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  1. Also the Park Cafe.....;good salads and sandwiches
  2. I think you covered about all the free dining but I think there is a free soft ice cream machine somewhere on the top deck. Maybe the pool deck?
  3. While on the ship I never pass a sanitizer dispenser without getting a squirt and rub my hands all over with it. When on the elevators I always use my knuckles (not finger tips) to touch the deck number or there is usually someone there that likes to be the elevator bellhop. If using the stairs don't drag you hands on the railing, just keep your hand close in case you lose your balance. Like others have said.......wash your hands as much as possible. I haven't been sick yet on a cruse. Knock on wood.
  4. Our main purpose in having a passport on the closed loop cruises is in case of an emergency. If there is a medical or family emergency it is easier to get back in the US with a passport. It doesn't do any good locked in your safe. I think people are too paranoid about losing it. Do you leave your drivers license at home because your afraid of losing it? Do you leave your wallet at home because your afraid of losing it? I can count on one hand, if I had four fingers missing, how many times I lost my wallet or license. Take a walk on the wild side, take your passport with you on the port stops.
  5. I collect Hard Rock Cafe ball caps from all the port stops.
  6. Most people eat lunch then explore the ship. Go to the dining room your assigned and find your table. It will save you wasting time looking for your table when the entrance to the dining room will be crowded the first night. LIke ChrisK2793 says.....the pool will be open
  7. If it all possible get to Port Canaveral area a day early and stay at one of the many hotels in the area. The day of the cruise arrive at the pier at about 10:30am. It doent matter what your arrive time says on your paperwork, that is a suggestion not a rule. The earlier the check in the earlier the fun starts. The windjammer buffet (stuffet) opens about 11 or 11:30 for lunch on embarkation day. There is a wide variety on the buffet so if you have picky eater in your family this might be the place. The Windjammer is also a mad house the first day. The alternative would be the Park Cafe in Central Park (great sandwiches and salads) or the Solarium Bistro on Deck 15 at the very front of the ship. Then its time to explore the ship. Your room will open around 1pm. and the sea pass cards will in a small slot next to the room door.. Your sea pass card will have deck number and table number on it. Thats always a good time to go to the dining room your assigned and find your table. Your allowed to walk right to find your table. It will save you not having to get escorted to your table the first night at dinner time. When doors open for dinner just walk right in to your table. Just a few thoughts for the first day. Take your time and enjoy!
  8. Its my understanding that you can share the comp drinks on your card but cant take drinks out of the diamond club during happy hour. I have seen people taking drinks out all the time so it might be how certain ships enforce the rule. I watched a man make about 10 trips a night in the MDR back and forth to the diamond lounge getting free drinks.
  9. OOPs ...Codyh21 must have been typing the same time as I was. He just basically said the same thing.
  10. First word of advice is to get a good travel agent Let them do the leg work for you and it doesn't cost a dime more. I use a local agent that has been doing my cruises for 20yrs but from what I have seen on here MEI is an excellent travel agency. They sponsor this web site. I like the bigger ships so I would suggest Oasis class ship. Remember whatever you decide to book if the price drops you can go back and rebook for the cheaper price up to final payment date. (usually 90 days)
  11. Since we are at diamond plus the double points don't really mean anything anymore but we like the bigger room, walk in closet and full bath with upgraded shampoo conditioner and shower gel. My wife loves the L'Occitane but I think its only available on the bigger ships.
  12. If you have never been to Florida or the tropics, bring sunscreen! Every cruise there are human lobsters walking around the ship by the 3rd day.
  13. If your a coffee drinker, order a pot of coffee in the mornings from room service (its free) just remember to give your waiter a tip. I'm a early riser so I order coffee when I get up and it usually takes about 15mins. We enjoy looking out over the water and get to see some flying fish from time to time. Enjoy your balcony time, that's why you paid the extra money. Your on vacation, don't try to do too much. Enjoy the moment
  14. Remember to keep the magnets away from your sea pass card and credit cards. They will make your sea pass card useless and you will be waiting in line at guest services getting a new card.
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