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  1. Too bad there's an intermission, It wakes people up from their Cats nap.
  2. I tried to make sense of the word salad that was on the marquee, but thought The Gift might actually come together and be something good to photograph. Hint: It didn't and wasn't. Only RCI show I won't go back to. (As opposed to Grease and Once Upon a Time, which are fun after 12 shows each).
  3. Almost forgot, our group asked if there was anything Filipino on the menu (including crew menu). So every night we had great dishes like I get in Southern Leyte. Then one night the waiter (also Filipino) brings boiled tripe. I live in the Visayas (The area roughly between Luzon and Mindinao) and never saw tripe anywhere - in the wet markets, cooked by friends or even served in restaurants). We tried to cut it, but a regular knife wouldn't quite do the job without a lot of sawing. It wasn't really tough like gristle, but more like gelatin-coated Aramid fibres. We eat Dinuguan (soup ma
  4. I'd prefer a pay channel of "Waiting for your tour group number to be called in the theatre".
  5. Or a Maine Coon. Though a Yukon Moose would be a good substitute (though a bit large).
  6. Actually I was unfaithful. My last cruise was on the Sky Princess. The photo is from Rock Opera.
  7. Good news, there was special seating and I always got to sit at the end of the aisle in the theatre. Bad news, it was because I was in a wheelchair (Destroyed ACL on the way to the cruise).
  8. It seemed like there was a parmesan and olive oil crust. Or at least I wanted to believe that. The good news was that they were served in the Diamond lounge during the alcohol buffet, so people could just as easily blame the sickness on the olives as on the drinks. The first night in the lounge I wore a Barong Tagalog (Filipino formalware shirt) and was served by a Filipino bartender. I ordered a Jack and Coke. My legs didn't work well after the drink. The next night I saw him pour me a triple without telling me. I would have probably eaten the whole tray of olives that first night.
  9. I'm used to being a plebe and just getting sawdust and olive oil, so the olives were an upgrade. Just kidding, Royal regularly outdoes itself on snacks so these are just a "Meh" rather than "People thought I was in The Exorcist".
  10. I thought these looked interesting enough to get a camera before the crowd finished the tray off. Word must have passed quickly, 15 minutes later only a few were taken.
  11. He does, as long as you're not sailing Against the Wind.
  12. The card I got from the cast of Grease on the Independence. I do production photography for the actors and this is the first time the cast did anything like this. What a great bunch!
  13. Harmony of the Seas, April 4 to 16, 2021. From Port Canaveral to Barcelona. Time to dust off the camera and polish the lens again!
  14. Sandy, Danny, and I wish you a Happy New Year.
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