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  1. How long does it usually take to get the cruiseplanner cancel refunds back into a mastercard? Cancelled a week ago and still no refund
  2. Whats an acceptable bid for an upgrade for a suite?
  3. Hello I am going on a 7 nights cruise from Barcelona 28th of June 2020. I bought the Photo Package: All Digital + Prints for 155USD (!) as a black Friday offer. However now i see they have stopped selling this package in the Cruise Planner, and now only offer digital prints package. Has it disappeared from the offers in the cruise planners as i already bought it for this trip, or are they not doing prints anymore? How does it work anyways if I find prints of me or my family while i am on-board, do i just pick em up and take them, or how does this work. I haven't been on a cruise for
  4. Another quick question: When you purchase drink packages pre cruise in the cruise planner. Where do we pick up the Coca-Cola souvenir cup`s?
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