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  1. If you are in a port off the ship the passport doesn't do any good locked in the safe in your cabin. Take your passport with you when go on an excursion or even just shopping. Too many things can happen that keep you from going back to the ship to get it. You have spent the extra money for the security of a passport so keep it with you.
  2. We stayed in rm 1756 which is next to one of the large suites up front. Reasons unknown to me there was another door we had to go through to get our room (along with the large suite) Halfway through the cruise I realized that door was closed but never locked. So theoretically I would have had to swipe three doors to get in my cabin. ?????????
  3. On my only Loft Suite cruise I never saw the hallway door closed. I'm not sure what the purpose of the locked hallway would be.
  4. We got a Covid-19 Vaccination Record Card with a CDC mark on it. There is a place on the bottom of the card that a sticker with name of manufacturer, lot number and date of vaccination that the vaccination site will put on your card when you get vaccination. Got both vaccines so obviously we have two stickers.
  5. Well put! I agree. I should never had said those things. I apologize to anyone that may have hurt.
  6. After spending 1000s on a cruise, how much can you save bringing your own water? Spending a little extra for water isnt going to break ya. Now I can see maybe bringing your own bottle of wine.
  7. We stayed in the JS for many years for some big reasons. Full bathroom instead of standing in the tube shower, Walk in closet, a little more room and double points. Now that we are diamond plus the double points don't mean much. Due to age getting to the next level is out of the question. When the price was right we got some GS and LS rooms and it will spoil you living the suite life. We are staying in another LS this June and like Twangster said if you can swing the price Loft Suites are highly recommended!
  8. If I have a note from my Mother will that count?
  9. I have used Diamond Lounge concierge and Suite concierge and gotten excellent service from both.
  10. We stayed at the Old San Juan Sheraton and enjoyed it there. The porters helped us learn the bus and tram systems (its free) and helped us find a good restaurant with good local food. The hotel is right across from the pier where cruise ships park (not the pier you will be leaving out) That is also close to where the bus stop is to catch Old San Juan local transportation. They have bus stop signs showing where to catch the bus. The big buses go around the outside of the city. The smaller trams go on the inside. Easier and more convenient than Uber or taxis. I think the ride to the pi
  11. Most of the info you get depends on the type of room you have. Grand suite and above requires few advanced reservations. The are dedicated reserved areas of suite guest. I believe the comedy show will require reservations for anyone. Like most have said on here, don't try to do everything. Relax, take things at a reasonable pace and enjoy yourself. Remember your on vacation.
  12. I thought one of the advantages of a TA was for them to call RC and iron things out!
  13. If you are looking to climb the C & A ladder quicker you might look into a Jr. suite next time around because you cruise points double. We did that years ago and now we are diamond plus members. Sometimes the Jr. suites aren't that much more than a standard balcony room. The Jr suites are bigger, nicer bathrooms, walk in closets on Oasis class ships, and getting on and off the ship is sometimes quicker. Keep price checking and you could bump up.
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