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  1. We sailed the Harmony this past May, same for us, did not show on Cruise planner until 4 weeks before our sail date. We loved it, been going to the one's here, they are so much fun! Planning on doing the one on the Allure when we sail this upcoming May.
  2. I'd love to have the company's names, please and thank you!
  3. Since I do not have any real experience, only cruised once with RC(so far). Do they enforce it, last May on the HOS, they did not. There were kids all over the place, which was kinda weird, no pool.
  4. Another vote for Rick Steve's, I have his book too. Plus I DVR'd all the places we are going that he has shows on, it's a great tool to help guide you on what interest you (and family).
  5. We are doing this cruise May 10th, 2020 but on Allure. I haven't finalized our excursions but once I do I can share if you want me to? We are arriving 2 days before our cruise to explore Barcelona (first time for all four of us) If you want me to I can report back after our trip I can. We are super excited fo this trip We booked it on while cruising on HOS, we loved Harmony, that's why we picked the Allure.
  6. We did the Escape room on the Harmony ($20 one) and had a blast!! We highly recommend it. We had 4 people in our group and they paired us with another family of four, apparently another couple was suppose to be there too but they never showed.
  7. We will be the first one’s on the Allure after they have refurbished her, so that could happen.
  8. Thank you jticarruthers! I'll tuck that away and deal with it if happens. I won't waste time fighting it, I'll spend the time making it work for us.
  9. Read a previous poster had me thinking, can they dump you? What if you took the advice I gained here (thank you!) and booked our next cruise a year out. I booked 2 Spacious Interior staterooms that have room for 6. We have specific room numbers. Its just me and my daughter in one and my husband and daughter's boyfriend in the other. Can Royal Caribbean change it?
  10. I hope if you have a specific room number you don’t get bumped!?
  11. Thanks Guys!!! This is such a port intensive cruise, 6 out of 7 days in port. We are not really going to be enjoying the ship like we do on a Caribbean cruise with more time on the ship. I'd be ok with somethings not finished as long as it's not my staterooms and a place to eat. Cancelling the sailing would suck! I knew you guys would calm me down with facts. Thank you #ptod and #twangster
  12. Thanks!!! first thing I read this morning, put me in a slight panic!
  13. Hey guys My family and I are on the first sailing for Allure after her major refurbishing 05/10/2020. I’ve joined a roll call for this sailing over on CC. So I know to take everything with a grain of salt. Someone just posted this: “I was booked on this sailing and then found out about the "Royal Amplification" aka. MAJOR refurbishment this ship was undergoing right before this sailing. I decided to bite the bullet and cancel and switch to another sailing. My travel agent brought up the recent "Navigator of the Seas" boat from Royal Caribbean, which had undergone the same exact major refurbishment but ended up getting delayed and cancelled the first sailing out just TEN days before! Not only that, apparently on the second sailing, almost half of the stuff on the boat was still closed and being worked on! Cruise critic recommends not sailing on ANY boat for at least one month after dry dock. “ Please tell me this is not the Norm, I know things can happen. I’ve already bought our plan tickets and I do have travel insurance. What are your thoughts? Has anyone had a similar experience or the complete opposite?
  14. leaving a note so I can find this again. There is great information on this that I'd like to refer back to it. Plus I will know who to ask questions about our upcoming trip Thank you!
  15. I think you made a sound choice. We are sailing on the same sailing just in May 2020. We are balcony people (love to try a suite someday) and I booked two large interior staterooms for the same reason, this is a very port intensive sailing. You have 6 port days and one sea day which is the last day. I figured we'd either being sleeping in big time or checking out the cruise ship we haven't had time to really see. Either way the room just needs to have a bed and shower and we are set. Use the $5000 for some excellent excursions!!
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