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  1. Lots of good input from everyone, thank you! It has now been over a week and still no response from my TA on what was a very basic quick answer question. I'm done! Well actually, I decided I was done on Saturday. I took a look at MEI, and ended up sending a message to one of the agents I've seen suggested here. I immediately received a response from a different agent - but hey, it was July 4th and frankly I was shocked to get any response at all! Her response included pricing for what I was looking for with different room categories, and then a list of information I would need to provide if I wanted her to move forward with booking the cruise. She explained the FCC to me for the cruise that was just cancelled and what I should expect and then said she could do a courtesy hold on a cruise, etc. I was floored! I have more information now than I did in the year and a half I was working with the previous TA, about my cruise. I booked it and am feeling very comfortable that she'll be there to help me and answer any questions or concerns I have. Just to be clear - the issues I've been experiencing with my former TA were not related to Covid-19. This has been the situation from the beginning and I just didn't know any better - didn't realize that it shouldn't be that way. Now I do!
  2. Weeks, well, at least a week, but more often, more than that. it's never days and certainly never hours
  3. I'm wondering if I'm expecting too much from my TA. I've been unhappy because it seems to take forever for me to get responses to any questions or concerns that I have for the TA. And this has been since the beginning of 2019 when I originally scheduled my now cancelled Symphony cruise in August! So it's not because of the situation with cruising today. I figured a day or 2 seems reasonable for a response, but I'm talking weeks go by with nothing. As soon as RCCL cancelled my cruise, I told the TA we want the FCC, so she said she's taking care of that. So I've made a decision on the cruise I want to book and I sent a message to the TA on Monday, 6/29, to ask how this works. Do I book it with another cash deposit in order to get the cruise and room type that I want (bookings are going fast!) or should I be waiting for the FCC? etc. As of yet, I have had no response. It's only been 2 days, but I'm worried about not being able to get a booking if I wait much longer. Do you think I'm being unfair to her? Also - do any of you use any of the TA's that I see on youtube? Just wondering if anyone uses any of them and what they think?
  4. So I'm a little confused about the 125% OBC. I purchased a dining package and several excursions through Royal Caribbean's cruise planner. My TA said that money would automatically be refunded to me using the same method I used to pay for it - that there was nothing I needed to do. But in reading the posts here, it sounds as though there is an option to have it refunded as an OBC credit at 125%. So if that's true, and I do that, does that mean I can use the OBC to pay for a dining package and excursions on the next cruise I reserve? I'm getting a FCC for the cruise itself - which the TA is handling.
  5. Cruise on Symphony 8/22, cancelled. We have opted to take the FCC and try booking for the end of 2021. Our TA told us that what we purchased for dining package and excursions through RCCL would be refunded to us by the same method we used to pay for it. But I thought I saw something about being able to get an on board credit for that rather than take the refund and that would also be at 125%. Can anyone enlighten me on that? And if I do, that means I could use that credit to pay for the dining package, excursions, etc. for the rebooked cruise, is that right?
  6. Okay, nevermind! It's definitely cancelled, she just confirmed it - it's the refund package that has not yet been issued on our cruise. They're supposed to have that in the next couple of days. Sorry!!!
  7. So my TA just told me that she just got off the phone with RCCL and that it has not been decided yet if they're canceling my cruise or not. We're on the Symphony on 8/22. What gives!??
  8. I'm on the Symphony of the Seas out of Miami on 8/22. Our final payment is due this Friday and because they haven't cancelled the cruise, I have to pay it - which I'm not complaining about. I'm hoping it will go, but I don't think it will. It would have been our first ever cruise and I booked it at the beginning of 2019, I'm so disappointed. We will likely reschedule but I'm thinking it may be another 2 years before we can get on anything - I've heard other folks having a lot of difficulty rescheduling because all the openings have been booked.
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