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  1. Does my husband need a to have the app as well??
  2. Thanks for all f the help!! I was ust looking on my app (sail tomrrow)- the massages I boooked are not showing on my calendar- nor is the drink package I purchased. The excursion and dining package do show- do I need to print out or take a screenshot of my purchases- because the massage shows on the calendatr when I access through my laptop- and the dirnk package only shows on my putrchases. I just want to be prepared!!! (-: Thanks!
  3. We set sail tomorrow- we ae excited! We are boarding at 11:30 and are going to do the Key Lunch. As we are waiting to set sail, are we able to swim (can I bring a bag with me that I do not check)? Will we have immediate access to the room? Thanks! Juliette
  4. I did not use a TA- is there any price difference- or is it the same as if we prepaid??
  5. Hello!! We are setting sail from Galveston in 30 days!!!! I just received my check in information and noticed that I did not prepay gratuities- can I do this once I board?? Thank you!
  6. Hello! Have any of you gotten The Key? I am on the fence about it- would love to hear thoughts of those who have used it!! Thanks Julee
  7. Howdy! I was just looking at my reservation coming up in 50 days (hooray) and noticed that when I click on "Dining Package" there is a "reserved" icon- same with The Key (this shows I have purchased them). When I do the same for the Beverage Package- it does not show as "reserved"- but in my order history, you can see I purchased it. For those seasoned cruisers- should I call or is this something that doesn't show up on beverages?? Thank you!
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