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  1. Hospitalizations are up, people need to take this serious to get through it. From what I can see and read the idea that this is just going to go away isn´t reality. It also seems a far greater number of medical professionals and scientists are in that same mind set. Just trying to ignore it doesn´t seem to be the right path forward.
  2. I know, can´t blame them either. I think Nassau will open eventually probably before US.
  3. Mine would too, but I would not care. We would be back cruising.
  4. 😄 we find it the perfect place to go when we board the Anthem, especially in the fall or early spring. bypass the windjammer crowds, Bistro opens up we get a pate of food and just relax till we can go to our cabin, and it is the perfect place to just relax during the cruise.
  5. I would take a sail to CoCo Cay even with only 1 day there. Though I think Nassau is a pretty good bet to be open up even to people from the USA. lol
  6. At this point I would feel safer leaving from Port Liberty than Fla. Fla cases going way up, NY/NJ steady now, don´t know for how long though. All is complete supposition now, all you can do is sit back and wait to see what unfolds. I am sure as soon as RCCL has figured out what the window for sailing is they WILL let us all know. I think they are doing the best they can under the circumstances. We all want to get back to sailing asap, I am sure they feel the same.
  7. ehw51


    Each time we have been there it has been closed for wind.
  8. It has not been confirmed, but read it will be on country of a persons place of residence. Seems pretty certain it will include US at least through July maybe Aug.
  9. Anything to put it in front of them can´t hurt, at least they might see people actually care about and want to go back to cruising.
  10. Look in your area for Legal Assistance/Aid, they are great with helping or giving advice, most work on a sliding scale.
  11. Sorry for your loss, we have been petless for a few years now (19 yr old husky) miss her but it is easier not to go thru the puppy stuff again. And easier to go away. Back to the original post. I don´t think this is payback to Fla, considering it was NY, NJ and Conn and there are 8 states involved now.
  12. Agree that it´s to early to know what will happen, long way off. Seems like waiting for christmas when you were a kid, I want to know if they will use the same formula for countries that they are using for states. Who enforces your quarantine, before and after your cruise, we spend the night before in NJ,
  13. Cancellations are getting closer to our Nov 30th, still hold out hope they can find a way forward. If not we have 2 booked for 21. There are a bunch of trials going on, hopefully there will be more than one vaccine. Fauci seems to be saying the possibilities are pretty good that they will find a vaccine relatively, soon just hope it is sooner than later.
  14. Think we are sold on the [email protected] in 2021. we are already booked for Nov so we have started to look to the cruises before and after. I hope there will be another sale coming up after they cancel the Aug/Sept. Maybe a 4th of July CP sale also.
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