proper papers!!
  13. St Marks Basilica and Doge Palace are a must stop. Make sure you have guide (tour). It is worth it as the lines are long to get into these places and a guide to navigate all you will be seeing.
  14. This is the same set up in all the European hotels we stayed in. Not sure why they don't use shower curtains or shower doors but we couldn't help but having a wet floor every time. One we stayed in Paris didn't even have a half door. You had to stand and hold the shower nozzle. That was a mess. At least the ships have a drain on the floor so it isn't too bad.
  15. Exactly our thought. Took away from the fun of it and besides it didnt seem like you had a chance of winning unless you rented one of their machines
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