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  1. Will my wife have to pin the note to my shirt just before check in?
  2. Like Twangster said, its not just the big guy we bail out but the LARGE supply chain that gets bailed out also. Something simple like milk, goes back to the small dairy. When the auto industry was bailed out, they ended up paying back the government with interest. It wasnt just given to them free and clear.
  3. Just got back from 4 day cruise to Mexico and back on the Brilliance of the Seas. Not sure anyone will care to hear how it went since no one will be RC cruising for at least the next 30 days. Didn't seem like anyone was sick on the cruise. Washed my hands about 49,000 times, give or take a few.
  4. Yes there is so much free hidden entertainment on a cruise. We like to get a chair at the Cafe Promenade and watch the people fight over the dime store watches when they have the big watch sale.
  5. As many times as you want but the most important part is getting back on time. The ship will leave you if you are not back on time. If you are one of those that are never on time, a cruise is not a place to be late. Google "Pier Runners" and you will see what I'm talking about. People stand on their balconies on the pier side just to watch and jeer the pier runners.
  6. I agree with many on here about over doing it. Unless you drink a lot I would axe the drink package. You will have to average 5-6 drinks a day to break even and take into account your port stops. When you come back on board at 4pm now you will have to drink those 5-6 drinks. After 6 straight days of at least 5-6 drinks a day it will take its toll. I also am happy with MDR food. Is it up there with the specialty dining food. Probably not but the MDR is still very good. Give it a try (with an open mind) and if your not happy then your next cruise go for the ultimate package. Is the ultimate package a good deal? Depends on whether you like paying twice for a meal. You already paid for the MDR. Since this is your first cruise you will find there is so much to do on the Harmony you could have overloaded. Step back and look at it all. Remember your on vacation. Relax and don't try to do too much. Like I said there will be plenty to do on the Harmony
  7. Not sure what kinda room you have but usually in a standard balcony room there isn't much room to eat a meal. If one of the reasons you want to order a room service is you dont feel like dressing up, dont worry about it. Just throw something on half way decent and go to MDR. You will find you're probably dressed better than most. You can sit down, relax, order your food, take your time and have a wonderful choice of foods with plenty of room. You can still escape from it all there better than in your room. Well that's my two cents worth....enjoy, relax and have great vacation.
  8. Another reason a TA is important!
  9. There is a park and ride just off 528 on the way in to Port Canaveral. I never used it because we like to stay in a hotel the night before but when I was weighing all my options it looked like it would work for you.
  10. Not a take from the passengers but a take from RC. Both times I was on a cruise that was on the MIssissippi was nice but it is short in the day light. In the Gulf was interesting seeing the oil platforms all lit up.
  11. We sailed out of NO on the Navigator in 2013. It was in March and the March winds were doing their thing in the Gulf so it was a little rough sailing. New Orleans should be on everyones bucket list. It is an interesting city with a lot of history. Like any big city there are places and times not to go on a stroll. Good Food! One of the draw backs I have read about is the long transverse on the Mississippi.
  12. Use your knuckles instead of the tips of your fingers. to key punch
  13. I keep it with me if I am off the ship. Doesn't do much good locked in the safe on the ship.
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