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  1. The DBP has been averaging $44 pretty consistently since I booked my December cruise. A sale just ended last night on it and then today I get another email about the sale being extended through tonight
  2. Cruise scheduled for Adventure December 14th. Cruise planner sales are still the same for us today as it was yesterday, kind of odd as I thought the sale was supposed to end yesterday.
  3. Just got my FCC email. Guess the person on the Facebook messenger got it done!
  4. Yeah if I don’t have the FCC in my email by Monday I will just call and ask them to give me the certificate numbers on the phone. If your new cruise gets cancelled you will just be issued a new FCC. I’m sailing in December unless Royal cancels the sailing. If they do I’ll just request the full refund, not a big deal.
  5. Update on mine: According to RCCL Facebook Messenger, my FCC's were emailed to me March 24th. I never received them. I check my inbox and spam folders daily. He said he will duplicate the credits and they should be in my email by the end of the week. Rather frustrating as I have been on the phone with them multiple times since the 24th, and have asked about the FCC each time, and was never told they had been processed. If you are still waiting, ask via Facebook Messenger. Maybe you will actually get a response that gives some guidance!
  6. Glad to see some people are getting their credits. Not me. March 16th cruise cancellation and still no credit, no update email, nothing. Guess I will have to call. This has taken entirely too long.
  7. Still waiting for my FCC from March 16th cancellation...starting to wonder if I would have been better off requesting a refund.
  8. Just to confirm I’m reading this right, it is taking 45 business days for FCC from the first round of cancellations?
  9. When was your cruise supposed to be that the FCC is for? Just curious. Maybe mine is coming soon!
  10. Has anybody received their FCC’s for the first round of cancellations that were supposed to be delivered by April 13th? I received my refunds but still no FCC’s yet. Anybody still in the same boat?
  11. Wow, that is crazy that they haven’t even processed your refund yet. Sorry to hear that. Royal has botched this majorly. I’m curious how the refund process went for the other cruise lines, or if they are just as bad with it.
  12. You do realize that it shouldn’t take 2 months to receive refunds right? It does not hurt to call when the day they told us refunds would be here has come and gone and people are still without refunds. It has nothing to do with getting a refund quicker, but it is finding out if it has been processed so you can count out the 30 days from process date to get an approximate arrival day since their estimates aren’t right. Some of us aren’t okay letting a company hold our money and continuously lie about when we will get the refunds, starts to make you think the refund will never c
  13. I agree 100%. My guess is that there was so many cancellations that their system likely crashed, causing them to process refunds by hand. My biggest issue with them right now is the complete lack of honesty to their customers as far as the timelines. We get it, you messed up your timeline the first time, tell us that with a mass email rather than making me call and ask where my refund is.
  14. Call them and ask when yours was processed then count out 30 business days from the date they say, that will give you a decent estimate on when you will receive your refund.
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