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  1. I also have been to Disney numerous times. Your transportation from cruise port to Disney and back will eat up 3-4 hrs at best. Anyone who has spent much time at Disney will tell you Disney is about waiting in lines from the ticket entrance, transportation in the park and lines to the rides. Your 5 yr old will be a very frustrated child when you have to take him back to the ship due to the small taste of Disney he will experience. He will probably be a unhappy camper. Like most have said.......make Disney a vacation in itself.
  2. Last year we were able to upgrade from a Jr. Suite to a Loft Suite on the Oasis for about $800 total. Since we wanted to try a Loft suite for a long time this was well worth it. In your case I dont think the upgrade would be worth it. We are on the Harmony this summer and hoping to upgrade again but the cost was about what you would be paying. Even with the Oasis class ship I dont believe it would be worth it.
  3. On a 7 day cruise we usually give $50 to the waiter and $30 to the asst. Unless they are below average and that has happened only one time.
  4. i always tip with cash. That way you know they are getting the tip. Bring extra ones and fives on the cruise but you can always get the smaller bills at the cash window of the casino or guest services.
  5. At the start of the cruise we usually give $5 to the baggage handlers (4 bags) $20-$50 extra to the room attendant. $30-$50 to waiter. $20 asst waiter. I don't drink anymore but when I did I gave about $1 a drink. A lot of this depends on how friendly they are and what kind of job they are doing. These people work their ass off. Help them out! I take a large amount of $1s and $5s with me on the cruise for this purpose.
  6. Exactly! Don't concern yourself with what others are wearing. Wear what you feel comfortable, if you are underdressed in Wville21's eyes....so be it
  7. If there is something you like from the MDR menu ask your waiter if it's available and in most cases they will get it for you! The Coastal Kitchen is somewhat flexible.
  8. One other thing is if the mothers name doesn't match the childs name on his birth certificate (remarried etc) then it might be smart to get a paper trail showing why they don't match. It might sound like too much but you don't want to find out at check in that you needed it. You can't have too many IDs. Like most have said ....get at least a passport card but you will still need the permission letter. Good luck! relax and have a good time. t
  9. Ah ha! Now I see why I don't get dressed up on formal night. I don't want to get lobster juice and melted butter all over my suit!
  10. I have never had anything stolen on any cruise. I think if you just hide it out of plain site it would be fine.
  11. If San Juan is your home port for the cruise then they use the industrial side. If San Juan is a cruise stop then they use the Old San Juan dock. We stay in the Old San Juan Sheraton for a 2 night pre cruise. It is right in front of the cruise port.
  12. Sorry ! Didn't mean to sound like I was lecturing. Growing up in Fl my whole life I have seen too many tourist trying to get that instant tan that look like human lobsters. Relax and have a good time. Remember your on vacation so don't stress out by trying to do too much.
  13. If you have never been to the Caribbean or Florida you need to be prepared for the sun. It is a different sun. It can fry an infant very quickly. Bring plenty of infant sunscreen!
  14. If I remember correctly there are only certain lounges and bars that honor the free Diamond drinks at happy hour (4:30-8:00)
  15. On your shopping ventures you might look into what the particular store would charge for shipping your clothes back to Norway. It could be cheaper to ship than the extra weight you would pay the airline
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