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  1. First time cruiser and I have a few questions on getting from Orlando airport to Port Canaveral... I am flying in the night before the cruise (have a hotel near port) and leaving late on the day we return, again from Orlando airport. Should I get a shuttle from the airport or rent a car? I know there are parking fees near the port but the the shuttle looks to be about $200 for the four of us and a car for the whole trip is just slightly more. And we are not flying home until late the night of the cruise return so we will need a car (perhaps) after the cruise and before we fly home. Does that seem to be the best approach? Or should we take a shuttle? If so, best shuttle. And how could we navigate the day of cruise return if we don't fly out until nearly 10:00 that night. Best parking options if we get a car? And lastly, Nassau excursions advice, links? The RC excursions seem pretty expensive and not great. Sorry for the long post, I am new to cruising and appreciate the feedback/advice.
  2. We live in Missouri and we wear masks all the time. At work, at the grocery store, everywhere... I cannot believe that we are still doing this "I can't bear to wear a mask" thing. This is a highly transmissible, deadly virus... I do not think that wearing a mask is too much to ask to try to keep people safe. If that courtesy is too much than cancel your cruise. Have you not flown the past year? We flew earlier today and they were very clear, if you don't want to wear a mask then don't fly, period. End of discussion. The same could be said for cruises...
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