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  1. To add to my memories, I had "forgotten" about this one, but it's a fun reflection now. This was two cruises ago in 2019 on Anthem, when I tried my hand at the Belly Flop Contest. Needless to say, I didn't get my legs up and my less-than-stellar form hurt my score. Turns out it didn't hurt my belly any less, but the notoriety on the ship for the rest of the week, and my kids' hilariously watching the replays on the TV all week, more than made it worth it. My score was only a 2, but Dennis said I reminded him of the light inside of his refrigerator for that nice and bright complexion of mine. I
  2. We obviously can't be certain what will happen post-COVID and what that means for check-in, but we were on HOTS in Port Canaveral in January of this year, DID NOT have the Key, and we were on the ship before 11 am. We got to the terminal just after 10 am(ish). We are "lowly" Gold C&A members, with nothing special one way or the other, and we were held up maybe 5 minutes for a few of the higher-up classes and some Suite guests to be lead on, and then we were sent right on, right along with some Key holders. I'd say for boarding purposes alone, the Key wouldn't provide that much benefit.
  3. For us, me especially, the last one we did was Harmony in late January and coming down from Maine, we appreciated the warmth and humidity! That first time stepping onto the ship, hearing the loud music, feeling the warmth on your face, knowing you don't have to shovel for 7 days, and then look for a bartender...it's a wonderful feeling! And on that particular sailing our daughter's birthday was our day in St. Maarten, so swimming and enjoying the ocean and beach with her, in that setting, was something I'll never forget. Too many memories to pick a best! Can't wait to make many more!
  4. We were supposed to be on Oasis this upcoming January, but we have two littles (6 and 5) and decided with the uncertainty to L&S out to January 2022, but we shifted to Harmony as it has an itinerary sailing 1/23/22 that goes to BOTH Labadee and CocoCay, and the day we're at CocoCay will be our daughter's birthday! As an aside, I would welcome any and all advice for Falmouth, Jamaica, with the two littles. Thanks!
  5. A curious question; I wonder how far off from the new recommended protocols (excluding masks and the "super" Covid-19 specific) that they will have to adhere to, were their cleaning methods that have been in place? It always appeared to me they did an above and beyond job as it was, so I wonder if there was a way they could petition for their current methods to meet the protocols? I wonder if that would help alleviate some implementation, and maybe make it a little more "normal" as we knew it (and back to it quicker?!), so it just makes me wonder where they will have appeared to be deficient,
  6. Thanks for the info! Back to the drawing board on my great drink package plan!
  7. Can you stack the rewards of OBC? Say you get enough gold coins to purchase 3 or 4 of the $100 OBC...could you theoretically have $400 OBC on your sailing? I just started this game literally yesterday after seeing this post, figuring why not if it's free? Thanks!
  8. Knock, Knock Who's there? On a street of 25 houses, you're the only one without a doorbell!
  9. We did the Guac class on Harmony on the 1/26/20 sailing just a few weeks ago. We booked three of us, including our son, who LOVES guacamole. We were a bit disappointed to find out that the class isn't participation at all, it's basically a demonstration. No one from the class will actually make guac, you'll watch the waiter at your table make it, and then they give you the recipe to take home after. You do get all the guac, a great meal and a margarita out of it, so for the fee it's still worth it in that sense. Had I paid more attention to the description I probably would have known this goin
  10. Congratulations on the Vow Renewal, my family will be on this cruise as well, hope to see you guys around and celebrate!
  11. Harmony 1/26/20! I'll be behind the...
  12. Wanted! We saw them on Anthem in February and really liked them as well! The lead singer was super nice and spent some time chatting with us and let the kids take pictures with his hollow guitar and gave them all sorts of cool stuff from the band. We also saw Tommy Green Jr in the pub on our sailing, and he had a fiddler with him. They actually played a longer set in the Main Theater one night, and they were amazing. We watched him several nights in the pub because he was that good in our opinion!
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