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  1. I hope you enjoy your cruise. Thank you
  2. Ours is on 1/19/23 out of galveston, Texas. Thank you
  3. I cruise in January also and I haven't received my RU. What date does your cruise begin?
  4. We're staying at County Inn & Suites June 19 - June 21. Our cruise sails on June 21
  5. Good morning, If the vaccine is required and we opt out of taking it. Will we be able to get a full refund on the cruise purchased? Thank you,
  6. I'm driving from Houston, Texas to Port Canaveral In June 2021 for a cruise
  7. The Windjammer not being an option, having to wear a face mask (anytime) and having to be quarantine when we come back home. All deal breakers.
  8. I will have to get by the Kennedy Space Center. Thank you.
  9. I'm one of those that hate flying. I will checkout the Cocoa Beach Hilton. Thank you
  10. No kids. Just the two adults on a couples vacation
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