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  1. I'm trying to figure out if I want to laugh or cry at your post! Mine is 479 days........
  2. We had a cruise planned for May 2020, since it was cancelled I have no in person experience. I did research it. I loved listening to Rick Steves Audio Europe, it an app that has podcast with tours and interviews. Check it out, your family might like it too. I also got his book like @Auto mentioned. Can't wait to hear about it when you guys get back. We are looking at a similar cruise for 2023.
  3. Wow, excellent find. Thank you for sharing!
  4. Everyone says Florida is so muggy and humid and hot I think that's just the South, we live in NC and it can get just as bad as Florida. At least in Florida when it rains, it hard and fast than done. NC rain, is a nice drizzle allllll dayyyyy longggggg
  5. Nice, love the updates! Can't wait to see the finished product
  6. I LOVE massages!! I guess I'm too cheap to pay for the inflated price on a ship. Be careful with a deep tissue massage. If done right they are awesome but if they are done wrong, its very painful!!!! I have a feeling that a bamboo massage is like a bad deep tissue massage.
  7. We built this house we currently are in. We hit a sweet time to build, our house to build is over $100,000 more than when we did 4 years ago. GF is trying to build a house very similar. It crazy how much detail cost! Our daughter (only child) just graduated at NCSU and is eyeing Savannah GA to live. So FL would not be too far. It important for me to live near her and we have nothing tying us here. I'm adding it to the list, we have a bit of time due to my job. Good call on the house. We rented an apartment because our last home sold so quick, nothing like yours. I tho
  8. Nice, how is it going? I was born and raised in Florida, came to NC for college. I lived 5-10 minutes from the beach my whole childhood. I did not appreciate that. Our retirement goal is to live near/ on the beach. Funny how life circles around like that. I said I'd never live in Florida again but the benefits are stacking up. We love to cruise, we (me) love Disney and we love to travel. I really like your approach on finding somewhere to live. I'm from Pinellas Park FL/, Tampa area. After listening to you maybe I need to amend that statement of never
  9. Wow, just read this whole thing Congratulations!!!!!!!!!
  10. Thanks, I did not know that existed! I learn something every time I log on.
  11. @twangster and @WAAAYTOOO Need to know more about the charter boats, is it like the huge groups at Disney with their little flag. Hundreds of people following them, it's like a tornado coming thru.
  12. Just booked the May 15th, 2022 Alaska cruise on the Serenade. I have some FCC from our cancelled cruise May 2020. Kelley from MEI is my TA. She has been excellent on getting my deposit extended due to RCCL error. She has gotten me a better rate then advertised. Then today, Sunday, I get an email from her that she got an even lower rate with a refundable deposit. If anyone is on the fence about getting a TA please know I'm more than happy, Kelley is awesome! First time ever using a TA
  13. Stop packing so much crap we never used. I seriously need to be like some of you, have a cruise bag of the things we actually use.
  14. We were on the May 10th Allure sailing out of Barcelona. I'm so sad not to go on this trip this year. I really appreciate RC making the decision until waiting the last minute. Prayers everyone stays healthy. Prayers for anyone and their family who are dealing with this Virus.
  15. They haven't assigned your stateroom yet, once they do the GTY will have a room number. Keep checking. Good Luck!!
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