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  1. We are booked to sail on Brilliance of the Seas Jan 17th with our 85 year old mom (this could be her last cruise). I just read that there is a new requirement to wear a mask EVERYWHERE - even in all vaccinated areas - casino, shows, concierge club, etc..... We were on Jewel of the Sea July 5th sailing and were required to wear a mask in public areas but did not need to in the public vaccinated areas. This was somewhat acceptable but we would have preferred no masks. We decided to book again because we enjoyed the 50% capacity and were offered a great deal through the casino. BACK to Brilliance...I don't know if anyone from Royal Carribean reads this, but we are going to cancel our upcoming Jan 17th cruise due to the burdomsome requirements of masks. Isn't being vaccinated enough? Is having personal responsibility of how much risk one is willing to take enough? Personally I am tired of the CDC recommendations shutting down entire industries. I am fully vaccinated, including a booster. I have also had covid. I am willing to take the risk. Why is everyone being burdened to adhere to these recommendations? RC is a private company. Please consider changing the mask requirement back - It just won't be enjoyable wearing a mask everywhere. We live in Florida and live my daily life without wearing a mask everywhere I go except Dr. offices. We have no desire to adhere to rules much stricter than we have in daily life. How about offering a cruise that no-one has to wear masks and people can decide if that works for them?
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