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  1. Also paid 58.99PP CoCo Beach Club for 11/30/20 Anthem, was 97.99 yesterday., back to 58.99 today. Looked up CP prices for our 10/21 Anthem b2b, same ship, prices different from each segment. Water pkg 11.00 on 1st, 15.00 on second. The Key is now 23.99 for the 1st, 27.99 on the 2nd. Seems pretty arbitrary. Iḿ sure there will be future sales closer to sailings for later in 21
  2. Favorite memory of the last cruise, the entire cruise! From Port Liberty to Canaveral to Nassau to CoCo Cay and back. And Can´t wait to go back! But especially our perfect day at CoCo Cay. My wife and I just chilled all day. Perfect
  3. Lucky, we have a b2b booked for next Oct, should be figured out by then.
  4. I am sure they will figure a way to get it done. I would think they have already looked at re configuring the terminal some way. Timing for this year seems to be closing.
  5. Just did a fake booking for our Anthem, Nov 29, 2020, tons of open cabins on all the decks. Prices are way up too, cabins on both sides empty. Cruise planner sale prices are same as they were a couple of sales ago. It will be interesting to see how many people will book if it does NOT get canceled. Sure looks like it will be canceled. I completely agree that prices will go up and most of us will pay.
  6. A friend of mine (dual citizenship) born in Quebec, resides in US. He went to the Lewiston/Queenston bridge to cross, 2 weeks ago today. He was going up to race a horse tonite. Before leaving he spoke with the ministry of health, he gotsome kind of exemption that all he had to do was, Have a negative test within 12 hrs of arriving at the border. He already had rented a house and will be there for 8 weeks, some how got an exemption to only quarantine for 7 days, get a test and he was clear to race last Sat night. Only thing he had to do was stay away from the other people in the paddock area la
  7. On the same Anthem 10/30?21, don´t know if he can l/s it´s a little over the time
  8. We are on the same cruise, we´re gonna make the final payment and ride it out, and see what happens. We are already booked on a b2b starting on 10/30, basiclly same cruise. We really cant lose anything.
  9. We had dinner in the Solarium last Dec, a couple came in and ordered 4 entrees, one was a special order. Nice looking young couple. The meals came, and they complained about each of them. Then they went to get desert, didn´t like any of them either. We talked to the waiter when they left, one bite out of each of the dinners and the deserts just left the rest. Classless
  10. the elevator rush thing is a classic, especially when it is a person on a scooter.
  11. Last couple of cruises the ice cream was hit and miss if they had an attendant. It seemed the first couple of days and the last day they were there almost constantly. I think the days of self serve are going to be gone for awhile.
  12. Royal Chocolate cake last spring on the Anthem, dry with no taste, never had a bad creme brulee on any cruises. Th worst though was the sugar free lemon cookie on our first cruise on the Liberty, looked great NO taste, now I stay away from anything sugar free especially on cruises.
  13. We have our first b2b 10/21, can´t wait. Hopefully we will all be back on the sea soon.
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