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  1. I think it's a good thing they canceled these sailings as royal has stAted they are starting with a limited fleet. This just helps them narrow down which ships to start with.
  2. Yep I'd say your correct. They are expecting to sail in China in july
  3. If is mentioned that capacity will be reduced it was just hidden in there
  4. So how long does it take to install hepa filters on a ship? Is this something that can be picked up at port then installed at sea, or something that needs to be installed at port? May take quite a while to get all ships equipped so I'd look closely at whatever ships get them first as they may be the ones starting out for Norwegian
  5. Sounds like we are in similar situations! The hospital I work for actually closed out covid floor about three weeks ago and have not had any patients admitted with covid for over a week. So we're a bit behind you but still we won't have our businesses open here till probably mid july
  6. Happy to help. We applied to an October cruise. Pretty happy with the extra 25% and all the cruise planner sales!
  7. The amount of people who are ignoring their own health because the media has them terrified they will catch covid are astonishing. Worked on a woman last week who had a stroke but was to scared to come into the ER when her symptoms first presented. She said the news said she would be a burden on us if she came in. It's heart breaking. The truth of the matter is the hospitals in my state were not overun or at the brink of collapse at any point of covid 19. The media scared people to death when they shouldn't have been scared. And now my governor is changing his tune saying quarantine wasn't just for hospitals 😑 Fauci goes back and forth with what he thinks covid will do in the fall and even with quarantining or not quarantining No one knows what will happen and some people we have in power are just trying to save face at this point. It's disgusting. I feel for all those who are ignoring their own health and who may very well die from soemthing that couldn't have been treated all bc of being worried about covid 19
  8. Your cruise planner...there will be a pop up message right when you sign in saying you have on board credit. You must call first to have it applied to the sailing that you want it applied foo
  9. I got mine the same day I called you activate it
  10. I'm just waiting and waiting to see how august will go. Which ships will sail? The amount of angry customers who think their sailing just to find out last minute nope all navigator cruises are canceled were jsut doing mariner sailings , is going to be horrendous Disney has stopped taking reservations for trips till the end of the year citing that what they sold may already reach the new capacity. I'd expect royal to do the same thing for their ships. I can see them still taking it month to month though of course their going to want to sail as many as they can. Expect alot more angry posts on these boards on the first of the months I had a thought today about coco cay. Having two ships there seems to be a bad idea anymore. Lines for the thrill tower slides get lengthy. Pool bars at most all inclusives have no been closed. The main food there is a buffet. What they do with this port will be very interesting as most have two ships anymore
  11. Precisely this. It's just the way viruses work. The go away they come back they go away they come. This one has been dying down since April. Yes it's worse then the regular flu but I can all but guarantee that if there is a new wave in the fall we will not quarantine like we did these last few months. It won't happen. Yes the virus was deadly but it's long term effects on businesses and economies world wide is insane. Many will be suffering for a very long time.
  12. So from this you'd subtract taxes, fees, port expenses, gratuity then multiply the answer.by 1.25. if this break down for just one person or whole group? If it's more then one person then it will be wrong as each person on the booking gets their own credit.
  13. We bring ours off...in the Bahamas we were asked for or passports to get back on the ship so I'd assume is like that at the other ports (you do not need to bring them off for coco cay and labadee tho) Invest in a nice backpack that will strap on to a chair then have the zippers locked so no one can I get in. Pac safe has backpacks as well as mini safes to keep valuables in while you can't attend to them. Or a waterproof fanny pack. Yes I've seen them loads of times at beaches. I was so worried in Bahamas. But locked my beach bag to my chair and went to the ocean. No one bothered my items
  14. If you can post a picture of your cruise fare break down I will attempt to tell you what your FCC should be as mine turned out to be what I expected it to be from my calculations As for the hotel and theme park tickets I'd assume they will just be a straight refund. I can't imagine that they wouldn't be. But of course a dreaded phone call to rc would be the only way to weed that one out. Sounded like a ton of fun!
  15. I brought everything that had for my canceled may cruise Dbp The key Thrill water park Will book observtorium it's not offered right now and who knows if it will be. Decided to also get a bungalow in labadee Still have $500 left over after the great memorial day sale. I've saved hundreds. Not sure what we're going to do. Maybe by a dinner at izumi, wings and such at playmakers, maybe breakfast or lunch room service 🤷‍♀️ I don't want to load up my days with pre planned stuff.
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