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  1. Im so happy you guys have been ok! If the boat had 2000 passengers and there were 50 in the "covid room" the chances of getting it are still low ish. this hasnt deterred us from cruising and will hopefully be doing the 7 night pacific coastal in sept if all goes well.
  2. The wifi on serenade last week worked perfectly except coming through one ocean pass with high mountains. We streamed lots, facetimed, did it all. we regretted not bringing our apple tv.
  3. We were on serenade up to alaska and the surf and stream worked excellent. I could facetime and do whatever i wanted. It was definitely a bit slower than at home but still worked fine.
  4. I thought i packed too much, then we ended up getting covid and having to quarantine in the room and used everything. Better to be prepared these days.
  5. Totally. Windjammer lunch was our pig out on junk then the dinners in the dining room were real fine dining.
  6. We totally knew what we were signing up for, and that covid was a poissibility. Were fine with getting it. The quarantining in the room part is hard though.
  7. We were in the other wing 86-- i did see others from deck 8 in the covid disembarkment area after you all left the ship. We all had to leave last.
  8. Must be symphony because serenade docked on sunday not saturday (i was on it lol)
  9. Ya i mean thats not really sustainable or healthy for a kid to have junk at every meal. Im glad mine chose some stuff of the adult menu cause i didnt want him eating pizza and hot dogs for a week
  10. My almost three year old was the same on this last cruise. Most of his food was off the adult menu in the mdr. Shrimp cocktail, escargot, steak, apple blossom a la mode
  11. Its totally not possible as We fully did not go anywhere for 10 days before and he had to get a pcr test 3 days before the cruise and an antigen test on embarkation. Also he started getting symptoms on wednesday night which would put the incubation period monday when he spent the entire day at adventure ocean.
  12. We literally were so well taken care of on board that we dont even mind now that we can still work tomorrow. That was the only part of the experience that made my stomach sink and regret cruising. We knew the risks on board but didnt know about the quarantining. Well of course not, because silly RC sent us a printout that expired last summer.
  13. Ya to me and how full the boat was i was really surprised there wasnt more. Also my son was the only child in there so people with kids either arent testing and reporting or they arent getting it. Seems weird as we suspected he got it from adventure ocean.
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