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  1. Hi All, I'm travelling on OTS on Monday out of Civitavecchia Port. Boarding time is 12:30. I was planning on being parked up in the port at 11:30, giving me an hour to play with. Is there any reason I would need to be there earlier, like in airports for example they tell you to arrive 2 or 3 hours early for check in and all that. I've already checked in online and have my set sail pass.
  2. Man, I'm going to have to cancel all the shore excursions at this rate!
  3. Now im wondering is it possible to try every drink they serve on the boat twice.
  4. Well shit, this just keeps getting better! The drinks package was actually pretty cheap too, €40 per person per day. I called them up to see if they could give me a deal and they said they had a special offer on for Europe. Final question, let's just say this friend of mine wanted to make it a double and he had a tip, is that also cool? Or do I need to keep ordering a another drink everytime. Shit, I mean my friend, will he have to order seperate drinks.
  5. From the second i get on!? Whoo-we! I've never been on a cruise, now that it's getting close I'm starting to get excited about this whole all you can eat and drink malarkey. And let's just say you wanted to kick start your day and have a drink with breakfast... is that cool? Asking for a friend .....
  6. Like, can I order a drink once I'm checked in and got to my room, or do you have to wait until it sets sail for the cruise to officially begin?
  7. Hi Fuddman, We will be arriving early too. Myself and my wife will spend a month touring Italy in our motorhome before the cruise. We will leave it parked up in Civitavecchia and take off again after the cruise. Hi Boujee Cirlio What a great way to spend your honeymoon and congrats on the wedding! That sounds good, I will probably have explored it before the cruise by scooter, so another perspective could be nice. Drop me a line at [email protected] if you have a priced it up. Regards Eddie
  8. I'm sailing on Oddessy in September. I called up on the phone and got it for €42 when booking the cruise. She said that's only for European customers though, which I thought was odd.
  9. I love to get dressed up. Any excuse to put on a suit. How do I know how many formal nights are on the cruise and when? I can't seem to find any info about it on the cruise planner.
  10. I'm a newbie so maybe I'm mixing it up, but to me it didn't seem like the prepaid gratuities were required at all. I was asked would I like to, I asked what's the best way, what's the benefits of prepay etc. And the person advised me there was no need to sign up to the prepaid gratuities at all if I'd rather pay on board. A further question while on this topic. I did decide to go for the prepay option. But how will the person serving me know that I have already paid the tips? Or will the staff just not know who has paid tips at all so it seems to them like you are only tipping on the occasions when you are giving an extra on board tip in addition to the prepay?
  11. I've never been on a cruise so I don't know, but is it possible to order double's when you have the unlimited drinks package? That might help to get around the small measures of alcohol they are using. I live in Ireland, here our shots are 37.5ml at a minimum and I always drink doubles so I'm used to 75ml per drink. I'll be all day trying to get my buzz on with crappy little measures.
  12. According to the online cruise planner we will be in Athens on 22/09 and Santorini on the 23/09. However, when I check the port schedule for Athens it says Odyssey of the Seas is not booked into port until the 23/09 and the port schedule for Santorini says Odyssey of the Seas is booked in for 22/09. So either RC are wrong, or the port schedule is wrong. My problem is that I am booking shore excursions externally from local operators and I'm hiring a car from a local operator, so I need to be sure that if RC says we are in Athens on 22/09 and Santorini on the 23/09 that we are actually there for those dates because I'll have rental cars / bikes paid for. I spoke with a guy from RC on the phone and he told me the RC itinerary is up to date and correct and that there must be a problem with the port schedules website, but he doesn't fill me with confidence. Have any of you ever experienced this? Regards, Eddie
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