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  1. Definitely agree with more outlets by the beds...my husband snores HORRIBLY...at home, I can move to another room, but that's not an option on a ship. With the WiFi package, I can stream a podcast to listen to and drown out the snoring, but my battery would die if I left it on all night. I would love ALL of the showers to have a foot rest for shaving. I've sailed in some that had this feature, and some that did not. With the showers being as small as they are, this is a huge help!
  2. Like everyone else, I'm SO ready! I've flown, been to Universal, and Walt Disney World. All good things, but I need to get on a ship
  3. I am rooming with Emily in a couple weeks for the Space Coast Half Marathon. I live in GA where it is legal to mail wine, and I'm driving to FL for the race. If you want to PM me, I'd be happy to send you my address and take it to her for you!
  4. So I *may* have overreacted and flown off the handle at my mother in law today. First, let me say that I love my in laws. They are wonderful people, and have always treated me as well as if she had given birth to me. But, they fall under what I consider "COVID paranoia". I understand people who are "COVID cautious", but they are beyond that. Plus, they are not general fans of the cruise industry anyway, and I think would be happy if this were the catalyst to cause the demise of the industry. We are vacationing with them in the North Georgia mountains this weekend (annual family trip we've
  5. I volunteered because I love cruising, and I am eager to be part of the return to sea. I want to help test the procedures and provide the feedback they need so that we can ALL get back to cruising. If the other cruise lines put out volunteer forms like RCCL, I would volunteer for as many as possible so that I could help with comparison information "xx cruise line did this which worked really well, while yy cruise line did this a little different".
  6. 2 years ago today I was boarding Symphony. What I wouldn't give to be boarding ANY cruise ship today! #goawayrona #stupidcovid
  7. Hmmm...it really depends on what I have planned for the day. If I want to do the "active" stuff like Sky Pad, Flow Rider, Zip Line, etc (I may be a grandma, but age is just a number!), then I don't have my first beverage until I'm done with those things (an injury would definitely put a damper on the vacation!). Typically, something like this: 8:00...escape the snoring log of a husband and stumble down to the Cafe Promenade for a specialty hot tea (life is tough for those of us who don't drink coffee). Get a bottle of water or 2 for good measure 8:30...first breakfast...maybe with a mimosa
  8. My husband and I walked off of an Eastern Caribbean cruise with, um, 24 bottles once . Not all of them were 750 ml, and we had figured everything that we were actually within our allowance between the 2 of us (including where each was purchased). We were still (not surprisingly) directed to customs. We did not argue about the $17 duty that they charged us
  9. Hi Carlos, The short answer is that location doesn't matter. Any of us can definitely help you. Just let us know you location/time zone, and we can accommodate you
  10. Depending on where you want to go, yes! We are staying in Kill Devil Hills (where the Wright Bros actually flew from ). Yesterday, we had thought about going south towards Hattaras/Ocracoke but the weather had other plans for us. We went north towards Corolla/Duck instead. When we left at about 1, traffic going north was heavy but not horrendous. When we came back about around 4:30, the northbound traffic was awful (thankfully, at that point, we were going south). The "after season" rentals are high this year since so many people are teleworking and digital learning. Still...a crappy weather
  11. Sitting here in the OBX on a Sunday morning with my mimosa, pretending I'm on a cruise, catching up on RCCL news from the week...anyone else?
  12. Yep...I've been in the OBX for a week, and we have felt the effects of 3 storms...Paulette, Sally, and now Teddy. Dear 2020...enough already! (although...crappy weather at the beach beats crappy weather at home!)
  13. With a teenager-especially a girl-the value of the 2nd bathroom can not be underestimated
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