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  1. @Nate Y...We made the "mistake" of getting a balcony on our very first ever cruise, and now I just can't bring myself to cruise any other way. We did an ocean view room once when our youngest daughter was 3 because she was a monkey who climbed on everything and I was paranoid (she's now a mother herself). My absolute favorite cruise vacation indulgence is ordering continental breakfast room service, and sitting on my balcony drinking my morning tea with nobody talking to me. ENJOY your balcony!!!!!
  2. In September 2019, I had shoulder surgery. Then, we went on a cruise in Feb 2020. The world kind of went to heck in a handbasket while we were on that cruise. WELLLLL...my husband had shoulder surgery last week (Sept 2021) and we are going on another cruise in Feb 2022. Could this be just what we need to hit the "factory reset" button on the whole COVID situation? (and to add to my theory, I had my routine ever so pleasant colon cancer screening right before my shoulder surgery, and my husband just had his about 2 weeks before his shoulder surgery )
  3. Can't wait to join the ranks of "post pandemic cruisers" myself! So glad you had a wonderful time
  4. Living the Suite life for the first time on this sailing, celebrating our dear friend's 30th anniversary
  5. So excited for you Chris! I can't wait to get onboard and see her. I might even brave the casino to come say hi ?
  6. My husband and I aren't cheap...we're frugal. We always book a balcony (I need somewhere to go in the morning when he's still snoring so I don't fantasize about smothering him ?), but we generally prefer to allocate the rest of our budget to other things. BUT, we're sailing with friends for their 30th anniversary in January, and we just booked a 2 BR Grand Suite to share with them. I'm afraid that after this, I won't be able to go back to steerage ?
  7. What can I say...we're overachievers ?
  8. I was on one of the last Mariner sailings prior to the shut down (Feb 24-28, 2020) and we conquered the Escape Room (with 17 minutes to spare)! Tons of fun ? It's really not any more expensive than an Escape Room you'd do on land. I thought it was worth the $$.
  9. Drinko de Mayo was definitely recognized ? It is a pleasure to do what we do!
  10. @CruisingKat(Kathy)...no spilling any deep dark secrets from high school ?
  11. As many have said, you can't go wrong with either...I adore them both, and they both have unique things to offer. The Seaplex on the Quantum class is such a unique space, and the iFly was amazing, while the Aqua Theater on the Oasis class is definitely a 1 of a kind experience. Another thing to think about is your departure port. For example...I live in the Atlanta area, and Port Canaveral is a quick drive for me, where I have to fly to New Jersey for Anthem. If you might need to fly to one departure port over another, that might be something to factor into the equation.
  12. I was "scared" to stay near the elevator lobby for that very reason, but booked a last minute cruise once where that was my only option. I was so happy with it that I've intentionally booked that location again since (it was nice not having to search for my room).
  13. After many, many cruises, I still get "land sickness" when I return home. Sometimes it's worse than others, with really no rhyme or reason. It generally peaks in about however many days I was onboard...for example, if it was only a 4 day cruise, then the land sickness peaks at day 4 after the cruise. It sucks, but it's worth it to cruise. I think I was just meant to live on the water!
  14. I love the idea of taking them 1 at a time...after all, that means more cruises for me ?
  15. Hey y'all ? My husband and I cruised with our kids quite often when they were small. All of us absolutely loved it and looked forward to every cruise. I have been saying for years that I couldn't wait until my grandkids were old enough so I could take them on a cruise. Now I'm rethinking this.....today marks 12 days that we have had all 3 of them (ages 6, 3, and 11 months) while my son and daughter in law have been packing, moving, and unpacking. I'm whooped! These little people do not operate on my schedule. Trying to keep them all fed (holy cow can they eat!), keep up with the kindergarten homeschool (and I homeschooled all 3 of my kids through high school graduation, so I'm no stranger to that either), AND work is about to do me in. Let's not talk about the state of my house..... Fellow grandparents out there please reassure me that I won't die if I take them on a cruise without their parents ?
  16. Definitely agree with more outlets by the beds...my husband snores HORRIBLY...at home, I can move to another room, but that's not an option on a ship. With the WiFi package, I can stream a podcast to listen to and drown out the snoring, but my battery would die if I left it on all night. I would love ALL of the showers to have a foot rest for shaving. I've sailed in some that had this feature, and some that did not. With the showers being as small as they are, this is a huge help!
  17. Like everyone else, I'm SO ready! I've flown, been to Universal, and Walt Disney World. All good things, but I need to get on a ship ?
  18. I am rooming with Emily in a couple weeks for the Space Coast Half Marathon. I live in GA where it is legal to mail wine, and I'm driving to FL for the race. If you want to PM me, I'd be happy to send you my address and take it to her for you!
  19. So I *may* have overreacted and flown off the handle at my mother in law today. First, let me say that I love my in laws. They are wonderful people, and have always treated me as well as if she had given birth to me. But, they fall under what I consider "COVID paranoia". I understand people who are "COVID cautious", but they are beyond that. Plus, they are not general fans of the cruise industry anyway, and I think would be happy if this were the catalyst to cause the demise of the industry. We are vacationing with them in the North Georgia mountains this weekend (annual family trip we've taken for 20+ years), and at breakfast my mother in law says "I suppose you heard about the cruise ship quarantined in the Caribbean full of COVID...this is why no ships should be sailing". First of all...it was a luxury yacht, not a cruise ship, which is why it could sail at all. Second, there are currently 5 cases onboard...not a "ship full of COVID+ cases"...and I went on and on. I feel like I should apologize, because I really do love her, but I'm so emotionally spent right now that her comment just sent me over the edge. <sigh>...why are families so complicated?
  20. I volunteered because I love cruising, and I am eager to be part of the return to sea. I want to help test the procedures and provide the feedback they need so that we can ALL get back to cruising. If the other cruise lines put out volunteer forms like RCCL, I would volunteer for as many as possible so that I could help with comparison information "xx cruise line did this which worked really well, while yy cruise line did this a little different".
  21. 2 years ago today I was boarding Symphony. What I wouldn't give to be boarding ANY cruise ship today! #goawayrona #stupidcovid
  22. Hmmm...it really depends on what I have planned for the day. If I want to do the "active" stuff like Sky Pad, Flow Rider, Zip Line, etc (I may be a grandma, but age is just a number!), then I don't have my first beverage until I'm done with those things (an injury would definitely put a damper on the vacation!). Typically, something like this: 8:00...escape the snoring log of a husband and stumble down to the Cafe Promenade for a specialty hot tea (life is tough for those of us who don't drink coffee). Get a bottle of water or 2 for good measure 8:30...first breakfast...maybe with a mimosa and another bottle of water 9:00...morning run (gotta burn off all the dessert and drinks!) followed by another bottle of water 10:00...second breakfast when my husband finally emerges. Definitely a mimosa here The rest of the day depends on what I'm doing...if we're hitting up the trivia (don't challenge me at 80s music trivia...I'll win), then it's time to start looking at the specialty drink menus in whatever venue we're in. Fallback drink is a Dark & Stormy. On Mariner, we loved to camp out in the Bamboo Room and try the different rums! 12:30~ish...time for lunch and more water After lunch...pool deck and whatever tiki drinks the very sweet cabana boy will bring me. Along with water. All the water We do late seating dinner, and I usually have a glass or 2 of wine with that. After dinner...time to hit whatever entertainment and a nightcap.
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