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  1. Since RC was not showing a lot I looked at other options. I called Alaskatours because they too were not showing much either. Amanda who lives in Skagway said they did not think there would be any cruises to Alaska in 2021. Since the season is so short for 2021 a lot of tour operators will not start up due to the cost. She said there would not be any sled tours nor any plane tours. RC still has both offered on their site so who knows. Maybe RC promising a certain number for the tour operators will open their doors? Just what I've learned in the last week.
  2. John we are going on the Ovation again for the May 5th 2022 8 day sailing. A bit different Itinerary and time of year. If you can believe it, my husband and I do not like coffee, never have. My husband loves seafood so he'll enjoy your recommendations. I'm more of a Italian/ Mexican/ Cuban/ Greek eater, basically everything but seafood, hahaha Question #4 Why do you like going on the Ovation vs a smaller ship, are you particular about the ship or you don't care as long as it takes you to Alaska?
  3. Thank you John!!! Love all your places to see and do. We are coming back to your beautiful city in May 2022 for our second Alaska cruise! My daughter will be with us and she too is a shopper, she'll love the original Nordstrom. Question # 3 What is Seattle know for food/drink wise?
  4. @johnt83 Question #2 What is a must see in your lovely town? If you can take visitors to one thing and only one thing, what would it be?
  5. @johnt83Awesome!!!! Let me get my wits together and then I will have a list of questions!! Questions about Seattle (lucky you not having to fly!) Questions about Alaska (first timer for both of us) Questions about our Ship (first time on a Quantum class) 1st question Boeing Tour, is it worth it, Husband would love a good plane tour, he worked on F-18 while in the Marines?
  6. I think you guys are all split half/half, just like me! Flying out of GSO was cheaper by a couple of hundred dollars then CLT. Since I booked the Main Ticket and not the Economy Ticket, I picked our seats. We are either sitting in the very front two seats (no third seat) on the short flight and on long flight we are in the Emergency Exit seats (no third seat) The third seat is why Comfort Plus is not an option, every row has one person already booked.
  7. Husband and I are going to Alaska this August 27,2021 (thanks to Kelley our TM from MEI and her group rate!) We are flying from Greensboro NC to Seattle Aug 25th and flying back home Sept 4th. It was our 25th Wedding Anniversary this past May. When my husband I were just married (three months) we got bumped to First Class from Tampa Fl to Charlotte NC. My husband told me we would only fly first class, we have never flown first class since. I'd like to surprise my husband since the Alaska trip is all for me, he just enjoys making me happy (I'm very lucky). So is
  8. Oh no you started it Kelley. High school secrets might come out during a bar crawl, not that I've even done one yet.................
  9. Awesome, then let us know. My husband does love his virgin Pina Colada's, he calls it his cruise drinks. I like an occasional Moscow mule or a Mojito, if I'm drinking its got rum in it
  10. @Fairlynewsorry but Hubby and I don't drink, well not enough to do a bar crawl. Sounds like a neat ideal, I'm sure you'll have a blast!
  11. @CruisingKat(Kathy) You'll love Kelley, she's awesome! This is our first vacation without our daughter (22) so it will be a new experience doing whatever whenever! Looking at excursions now, trying to figure out what appeals to us the most. I want to see as much wildlife as I can, my husband basically just goes with the flow. Have you been to Alaska before, this is our first time? This will only be our second time on a RCCI ship, last one was the Harmony in 2019. Our 2020 cruise was cancelled like everyone else's. We have tried many different lines and have r
  12. $23 for my Ovation cruise 8/27/21 Seems like $21 is a "better" rate I just booked some items I really want, if price goes down I'll rebook Just remember to rebook first before you cancel existing one
  13. @johnt83thank you! I picked The Sound Hotel Seattle Belltown, it touches your first circle and is at the top of your second circle. We will take the rail or Uber, I want my husband to enjoy his time and driving would not be it.
  14. We too are booked on this cruise!! Very excited! Me (Michelle), James, Madison and Baxter.
  15. @CruisingKat(Kathy)My Awesome TA @krhardyfound us a killer group rate for this sailing so my husband and I are coming too!!! I just booked our flights we will be there late on August 25th. Don't know where we are staying, trying to figure that out. We will use some of my husband's Hilton points. We are not leaving until Saturday night so we can get a small glimpse of Seattle. @johnt83any hotel recommendations for a Hilton property to see a bit of your city?
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