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  1. Yes i have confirmed it with royal a few minutes ago, and its 2 days for antigen for vaccinated people and 3 days for unvaccinated kids (PCR test only) doesn't matter what time of the day. Happy days
  2. Just confirmed with royal its not 48h its 2 days at any time, pheeeeww you had me getting worried.
  3. Are you sure its 48h?? Im sure it states 2 days, and says at any time.
  4. We fly in on Wednesday and cruise on the Saturday, we have ordered rje self telehealth test, they have been delivered to our hotel and will be taking the test on Thursday.
  5. Next weel will be us, cant wait!!!
  6. What do you think? When it says unavailable?
  7. Im starting to get a bit worried... I cruised in 2018 in dec around de caribean and it wasn't cold at all, is February any diferent????
  8. Can we not print and just use a digital copy?
  9. Hello, i have only always cruised om Royal, but my parents have done both, and they always say celebrity is more directed to an older age group... Retired. They do enjoy Royal a lot more, but this is just there personal opinion.
  10. Im boarding 5th of feb and got email last week.
  11. Very difficult to predict here in Spain when we thought new normality was back, Omicron arrived and all mask restrictions came back, but hopefully soon all will drop, but who knows
  12. Wow! Thanks a lot for all that info, it is very helpful indeed
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