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  1. I totally agree with amathey11, we loved Roatan!! We went with a private tour guide, we zip lined in the rainforest saw Monkeys Iguana's and beautiful birds, toured the island and then hung out at one of the beaches that was breathtaking. Costa Maya, I would totally skip. Never been to Cozumel.
  2. Totally agree with everyone else, I've been so many times I've lost the outlook to someone new. Plan a trip to Disney on it's own, use the websites I listed to help if Disney is a must do, I love it If you a big Star Wars fan, I'd plan a trip a year or so from Fall 2019.
  3. I forgot to mention they have Splitville, it a huge bowling alley that serves some really good food. The Void: Step beyond reality, cool virtual reality adventure, look it up The have a movie theater where you can reserve your seat or eat while watching a movie. A lot of shopping from unique boutiques to name brands Great restaurants, recommend making a reservations to them (open table has some, Disney has them all). Last trip we really enjoyed the Polite Pig (BBQ food) and Wolfgang Puck. Yes, If the above things interest you, you could spend all day there I'm a huge Disney fan but there is a lot more to Orlando then just Disney (my husband will never hear me say that) They have a couple of decent outlets (rent a car if time permits to do this) They have Universal Studio and Sea World ( cheaper then Disney) You could also visit Kennedy Space Center Just depends on how much time you have at this port, the drive to Disney is about 45 minutes with decent traffic/construction , so factor in 2 hours drive time for both ways at least. Hope that helps some.
  4. JennyB Thats what I want to rent for our day in May but it says you have to check on-board, it was never an option to book pre-cruise. I hope they are not sold out!
  5. I'm very new to RCCL but I know quite a bit about Disney World. I've been 40 plus times. Disney Springs (Downtown Disney) is nice for eating and shopping. For Disney shopping there is the huge World of Disney and then some smaller boutique shops. I'm not sure that's what you had it mind, maybe it is? To get a one day ticket is pricey, Disney is pricey. Check out these sites, EasyWDW.com has a message board like here ( they are very nice like here too) Mousesaver.com is a great site to check out and gather information
  6. Thank you #gregorykicks She is majoring in Textiles at NC State and likes to check out the shops. I wanted to find her something to enjoy when in port, she not much on the beaches, crazy I know!
  7. My daughter really likes high end shopping and a guide book on St. Maarten said the french side has some nice stores. She'd like to visit the Hermes shop. Has anyone shopped in St. Maarten, if so what are your thoughts? Great shops or just tourist traps or just like in the U.S.? (Price wise and selection) Also, how to get there, taxi? Any help would be greatly appreciate, thank you!!
  8. Me, husband and our daughter were sailing on Holland and we meant an older lady who used a walker to get around. Her walker had a bike horn on it and if you did not move out of her way she would honk away. So thru out the cruise we'd hear her horn and laugh. My husband was a frequent victim of getting the horn blasted at him. So as we where waiting to collect our luggage, we hear her horn. We all three turn and look, there she is strolling by but we notice on her blouse, it 20 plus name tags from the crew members. My daughter turns to us and says "Guess they did not get out her way, wonder what she did to them to get their name tags"
  9. I'm, very new to this site (really love it)and this is our first RCC cruise, I assumed that was the norm. I saw people on here telling how they got one and how it's worth it. In my mind I'm going, it's crazy we can cruise for that much, well two of us could. Glad to learn my is not the norm, I like the loungers or we'll rent an umbrella, works for us.
  10. I promise it's just me, I really appreciate you guys checking to make sure i'm doing it correctly. If I was better at this I'd screenshot it so you could see it, maybe it's that high because we are 44 days out?
  11. DATE 13 May 2019 TIME 8:30 AM TOUR LANGUAGE English VIEW GUEST INFORMATION AND PRICES Modify Remove TOTAL $1,299.00 USD This is just me on the reservation, sorry not good at coping and paste on my laptop This is what my cart looks like for 1 chill island cabana
  12. Wow, for our May sailing on HOS our Chill Island Cabana is $1299
  13. What ship is this? We sail on the Harmony in May and have the refreshment package, was looking forward to a good milkshake.
  14. Husband brought up a good question. All four of us have the refreshment package (me. husband and two twenty year olds) How do we know what is "covered" I see the list, so does that mean everything is covered unless it has alcohol in it or Starbucks or can soda ? Just don't want surprise charges if I'm already paid for a package. Also, we pre-paid the gratuities for the drinks, do you still cash tip the bartenders?
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