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  1. I think you made a sound choice. We are sailing on the same sailing just in May 2020. We are balcony people (love to try a suite someday) and I booked two large interior staterooms for the same reason, this is a very port intensive sailing. You have 6 port days and one sea day which is the last day. I figured we'd either being sleeping in big time or checking out the cruise ship we haven't had time to really see. Either way the room just needs to have a bed and shower and we are set. Use the $5000 for some excellent excursions!!
  2. WAAAYTOOO, that is what our attendant did too, she said the actual toppers would not help me. I should've made that clearer on my original post, thanks! If you have issues, talk to your attendant, they are so helpful!!
  3. We sailed on the Harmony of the Seas, the mattress for me was horrible. I do not like very firm mattress. Because of this site, thanks guys, I knew I could ask for a mattress topper. Our room attendant ended up putting two toppers and I was fine. My daughter who shared the same bed was fine.
  4. Thank you! I appreciate your feedback, it really helps with the planning.
  5. Thanks Guys! I've got my crew giving me a list (1-3) their top must see's in each port. Once I get that I'll be able to narrow down what excursions fit us. If any of you have gone this route, which excustions did you pick and why?
  6. LEAVING FROM:Barcelona, Spain onboard Allure of the Seas VISITING:| Palma de Mallorca | Provence (Marseilles) | Florence/Pisa (La Spezia) | Rome (Civitavecchia) | Naples (Capri) |
  7. Mediterranean Cruise May 10, 2020 on Allure Me (48), Hubby(49), DD (21), DD's Boyfriend (21) Me, Hubby and DD have been to England, land trip in 2016 Researching excursions and I'm torn on wether to book thru RCC or 3rd party We are season travelers in the States but very new to Europe but can read a map/sign We have experience using trains/buses/metro but no way experts Researching how far the cities we want to explore from the port makes me hesitate on 3rd party I like the options 3rd party gives vs RCC cattle drive What do you think?
  8. Same with us, we were on the Harmony of the Seas and it was very quiet. We were on Deck 10 by the elevators and did not have any issues. We are booked on the Allure for next May and I picked rooms by the elevator again.
  9. People bring their dogs everywhere now. Just was at Lowes and a family had their poor hot poodle in the shopping cart. He couldn't get comfortable sitting in the front of the cart, his paws were too small. My husband was getting pissed, it was very hot and you could tell the puppy was hurting. I've even seen someone take their dog into a movie theater??!! On the Harmony in May there was a guy with a little poodle, carried him around everywhere. I have two dogs, I love dogs, but what is a poor dog suppose to do on a cruise ship? My fur babies would be miserable stuck like that. If you can't vacation without them go places that are pet friendly, I don't think a cruise ship is it. Totally my take on it.
  10. Stay away from buying a watch onboard My daughter got one for her boyfriend, he had been looking prior and feel in love with one onboard. Good thing they have that price match within the first thirty days because it was $70 cheaper here in NC. It was a pain to fill out all they needed but I did for my Daughter. Lesson learned, do not buy on ship My husband did get me beautiful diamond studs for our 23 Anniversary in St. Thomas.
  11. Wow, I thought I had a lot. Compare to you guys I'm doing ok. I've been with my company for 18 plus years At 22 years you max out with 6 weeks vacation I get 5 weeks vacation, 10 plus days sick/personal (anything over 10 gets paid out at end of year) All major Holidays and every weekend. Husband had to change jobs (loves this one) He's been there a year and has 2 weeks and a "birthday" day off He sets his own schedule so he can work heavy early in the week and take a long weekend off.
  12. We are cruising out of Barcelona too, going three days before hand (one day flying) This past cruise was the first time I've booked excursions thru the cruise line, past four other cruises was private. We have only been to Europe once, 3 years ago to London. Thank you for your insight it is very helpful.
  13. nblobstr Thank you we are doing a Med cruise next May, on the flip side, which was your favorite excursion ?
  14. Our May 2020 sailing is a European sailing and we got it for $16.36 too. We are gold and got my email late morning.
  15. I booked it, like Matt said "You have to play to win" We don't even drink but love the refreshment package and the deluxe was way cheaper (if I got to keep it) My daughter and her boyfriend will be 21 this trip, so IF they would like to try a drink or two (or more), this is the way to go. I will not be mad they cancel it, just checked still there, but would be nice if they got a better IT team. Let the big complainers go, less on the boat to deal with!
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