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  1. We all believe, admittedly with some of our own bias, just how biased the CDC is against the cruise industry, and just how bad these double-standards are, and how unfair they are, but I know nothing about the legal implications and the landscape this will play out on. Without knowing the proper context of the lawsuit and what it goes after; I still can't but help thinking, how in the heck could the CDC win this one? How could anyone with any sense of reasonable judgment look at that compared to other industries and what they HAVE allowed, and not rule in the cruise lines' favor? I say that wit
  2. Do you suspect now that Florida has done this, and given if this has any real strength to it, that those other states will feel inclined to join and up the pressure? I know it's pure speculation as I ask...
  3. We all know why 6 was afraid of 7; because 7, 8 (ate), 9...but do we know WHY 7 ate 9? Because they needed 3 "squared" meals a day!
  4. We also love the Bionic Bar. The kids get a kick out of coming along (great parenting! ) and ordering their non-alcoholic versions right along with us. I find myself in the same situation every cruise though, I always order a Bahama Mama. I never drink them all year, but once on the ship, it's all I get. Weird ritual? Who knows. I would like to branch out too, but the Bionic Bar is always a fun way to grab a drink and have some fun.
  5. This will be fun to look back on and see who "got it", strictly for fun! Best guess says we still need all of the proper clearances, test cruises, adjustment period, final go-ahead....let's say Sunday, August 22nd. I mean, why not?
  6. I understand my place in the minority for this opinion, but I absolutely love the new style of the name for Odyssey. I think it's just unique enough, just different enough, but still has the look and feel of the RC font and style, that I just really like it. The more I see it, the more I like it, and I'm 110% all for it!
  7. Happy to help! Like I said, it's not as "quick and easy" as PWM, so I understand that point, but the C&J is $24 per person, round trip from Portsmouth to Logan, runs basically 24/7 and has very convenient timing, and has free parking. Works out way cheaper than driving all the way to Logan and paying for the parking their alone, and you get the savings of the flights. Definitely worth a look, if you don't mind the added time and distance of Logan over PWM from home.
  8. Teddy, we have this same problem (we're in Buxton). We found that going to Portsmouth and taking the C&J to Logan is actually way cheaper than normal for getting there, parking, etc. and still allows us to save considerably on the flights. I totally understand this doesn't include the cost of time, having to drive away from home, and the hassle of not being right in Portland after the flight, but it's worth looking at.
  9. I think I'm overly obsessed with watching these documentaries and seeking out ANYTHING on YouTube for people's vlogs! I really enjoy watching them, learning the ins and outs of how others approach cruising and thinking of how we could make our experiences that much better for it. I think I enjoy these much more than TV show haha! I've even had the cool luck to spot ourselves in the background of one vloggers trip aboard Harmony! Needless to say I rewatch that one a bit more . Do you guys have any regulars, go-to's, that you look for, for vlogs on YouTube that may not be as known?
  10. I have a conflicted opinion. I'm very partial to Anthem simply because it was the first Royal ship we sailed on and I had such a great time that it just will always stand out as "the first". Our second was on Harmony, and to reiterate everyone else's thoughts of the WOW factor and the amenities, the shows, the Oasis class...the Harmony is simply amazing, but that's where my conflict comes in. I'm so deathly afraid of heights that the openings in the middle to look down into the neighborhoods, and the sheer size of Harmony in port, makes going near the railings and doing some of the things on t
  11. I sometimes have cruise-related dreams and thought maybe I was the only one! I have these recurring ones where I'm on a cruise, and it's the last day and as I'm packing, I try to remember back each day of activities, what I did, where we were, etc. only I can't remember all of the days, and I realize I missed them somehow, they never happened, and that I didn't get the full cruise, yet they're making me pack and leave. I end up packing still folded clothes, clean clothes, and stuff I never used. I panic because now it will be another year before I can go again and I missed everything. It's ver
  12. The safe in your room probably isn't quite large enough for a laptop, however!
  13. I live in Maine, so travel logistics aside, I would. I'm in a lucky position that I'm still relatively young enough and healthy enough that even if a worse-case scenario played out for me, I feel confident that it wouldn't be life or death for me. Provided I was able to get the appropriate care after and quarantine before traveling home so there were no further repercussions, I'd be willing to take the chance. I'd like to think I could somehow be a part of a solution and a path forward, and I'd rather take that chance than sit around and wait. I know that glosses over a whole lot of what-ifs,
  14. We also tried to apply two as well, and had the same issue, where one was declined and so far only $100 OBC has been applied to our account. We were told one per booking regardless, also.
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