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  1. We were on the May 10th Allure sailing out of Barcelona. I'm so sad not to go on this trip this year. I really appreciate RC making the decision until waiting the last minute. Prayers everyone stays healthy. Prayers for anyone and their family who are dealing with this Virus.
  2. They haven't assigned your stateroom yet, once they do the GTY will have a room number. Keep checking. Good Luck!!
  3. You can use your android phone, just download an app that scans barcodes. Go to one of your sail passes and scan the barcode on the pass. When you scan it, it will say "Unknown Format but here is the content of the scan." Last four-five digits are your room number, it would be separated by a hyphen We too are on the May 10th Allure sailing we have two GTY rooms. We have two, looks like one is on deck 7 and the other is deck 12. Sorry I can't explain the Apple wallet heck, I couldn't figure it out and I have a iPhone.
  4. We are on the May 10th sailing, we fly to Barcelona on May 7th (arrive on May 8th) then cruising. Still planning but watching to see if there is a reason to change our plans or they change them for me. I am on hold with my trip insurance company as I type this. Just getting all my ducks in a row to make an informed decision. I would be really bummed if we can't go but I have also wanted to see Alaska (maybe my back up trip) I can aways plan another trip when this is sorted out.
  5. I did just call, I figured they could say no. I actually got a great C&A rep, the best I've ever had, he listened. The call started with a question about the Royal Up. We were in 2 family interior staterooms. The RU offer was for a OV balcony (highest level, rest were for OV staterooms) I was asking if I could receive another offer for a stateroom more comparable to the my current size. I mentioned the price the Suite guarantee was and he asked if I wanted to upgrade. I said Yes. Not sure why it worked the way it did, this is only our second cruise with RC. May
  6. Ditto except switch wife for my husband! Just being "with" my family
  7. I just upgraded my May 2020 cruise after final payment. In my cruise planner is the $18 intern drink package, a couple of excursions and a specially lunch at Chops. All still there after the upgrade. I did pay for all, no OBC used. Also when we booked we got OBC, when I upgraded we got an additional $100. Hope that helps.
  8. By learning from these great people I just snagged a great deal!!! I already did final payment on our May 2020 Western Med cruise but still was checking prices and saw they had dropped. So I called, all RC could say is no. I got the best RC C & A rep, his name is Kenu. I went from a family interior to a GYT Suite (Some people here are a bad influence and YOLO) Yes, I paid the difference but since I listen to the wonderful people on this blog ( see above) I booked as soon as it opened so it was at a great price to start with. The price difference was $700 per
  9. I am and apparently I am not Huge fan of washing hands a lot..... I wipe down the whole stateroom, hotel room ...... I use the paper towel to open the bathroom doors But Have I ever wiped down the airplane seat, tray or anything on an airplane, NO You bet I will from now on
  10. haha I knew it was wrong but then again you never know you might be a germaphobic and just pay that??
  11. @WAAAYTOOO like you, I did not care for the new full face snorkel. I just couldn't find a happy medium with it. Took daughter's boyfriend with me and he had a lot of trouble too. Maybe our heads are shaped weird and @emsff02 isn't'???
  12. @Lovetocruise2002 I looked on Amazon, are these wipes really $179 a canister or do they come in a smaller size and I'm just not finding it?
  13. We are on the May 10th sailing twangster It would stink (really bad) if we skipped Italy, we have three ports there. Do you have any clue what they will replace with Italy? Just want to do lite research now vs trying to figure out something on the ship last minute. Sorry Chris H, not trying to hijack your thread but since you will be there May too, might be helpful if Twangster or anyone else has an idea.
  14. https://www.joebananalimos.net/cruise-port-tours
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