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  1. Hi Carlos, The short answer is that location doesn't matter. Any of us can definitely help you. Just let us know you location/time zone, and we can accommodate you
  2. Depending on where you want to go, yes! We are staying in Kill Devil Hills (where the Wright Bros actually flew from ). Yesterday, we had thought about going south towards Hattaras/Ocracoke but the weather had other plans for us. We went north towards Corolla/Duck instead. When we left at about 1, traffic going north was heavy but not horrendous. When we came back about around 4:30, the northbound traffic was awful (thankfully, at that point, we were going south). The "after season" rentals are high this year since so many people are teleworking and digital learning. Still...a crappy weather
  3. Sitting here in the OBX on a Sunday morning with my mimosa, pretending I'm on a cruise, catching up on RCCL news from the week...anyone else?
  4. Yep...I've been in the OBX for a week, and we have felt the effects of 3 storms...Paulette, Sally, and now Teddy. Dear 2020...enough already! (although...crappy weather at the beach beats crappy weather at home!)
  5. With a teenager-especially a girl-the value of the 2nd bathroom can not be underestimated
  6. MOO (my opinion only)...I think demand is going to be greater than supply, which will drive prices. There are so many people who want to get back on a ship, and have an FCC burning a hole in their pockets. Add in probable reduced capacity allowances, and I think we will see higher prices, especially once a return date is finally officially announced and all the people who have been holding off making bookings start making reservations.
  7. I am so encouraged by the European sailing success! If I could fly there right now, I'd do it just to take a cruise!
  8. Like everyone, I'm hoping for a slow return to sea beginning in November, but sadly don't think that will happen. While November would be better, I would be elated if there was a return in January!
  9. I would think this is one of the things that the healthy sailing panel will be addressing. The number of logistics they will be dealing with is truly mind boggling!
  10. not really metallic, more like rancid food <ewwww!>
  11. It's been weird...my husband and I have completely different symptoms (he had fever, congestion, and cough from day 1...1 had headache for a couple days, then fever for a couple days, then a weird taste in my mouth, then the hallmark loss of smell). This really is a bizarre virus!
  12. MOO (my opinion only)...I think that if they are allowed to sail, and the ship is at a higher capacity than whatever limit is set, we may first see offers like airlines make when they have overbooked a flight...incentives for people to take a different sailing. For example...maybe onboard credits, flight credits, cabin upgrades, etc. Just a thought...
  13. Always lock in a low price when you see one! If it does go lower between now and your cruise, you can always cancel and repurchase at the lower price.
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