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  1. I'm sorry for those that canceled under cruise with confidence and just got a FCC....but you knew you were only getting a FCC when you canceled so why would you expect a refund the next day or days later when royal did cancel? Just playing devil's advocate here. I get it's frustrating
  2. Did they cancel your original cruise that gave you the cruise credit? Then yes you get a refund If you yourself canceled the cruise under cruise with confidence and received a FCC then no you do not get a refund
  3. No my travel agent said since they canceled it we were entitled to a refund. They even refunded the 125% cruise planner items (just 100% obviously )
  4. I used a FCC from a may canceled cruise and booked for October. I asked for a refund now since they canceled and I'm getting everything back
  5. Well my travel agent got me a refund on both the FCC and my 125% cruise planner credit since royal canceled my cruise. So it's possible
  6. So I opted for a FCC from my canceled may cruise and the 125% cruise planner credit. I know I can get a refund in the FCC but do a get a full monetary refund on the 125% cruise planner credit (minus the 25% obviously)
  7. You cannot . You have to choose either just the FCC or FCC and cruise planner 125% credit. You cannot get a refund and choose the cruise planner credits
  8. Canceled may cruise we opted for the FCC and 125% cruise planner credit. Rebooked for October I'm going to fight like hell for a refund for both. If seen some be successful with getting the FCC refunded. I will not be traveling in 2021 due to us wanting to start a family. Since I won't know when we will be pregnant I can't book a cruise. I think it's unfair for them to not consider a refund when they can't even give a concrete re sale date. Worse case scenario I'll wait till the last possible time in 2022 to cruise . I really hope they extend out date to book by. December 2021 just isn't enough time for my situation. I never ever thought we wouldn't be cruising by October. Now Bahamas is closed to the USA so I'm sure Coco cay is out now too.
  9. Even if I used a FCC for my booking?
  10. I'm with you. I hope my job lifts my 14 day quarantine too but not holding my breathe. Already told my manager I'm going if they sale and not to expect me back for 3 weeks I have the Vaca time since literally every one of my other plans got squashed Cruiseliners will not survive going 8+ months without revenue. Expect to see ships being sold and iteniaries canceled if they cancel the rest of 2020.
  11. So my TA called royal today and they said if royal cancels the cruise then I am eligible for a 100% refund.....literally everything you guys have said is opposite that. I'm so lost ?
  12. NYC is looking great compared to Florida right now...oh how the tables have turned
  13. I'm 50/50 with October happening just got an email today saying I'll have to quarantine for 14 days after international travel so now looks like I'll be taking 3 weeks of vaca off at one time
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