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  1. That it my husband to a tee!! For me some of the fun is the planning, him not at all.
  2. We did, May 12th sailing on HOS Me, Husband, 20 yr old DD and her 20 yr old Boyfriend, boyfriend only one who's rode a jet ski. Daughter who weights 100 pounds wet did not like it, she loves speed (use to race quarter midgets). Everyone else loved it. Our guide was a speed junky, we never went slow, it was full throttle all the way We went in a line, more experience went first, newbies like us went last. We went in straight lines for a bit, grouped up and then took off again. We then did a lot of zig zigging full speed. Grouped together then took off again (did that like 4 times) The tour was over an hour long, I thought it worth the money. The guides were super nice and helped my daughter out, I think she just did not weight enough or maybe strong enough that the jet ski controlled her?
  3. See, I knew to check here You guys saved RC a lot of money. I would be totally turned off the line if I had to keep dealing with the general CS, I'm sure others feel the same.
  4. I just get off the HOS (loved it!) Our RS was very good, she learned our sleeping patterns and worked around us, we did use the magnet to try to help her. We typically left at 8am and she was in the hallway doing someone else's room so around 9am in morning We would head back to room to change for dinner around 7pm, and room was clean again and ready for bed.
  5. Do I have the wrong outlook or am I excepting too much? Second phone call to RC customer service and it just unpleasant. Back story: Loved our cruise on HOS, booked a Med on Allure for 05/10/20 while onboard HOS. The Next Rep talked us into an Ultra Spacious Balcony (4 of use again), have 60 days to change with no charge. Last week, decide I want two staterooms, great suggest from you guys. After three different CS reps and being on hold for 1 hour 40 minutes I got what I wanted but it was painful. Fast forward to today, I check my planner and my $200 OBC has fallen off??? Call RC and end up explaining to the CS "how I'm sure I even had OBC", I told the guy, it is crazy I have to end up in an argument with RC CS. I end up politely telling him I was done and was hanging up, he continued arguing about the OBC? What am I doing wrong, I promise I start with a pleasant demeanor and I'm just asking things I was already promised. I have learned a ton here, please help me with how to handle RC's customer service.
  6. We did the BOGO on the HOS and it spoiled us. We had two amazing specialty dinners ( first two nights), that is made the MDR only ok. We had MTD with reservations each night so we really did not have to wait for a table but it was loud and a bit crazy. Just my two cents.
  7. Husband got one on our HOS May 2019 sailing, saved us over $700 Have Allure booked for Europe cruise, no discount for military Maybe it's sailing on the Harmony get one and no other sailings?
  8. We just got off two weeks ago There was a White Night and tropical night. My husband trying to be helpful said, two formal nights 😏
  9. We booked the May 10th 2020 sailing on the Allure, the Next Cruise planner said Greece will be very hot by May. (Daughter in college so that month works best for us) In my planning if I see/learn anything I'll share.
  10. Sorry you feel that when you book something but glad I'm not the only one!!
  11. Me too Story about my passport. First time I got it, they listed my birth place as NC (live in NC), but I was born and raised in Florida (birth certificate says Florida). I call and report the mistake, they say it will cost me to replace my passport and at least 6 weeks. I told them it would not cost me anything, their mistake not mine. On my second passport renewal, still says born in NC. I have given up sending it in to be fixed.
  12. We just used Budget and was super impressed with their shuttle service. Picked up at MCO and husband dropped us off at terminal, was back in 15 minutes total. When we go off the Harmony, 2 budget shuttles were waiting.
  13. I will be on the Harmony this Sunday, I will check it out.
  14. That's when we will be there. First time on a RCC ship, can't wait!
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