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  1. He does, as long as you're not sailing Against the Wind.
  2. The card I got from the cast of Grease on the Independence. I do production photography for the actors and this is the first time the cast did anything like this. What a great bunch!
  3. Harmony of the Seas, April 4 to 16, 2021. From Port Canaveral to Barcelona. Time to dust off the camera and polish the lens again!
  4. Sandy, Danny, and I wish you a Happy New Year.
  5. Commercial shippers aren't allowed to ship packages of magnets as cargo, but the TSA gives an OK to bringing magnetic items in checked or carry on baggage ( https://www.tsa.gov/travel/security-screening/whatcanibring/items/magnets ).
  6. They were on the President's Cruise last year. Complete with Filipino singer just like Arnel Pineda! Very faithful cover band.
  7. Gary Williams - Sings Rat Pack era songs. He doesn't bill himself as doing a tribute to Frank Sinatra, but can sound just like The Chairman. Also sings some original songs and has performed for HRM Queen Elizabeth last year. Solomon Jaye - An old fashioned showman. Sings, dances, plays instruments - all well. I'm a bit biased here since Solomon was the first performer to feature my photos in his print advertising. Hector Ruiz (formerly Hector Is Magic) - Probably the kindest performer I've seen shipboard. Puts on a family friendly show in Spanish and English, but does it so that th
  8. If you're on a smaller ship, to bring a bottle of Meclizine (very inexpensive on Amazon) and take it before you get sick if there are a lot of waves. I always thought it was a cliche that people turned green when seasick. A friend's wife was a combination of ghostly white and very light green. She lost 2 days being seasick.
  9. From Freedom of the Seas "Invitation to Dance". It reminded me of a scene in "All that Jazz".
  10. For some reason, the message board changed your animated GIF after you posted it. Your happy cat people were cool.
  11. A good Broadway jukebox musical would be nice. "Beautiful", "Jersey Boys", "Head Over Heels" or even "Nice Work (If You Can Get It)" have enough recognition of their music to keep audiences interested between drydocks. Plus, none have extravagant set or costume demands. But "Beautiful", while not a one-woman-show, would put a lot of pressure on whoever played Carole King.
  12. I was going to use some old evidence markers and outline tape, but this is more low key (and can be used as a beer bong if need be). Plus, they're only $1.00 at Dollar Tree for the collapsible cones.
  13. My first cruise was a TA on the Jewel in 2007. We paralleled a small hurricane for a couple days. A third of the crew was sick, the Shops On Board were closed because a lot of the bottles in Duty Free had broken and it smelled like a distillery on that entire deck. It was hard to walk in open areas because of the pitching and rolling. So I thought it would be a good idea to see if the little snack bar on the fantail (up a flight of stairs from the putting green) was open. I was surprised to see the crew and the feeling was mutual. It may not have been a good idea to climb an outside
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