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  1. We're staying at County Inn & Suites June 19 - June 21. Our cruise sails on June 21
  2. Good morning, If the vaccine is required and we opt out of taking it. Will we be able to get a full refund on the cruise purchased? Thank you,
  3. I'm driving from Houston, Texas to Port Canaveral In June 2021 for a cruise
  4. The Windjammer not being an option, having to wear a face mask (anytime) and having to be quarantine when we come back home. All deal breakers.
  5. I will have to get by the Kennedy Space Center. Thank you.
  6. I'm one of those that hate flying. I will checkout the Cocoa Beach Hilton. Thank you
  7. No kids. Just the two adults on a couples vacation
  8. We reserved a cruise aboard Mariner of the Seas from the Port Canaveral, Florida. We're driving from Houston, Texas to Port Canaveral, Florida. Any ideas on hotel, restaurants and cruise parking?
  9. We had Liberty of the Seas booked out of Galveston, Texas this past March 22, 2020 and had it cancelled. We have re-booked Liberty of the seas out of Galveston, Texas for August 2, 2020. We have booked Navigator of the seas out of Galveston, Texas for April 16, 2021. Looking to book Mariner of the seas cruise out of Orlando, Florida for April 2022.
  10. Liberty of the Seas on Sunday, August 2, 2020.... I'm hopeful
  11. i would like to thank everyone for the assistance.
  12. Whats the best travel agent to use for Royal Caribbean cruises?
  13. The family will be aboard. Who else is cruise Liberty on 3/22/2020?
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